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22 Aug 2007 at 12:28

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Kubabuba (More uploads by Kubabuba)
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This is pack with my 8 best levels – all levels I was made in this year, only last level is from 2002. I plase for playing and for commenting – how level is the best?

I’m from Poland, that my english is poor


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Review by BattleSpaz

22 Aug 2007, 16:12
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness46%

This zip doesnt work with Winzip, but powerarchiver is OK atleast.

Please make your zips with Winzip.

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Review by Kubabuba

22 Aug 2007, 20:21
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

Grr…. I please for comment about this level, not for problems with WinRar!

I must change name from rar to zip beacause when I want submit file with rar, that don’t want send

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RecommendedReview by the jamster

1 Sep 2007, 01:28
Frog (17 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings17 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness24%

ok il say about the second 2 levels then rate it

level 1

YOU USED 1 TILE FOR THE TERRAIN (and a grass tiles on top) it just looks ugly like that it looked worse when you used the egg terrain , also the background wasn’t good either you need to learn how to use the layers.but the eyecandy apart from that wasn’t noob stlye but needs more added to it – so bad eyeandy :(

gameplay + layout
the gameplay was great i enjoyed it a lot it was fast moveing and easy to get around it so thats pretty much what i have to say , the layout was awsome to move around in to

enemy placement
the enemy placement was ok but had some annoying this in like loads of turtles just walking together (don’t do that its not really hard if your trying to make it harder)

other placement
placement on guns was ok not much more to say about that , the money warp you should have made stand out by putting something what standsout like a bonus sighnpost perhaps , placement was ok tho

ok im not sure if theres a story or not , but you should put things in english as most of the community knows it (well polish is second :P) , also nice mce but the boss was easy you just had to stay at the same distance and shoot.

Level 2

hmm same tileset (its ok but better when you change)

i still have to say the same on my first comment on the first level , but you have added some only a bit now tiles for the new terrain like a few eggs but good job on fixing the background , but still the eyecandy is a bit basic.

gameplay + layout
the gameplay wasn’t as good this time but still alright it had annoying parts like go up a set of tiles then going back down the layout was ok but a bit annoying

enemy placement
better and much less annoying not much else to say to that

weapon placement was ok to not much to say about that

waros where hard to find and you could not find your way about easy

ok most levels were brought down by theie eyecandy (mainly level 3 and 8)
1 tile terreains are bad :(

weapon placemt
WAS EXCELLENTyou had it in easy places

level , 4 , 6,7 and 8 was good level 3 was bad and others because it was just loads of tiles placed

its has been fun to play but got boreing il give this a 7.7 tho as it is good and fun ;D and instresting

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