Jazz Jackrabbit's Scientolomas Adventure (Holiday Hare '07)

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25 Dec 2007 at 01:53 (Major update on 27 Dec 2007)

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Odin314 (More uploads by Odin314)
Single player
Me, Epic
hh07.zip (2.04 MB)

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chatlog.txt 1.75 kB 24 Dec 2007
energylegs.txt 0.69 kB 24 Dec 2007
hh05rmx1.j2l Holidaius 3.62 kB 26 Dec 2007
hh05rmx2.j2l Bilsy's Lair 4.34 kB 26 Dec 2007
hh05rmx3.j2l Morning Blizzard 3.00 kB 26 Dec 2007
hh05rmx4.j2l After the Storm 3.82 kB 26 Dec 2007
hh05rmx5.j2l The End 1.69 kB 24 Dec 2007
jewmas1.j2l Jazz Scienorabbit 11.85 kB 24 Dec 2007
jewmas2.j2l Devan is Xenu 12.35 kB 24 Dec 2007
jewmas3.j2l Congratulations! 3.27 kB 26 Dec 2007
HolidaiusD.j2t JJ1 Holidaius Day 73.99 kB 05 Mar 2003
HolidaiusE.j2t JJ1 Holidaius Evening 73.64 kB 05 Mar 2003
HolidaiusN.j2t JJ1 Holidaius Night 72.97 kB 05 Mar 2003
j1Battleshipsv2.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships v2 52.97 kB 19 Mar 2007
Xmas1.j2t Holiday Hare 98 Evening 224.51 kB 11 Jul 1998
Xmas2.j2t Holiday Hare 98 Night 224.48 kB 25 Oct 1998
Xmas3.j2t Holiday Hare 98 Day 224.53 kB 25 Oct 1998
Whare.j2b White Hare 633.13 kB 26 Oct 1998
ENDSONG.S3M Ending 110.73 kB 23 Mar 2004
XM2.S3M Holidaeus 134.53 kB 28 Nov 2003
Xmas2.s3m 130.30 kB 06 Jan 1998
XMAS3.S3M 172.67 kB 16 Jan 1998



Santa’s Elves have threatened to stop producing toys unless they get their own presents! Santa recruits Jazz Jackrabbit, who reluctantly agrees due to him now being a Scientologist.

However, Devan finds out that Jazz is a Scientologist and will stop at nothing to ruin Jazz’s life by telling everybody about Jazz’s beliefs! Also Demons try to stop Christmas again.


Holiday Hare ’05 Remix is a more intense version of the original Holiday Hare ’05 level pack. Give it a try.

Credits: Me, Epic

Special thanks to: Sciz CT, Sonyk, n00b, Violet, Garnavis, and everybody else

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays!

REUPLOADED 12/26/07: The reuploaded level pack fixes two bugs: a background fade color issue and a nextlevel issue. If you have already downloaded this pack, please redownload it to fix the issues. If you have not, please download it anyway.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.7

Recommendeddarkb1990 rated 8.7

This is a good lvl pack ill like it very much :D

[Review changed to quick review. – Cooba]

RecommendedAkuTube rated 8.7

This is a good level pack! :D

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.2

RecommendedReview by n00b

27 Dec 2007, 04:22 (edited 27 Dec 07, 04:51)
Spaz Slackrabbit (165 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings78 Featured reviews13 Average helpfulness83%
Holiday Hare 07 is Odin’s sophomore Holiday effort, and much like the official sophomore holiday pack this download is mostly made up of regurgitated material. The pack is split up into two parts, the main attraction “Jazz Jackrabbit’s Scientolomas Adventure” (Originally titled Jewmas adventure), and the much meatier Holiday Hare ’05 Remix. Both portions come up short in various areas, though the 05 remix is able to save itself a bit better since it is longer.

I shall start with the scientolomas adventure which is comprised of a meager two levels. The pack was originally centered around Jazz being a Jew, and a few of the pack’s jokes (intentional or not) fall a bit flat from the name change. The controversial line that sparked the name change is left entirely unchanged save for the replacement of “Jew” with “Scientologist”. How this is perfectly ok, or at the very least any better is beyond me. The first level in the pack is extremely dull gameplay wise, but makes up for it with its sharp sense of wit and humor. Jazz proclaims he is Corporate America as he steals coins (actually silver cookies, though the pack calls ‘em coins more often than not) from the citizens of Holiday Town (only open once a month in the year!) The level design however is extremely linear and the nearly nonexistant puzzles simple and trite. One puzzle (and perhaps the only puzzle) has a rather clever hint, however it serves no real purpose as the puzzle can be solved easily enough through guess and check. The dull level design is majorly hampered by two things: the rather slow pacing despite its amount of enemies, and that two recent coin collection levels that have been released eclipses what can be found here. It is still worth playing for it’s comedy however, though it will feel like a chore for the most part.

The second level is the better of the two by far, though it is short and rather shallow considering it has great potential for a larger product. The level is based around the concept of crate puzzles, where you must push a crate containing TNT to the silver crate to move on. It feels a little bit like Portal though without the humor. In fact, if Odin brought the humor over to this stage, then axed the first level so more time could be spent on this one, and then added as a bonus stage to the Holiday Hare ’05 remix it could have been much better. This stage also offers a very awesome, though simple, addition. It is called the failhole, so if the finicky JJ2 crates don’t work the way you needed them to you can retry without the loss of a life. The last crate puzzle is a bit anticlimactic and the Devan boss is rather dull leaving for an unfulfilling ending to an otherwise sublime level.

The eyecandy in the levels are rather basic, nothing that really pushes the tileset. However, this is the HH98 tileset, which is one of the hardest tilesets to use period. The levels in HH05 also contain basic eyecandy which is probably due to the Holidaius tilesets being limited in nature.

Speaking of HH05, the remix feels a bit spotty. Granted all Odin had to work with was my terrible review from two years ago (also granted this review isn’t much of an improvement, rarely going into detail), he did do a rather good job at trying to tweak it. The levels include more enemies, a complaint I had from the original pack. The problem with this is that some areas contain too many land enemies (a ton of air enemies, when done right, is always fun to deal with) and some enemies are placed in locations that make the level near impossible to traverse. The Bilsy boss fight feels worse with the added enemies, though if the aerial enemies in the arena were removed it could work out perfectly well. The level design, whether dilluted by the added enemies or not, is still as great as it was a few years ago and that alone should warrant this remix a playthrough.

All in all the pack has quite a few faults, though A) It is the only single player holiday pack this year (again) and B) the awesome parts are REALLY awesome. Download recommended.

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Review by Odin314

27 Dec 2007, 02:33
Bee Boy Swarm (39 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness56%

Hey, if you played through this level pack, I’d love to hear what you think. Even if it’s a short review.

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