Familiar Nature V2.0

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1 Nov 2007 at 21:27 (Minor update on 2 Nov 2007)

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FNATURE.j2l Familiar Nature - Day 9.44 kB 02 Nov 2007
FNATURE2.j2l Familiar Nature - Evening 9.45 kB 02 Nov 2007
FNATURE3.j2l Familiar Nature - Night 9.44 kB 02 Nov 2007
SwampsD.j2t Swamps Day 196.30 kB 11 Nov 2001
SwampsE.j2t Swamps Evening 196.33 kB 10 Aug 2007
SwampsN.j2t Swamps Night 195.30 kB 11 Nov 2001
dkc2bramble.IT DKC2 Brambe - From:RPGC 335.12 kB 18 Mar 1998


This is version 2 of my battle pack.

New stuff:

-Added Rain in Layer 1
-Improved eyecandy.
-Changed order of Shields
-Placed Full NRG Carrot in coin warp


-Birdie for suggesting order of shields in the Shield Shop

-Eigus for suggesting the level name

-Everyone who reviewed the previous version

-Everyone who reviews and rates this.


My next project is a CTF level. First time ever making one.

Minor Edit – Made Gun 8 (Pepper Spray) re-spawn.

There isn’t going to be a V3.0. This is my last edit on this level.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.6

Not recommendedFireSworD rated 5.7

Unless you live in an alternate universe where trees grow rectangular or square shaped leaves; I don’t see the big deal with the eyecandy. If anything, the placement of it is ok.

Once again, as has been stated at least twice before, Pyromanus already made a swamps battle1 version.

Recommendedsonicnathan 1 rated 9.5

Ok this version is much better. Better eyecandey and gameplay. Download this if you downloaded the last version. I’m going to host this in the future.
Download recommendedn

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.1

Review by cooba

2 Nov 2007, 20:00 (edited 2 Nov 07, 20:01 by Cooba)
Carrot Juice Addict (325 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews32 Average helpfulness85%

“Review successfully changed to Quick!”

I’ll start with the atmosphere.. firstly, this level, by using a highly one-themed tileset, suffers from having highly unoriginal eyecandy. Wherever you go, it’s got the “it’s been done before” look so often present in levels using Agama’s tilesets. And if that wasn’t enough, a (superior) swamps battle1 edit has been already done by Pyromanus, rendering this level as more or less pointless.

What bothers me is the three versions of the same level, only using a different tileset palette. What’s the point? It’s not like I don’t know what do the palettes look like. Besides, the three levels don’t even loop to themselves (as a matter of fact, they don’t loop to anything).

As for gameplay, this is probably one of the least conventional battle1 edits I’ve seen. There’s quite a few of complaints I’d like to address, and I’m definitely not going to explain all those in great depth…

Anyway, this level features coins and like three coinwarps, effectively turning a battle level into a gold rush of sorts. Then come the Frostbiter and TNT (??), the more or less questionable powerups and their questionable placement – especially the Bouncer, the destruct scenery was not the best idea (and one can get stuck in those easily), destruct scenery not removed, blahblah, generally a lot of things which make the gameplay slow(er) and annoying.

Summing up, this is pretty far from “the best remake of battle 1 there is”. This level doesn’t fix much and breaks quite a lot, and thus I’d think twice before hosting (downloading) it. Play this only if you want a battle1 hotel. And by the way, don’t bother making a “V3.0”.

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