International Space Port

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19 Dec 2007 at 03:31 (Minor update on 31 Jan 2010)

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Jimbob (More uploads by Jimbob)
Custom / Concept
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Jimbobinterspaceportctf.j2l International Space Port 4.30 kB 18 Dec 2007
Desolation01.j2t Desolation 01 148.72 kB 05 Aug 2007
aryx.s3m aryx 20.31 kB 18 Mar 1999


Darn it, I almost forgot. The password is gibble.
Also, please play this in 16-bit color mode and with High Detail on, or else it will screw up the eyecandy.

The ONLY reason why I set this to Multiple is because this level is TBCTF (Team-battle CTF.)
(To host this game mode, either use Carrotade or 1.23.)
The concept for this level is to collect 20 coins and go to your team’s coin warp (scores 5 points for your team) (on “offense”) or to roast others (scores one point for your team each roast) (on “defense”). When you start the level up in MP you will see some text saying “Updating Triggers…” Just so you know, this level uses triggers to prevent the wrong team from going into the wrong coin warp (and JJ2 likes to update all the triggers to server-side. This is to help prevent that as well.)

Also, please report any bugs you see in this level.


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Rippor rated 4.5

Try making platforms closer would be good and i advise downloading a few high rated battle levels and try to see how there done it and it give u idears.. more u play the more ideas u will have :)

but still a 4.5 for your effort :)

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Not recommendedReview by master sven

19 Dec 2007, 16:39 (edited 20 Dec 07, 08:48 by masterrokusho)
Spaz Slackrabbit (133 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings71 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness63%

You can better classify this level as other, since multiple means more and not different.


Your Gameplay has the same mistakes your last level had. You can only get up easy with springs and the upper part can only be reached by the use of springs. Your level has kind of some dead ends at the top, but when you go down you will see that this level is just a right line down. This makes your level allready very boring. You should try to not make so squared as most of your levels are, but variate the amout of titles your inner titles are from the edge of your level. Also you need to put something interesting in them, not only just things you can walk on, make turrets or sucer tubes, for example.


You added some foreground in this level which gives it some more sfere. You also decorated the parts in layer 4 below where you can stand on, that was a good move too. Most of the parts of the background looks very nice too, only the part in the upper middle, which is blue, looks quite boring to me. Again, the eyecandy is the best part of your level.


Again, you didn’t add some original things to your level, which bores me. The only idea in this level that is original is that when you have 20 coins, you can go to the bonus part and score 5 points. To my opignion this is way to overpowered because those coins are very easy to get. Those bonus levels, at first, are at the upper part of the level together with allready to golden coins. This makes the upper part of the level overpowered and even more overpowered because you can only reach it in one space by using a double blue spring. Those 20 coins which are so easy to get because there are many and they give 5 points, which means a 2v2 teambattle game to 10 points would be over within 5 minutes, probably even faster. You just simply can’t defend those coins. Don’t try to make as many levels as possible, you need more time to make them. Spend at least as much time on Gameplay and Originality as you do on Eyecandy and I’m sure you will make some great levels!

Gameplay: 3
Eyecandy: 8
Originality: 4,5

Final Grade: 5,2

Quote: ‘The only idea in this level that is original is that when you have 20 coins, you can go to the bonus part and score 5 points.’

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Review by FawFul

20 Dec 2007, 08:31
Turtle Goon (63 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness85%

jimbob.. what masterrokusho means (what i think he means) that u just have to start all over again and make an new level.. where you spend much time in it. then its getting better,
uploading and upgrading don’t work if the platforms + gameplay is boring..

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