Get Jazzed, First Half

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18 Nov 2007 at 13:56

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Gus (More uploads by Gus)
Single player
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Gj.j2l GET JAZZED 1.05 kB 01 Nov 2007
Gj1.j2l Purple Steep Tundra 5.45 kB 02 Nov 2007
Gj2.j2l Sky High Hotel 3.53 kB 30 Oct 2007
Gj3.j2l Satellites 3.50 kB 01 Nov 2007
Gj4.j2l National Park 4.32 kB 02 Nov 2007
Gj5.j2l Shellion 32 3.29 kB 01 Nov 2007
GjA.j2l GET JAZZED 0.79 kB 01 Nov 2007
GjB.j2l GET JAZZED 0.72 kB 01 Nov 2007
GjC.j2l GET JAZZED 0.72 kB 01 Nov 2007
7th Lava Fall.j2t 7th Lava Fall 345.14 kB 06 Sep 2000
GJintro.j2t GJ Intro 29.42 kB 03 Nov 2007
HotelDeluxefix.j2t Hotel Deluxe (fix) 147.73 kB 26 Sep 2003
Odyssey03.j2t Odyssey 03 120.02 kB 30 Mar 2003
Twilight Park.j2t Twilight Park 125.36 kB 05 Jan 2006
WinterlandW.j2t Winterland Wonder 182.37 kB 30 May 2002 Paradise-X 1223.64 kB 29 Oct 2003
day_and_night.xm .day and night. 29.30 kB 17 Jan 2004
radix-tpolmboy.xm tpolmboy 31.34 kB 07 May 2002
Tigress.xm The Tigress (c) AKA 408.39 kB 07 Sep 1998
Castle4.s3m Castlevania 4 Variations 238.56 kB 12 Dec 1999


Jazz has been always troubled by Devan. But what would happen if Jazz troubled Devan instead?


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.6

Review by andbr98

11 Sep 2009, 13:03
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness44%

Wow i like it, nice work Gus! But there are some problems: 1. In the 2nd and the 3rd levels after intro you can get lost because that levels have very much platforms which have very much ways (sorry for my english but I’m not English or American) and when you need to return because you crashed a crate you can’t remind wich way to choose. And several problems but I won’t tell them because I’m too lazy too write. Allright 8.7

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RecommendedReview by ZAPPER

21 Jul 2008, 00:35
Frog (16 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness28%

Ah yes. I have returned temporarily, just long enough to review this level pack, maybe longer.

Anyways, from the outset, I’d say that the level pack does a few things right. For one, it only puts the first level in the level list, which is good because it prevents confusion. It also does a very nice cutscene with some great animation and stuff, which somehow manages to go to the next level without the usual end-level fanfare that is found normally.

After that we hit the first level. It looks pretty good, with good music and a nice tileset choice. The storyline is very vague here, but that’s not much of a problem. What IS a problem is a few gameplay problems. For one, insta-death pits galore. Also, it wasn’t totally clear what could and couldn’t be stepped on.

There’s this one graphical element here I don’t like though, which is this repeating land mass which creates depth at the top and bottom of the level, but also obscures stuff and looks odd at the beginning. Otherwise, the only major complaint with this level is that the final boss is an icy pile of snow that shoots flails at you and summons flails from the ground and walls.

The next level is a hotel. I’m not kidding. I have no idea why, but it is. It’s supposed to be a base or something, I think, but I couldn’t help feeling I was playing as Jason or something as I slaughtered tons of what must be tourists. The eyecandy was very busy, and not that good, with screwed up perspectives at different times. The enemy placement wasn’t that good either, with just tons and tons of enemies, even when it didn’t make sense.

So then we magically get onto a satellite in space after that. Then we navigate through three satallites which are actually mazes before we have to take out a very hard “communications array” consisting of three hidden queens. Afterwards, we are treated to a nice “cutscene” (as it’s just a still image) of Jazz jumping down to the planet from the satellite… this looks alright, but is a bit weird. Jazz says he want to take over Devon’s planet. Huh.

So then we’re in central park, which looks really nice, but isn’t particularly good or bad, except there are still a ridiculous amount of enemies.

And after that is the city. This is probably the worst level, as it feels unfinished. Not even any music. Not really much in the foreground, though there is a big background which looks great. This level requires a lot of leaps of faith, often into but often not into insta-death pits. At last we make it through and fight Devon Shell in a big open arena. He then actually pleads for mercy as Jazz says that he is going to take over the planet, muhahaha.

Then there is another of these cutscenese. Then the game crashes.

Yes, when it says “first half” it does not mean “chapter one” it actually means the download is split into two parts. I don’t see why. It would’ve been nice to put a “To be continued…” or something, and quit gracefully.

Last thoughts?

It’s an okay pack, with a semi-interesting storyline I could not take seriously because of the variation and odd choices in the levels. I’d say download anyways. You’ve got nothing to lose, and there’s some interesting stuff anyways. So yeah, not that great, but not bad either. It’s okay. 6.5/10

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