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24 Oct 2007 at 15:53 (Major update on 20 Nov 2008)

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sonicnathan 1 (More uploads by sonicnathan 1)
Tileset conversion
everyone who helped me
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JJ1 Deckstar.j2t JJ1 Deckstar 66.41 kB 19 Nov 2008


Download enabled to download as of Nov 8th 2007 ~cooba

V3 of my Deckstar conversion. Made some changes. If you find glitches let me know. to lazy to make an example level. Make one later..maybe….


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.5

RecommendedNarsist rated 9

I downloaded this tileset and I liked it.

(Sorry for my English, I’m Turkish.)

RecommendedXander[NB] rated 10

Nice conversion,congratulation!
(Sorry my eng im kid)

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RecommendedReview by SPAZ18

1 Nov 2007, 08:52 (edited 8 Nov 07, 19:29 by Cooba)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

Finally, now we have a JJ1 Deckstar tileset to use and it’s better than the other Decksta one that existed before as it has all the animations needed to look like a JJ1 level, including the flashing arrows and the monitors. There are also V & H poles and Vines which can be used. The JJ2 style flames have also been added which would be useful as torches or Hurt events.
Tileset also has the JJ2 scenery blocks which are a must.
Tileset looks weird with all the spacing but that’s OK.
The tileset is easy to use and it’s easy to find the tiles that you want to insert in the level.
The masking in this tileset is also very good, no jagged edges or any other stuff like that.
Overall, this is a very good tileset and as a rating, I’ll give this 8.5.
A Textured Background could also be useful in this set.


1. Contains all the tiles needed to make a good level.
2. Has all the animations required including flashing arrows and monitors.
3. Can use V/H poles and vines.
4. Contains the necessary JJ2 style scenery blocks.
5. No masking errors.


1. No Textured Background
2. Dunno any other cons in this tileset :P

SCORE: 8.5



(Was gonna do a Quick Review but ended up with too many chars, so thought I might as well do a full review.)

[Rating cleared until the property argument gets resolved. ~cooba]

[Rating reinstance. ~cooba]

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RecommendedReview by PT32

1 Oct 2008, 18:27 (edited 20 Mar 12, 22:24)
Jazz Jackrabbit (202 Points)
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I think this is a very good tileset by Sonicnathan 1. The set is good, but needs an example level. I told you about some other things [textured bg, doubled arrows, etc.] in my pm, so no repeating necessary.

Colors were excellent, masking good as well, gave me the feeling of being in Deckstar. But, not a huge amount of fluff tiles, [I did not say NONE, I said NOT A LOT] and only one type of background make me sad. It seems to be missing something, and this might be it.
There was an example level in the previous one, but not this one. That can be hard, as I had to place tiles in a usable level myself. Still, good set, worth a dl.

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Review by HorvatM

30 Oct 2007, 18:48 (edited 1 Nov 07, 20:06)
Frog (14 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness58%

How could you?! How?! Oh how?!

For those who don’t know, SonicNathan and I had a deal where I would send him my already 1.5 year old Deckstar conversion. But this never happened. :(

Anyway, it’s a good conversion. But it looks like it’s based on mine since the first 12 rows are identical.
But I’m STILL the owner of the first one!

Response to SonicNathan: From what I have in my “electronic mailbox”, you did never actually compile the tileset but instead only sent thousands of emails with suggestions on how to do it better. Thanks, but I never asked fot those. I only wanted you to compile my tileset. With that I could have finally done something good for the JJ2 community, which I never did with my level crapware.

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