Castle Manor

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30 Nov 2007 at 16:08

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Chazz_Jackrabbit (More uploads by Chazz_Jackrabbit)
Single player

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Castle Manor Readme.txt 1.26 kB 30 Nov 2007
Castle Manor.j2l The Haunted Castle 16.71 kB 30 Nov 2007 jazz 2 (atlantis level) 1130.77 kB 30 Nov 2007


The File Includes A Music File, Which Played When The Level Runs, A Readme, & The Level.



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Quick Reviews Average: 8.2

RecommendedTyphoon Bunny rated 8.2

Good level.Not boring and there are a lot of things in it.No more.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.6

RecommendedReview by sonicnathan 1

1 Dec 2007, 02:46
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings99 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness70%

If this is you’re first time making levels let me say good job! This is above average by far. I also played this in medium.

Great. You used a background similar to the official levels so it has tilebugs in them. But other then that no tilebugs! Everything fits together. The background looks good and you even used the foreground. (Which looks very good)The bricks look good and I like the tileset usage. The eyecandey can look repetitive in some areas but considering you don’t have much to chose in castle, it looks good. I liked it, good tileset usage, low tilebugs. Great eyecandey. I’d give it a higher rating if you used windows in the floor. (The bar ones)

I don’t know why but I got hooked. I had fun with the level. I have no clue why but I got hooked. There were some nice puzzles but they were to easy to solve. Enough enemies to make me die, and interesting concepts like invisible poles. (I like the idea as it looks good.)I’d give the gameplay a 8 if there wasn’t for one thing. The warp. If you haven’t collected 100 coins by the time you get to the warp your have to restart the entire level and with the re-generating enemies,, the lack of carrots becuase you used 70% of them alreaty and because it takes another 4 minutes to reach the warp again makes it very annoying. You should have placed it closer. The level is about 7-8 minutes long. So I’ll give you an 8 for puzzle usage, the fact I got hooked and because I love the text strings.

Enemy placement:
Great. Enough to kill me even with all the carrots. Half of them re-generate with can get annoying but it adds a challenge if you don’t get all the coins. A wide variety was used and they all fit in. (Except the bees) So I’ll give you a 8 just because there are to many re-generating enemies which can get annoying.
pickup placement:
Good. The coins were well hidden, good ammo placement, extra lives were to easy to get. Also there is this one area that has 3 power ups and you have to go though there. Don’t do that! There’s also way to much food. I got 2 sugar rushes! Nice us bombs though. Considering all the enemies I think the carrot placement was great.

*Final Score:28/40 *
Rank: b good
D/R? Yes. The gameplay is just fun and addicting. even if this pack is short lived while it does, it’s fun! Download this one right away

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RecommendedReview by n00b

2 Dec 2007, 23:06
Spaz Slackrabbit (170 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings78 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness83%

I was wary of this upload at first. Considering the quick review found that the level was worthy of an 8.2 for soley having “lots of stuff in it” and the second review for whatever reason placed eyecandy above gameplay, and then mentioned that invisible poles somehow looked good (what madness? they’re invisible!), to say the least I was highly skepitcal.

That being said, playing this level was quite fun. By making the majority of the coins gold (and thus meaning you really have to find a little over 50 coins instead of 100) and leaving about half in plain view and the other half requiring some brainwork mixed with enough action that the coin hunting doesn’t feel soulless, Chazz has found a winning design. That doesn’t even mention the at times humorous and thought provoking text strings (just how old are those vases?) which at times takes jabs at the level’s design choices. Also, about those invisible poles, while I would have liked a better explanation the concept does look quite cool when in motion. While there are a lot of enemies there are never so much in one particular area that it feels like a chore to take them out, although having to wipe them all out again on a second run-through to find missing coins is a bit annoying.

While the carrot-on-a-stick gameplay is addicting and the level design quite marvelous, the eyecandy of the level leaves a bit to be desired. While I didn’t notice it a first, it begin to dawn on me that the castle’s bricks were highly repetive and background was just not interesting (probably because it looks like its the same as what was used in the official levels). However there are little if any tilebugs, and the ones I noticed were just me being nit-picky.

All in all, this level, while short, is quite fun. I’d like to know how long Chazz took on this level since if he can crank out fun releases like this in a short amount of time it could just be the kick the dwindling Single Player scene needs.

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RecommendedReview by Tahget

14 Apr 2008, 17:15
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Eyecandy A lot of eyecandy. Well placed too. Nothing to say here.


Enemies Also a lot of (well placed) enemies. Those bees were also good xD.


Fun I had fun, but the part with the warps and the fact you needed 100 coins were less fun. Also, there was in the tower with those jars a bug with a spring. you couldn’t get on it because you got stuck in the wall.


Music The music fitted with the story of the level, it was kind of creepy. you heard it bad though, because of the sound of the flames.


Total 16/18=8,88=9

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Review by hungabiesjozsi

3 Dec 2007, 18:29
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness16%

It is brilliant!
I really enjoyed this castle level.
this is the best, and longest single player level of thet I played.

it’s a bit hard, but not impassible, i did it, the 4. try, becouse i left some cousines.


-layer 3,4 decoration
-long level
-not boring
- i don’t like when i need serch cousines.
- a bit of hard.

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