Hall of Legends

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27 Apr 2008 at 15:35 (Minor update on 18 Sep 2015)

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PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
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1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
xlmhall.zip (610.25 kB)

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xlmhall.j2l Hall of Legends 12.26 kB 18 Sep 2015
BoredSet3.j2t BoredSet Cold 89.29 kB 29 Feb 2004
shdwcstr.it shadow caster (6:46) 809.70 kB 21 Sep 1996


This was a tough decision to make, but in the end I thought it was the right thing to do. Not too long ago, I started work on an SP pack. I’ve been focussing all my JCS efforts there, rather than on Legends ][, and right now I’m finding it quite hard to come up with ideas for MP levels. So, I’m uploading this, the only finished level separately. In other words, Legends ][ will probably never be finished.

Some of you may be dissapointed by this, but keep in mind that my SP pack will (hopefully) make up for that. If you’re interested, check the JCS forum, as I will be posting screenshots often.

Anyway, many of you may remember playing this in the bash. Thanks to all of you who gave some useful advice before and during the bash, especially to FireSworD. Credit also goes to Disguise for the tileset and Necros for the awesome music. If you haven’t played this level yet, be warned that it contains death pits so JJ2+ is required for them to work.


EDIT: Made the background compatible with 800×600 resolution.


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RecommendedReview by Quickz

26 Oct 2008, 16:17
Turtle Goon (65 Points)
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“Hall of Legends” is a battle level made by PurpleJazz with the tileset BoredSet Cold. I played this several times and now I finally found some time to review it!

First of all, compliments on how you use all area’s really well and make them useful to visit. Thanks to the variety in shapes of platforms you mixed the gameplay up – some parts are really fast paced while others aren’t that much. I know how hard it is to fill up the whole level, the corners etc, without making it feel generic. You did this really well and were able to spread all important things like carrots and PU’s well.

The eyecandy in this level is definitely good. I especially like the background and the variety of it. The dark background definitely adds to the atmosphere, which overall is really good, by the way. Also, you used probably the whole tileset in useful ways. I really liked how you used the treetops in the upper right corner.

I really like the variety in gameplay. Some places are really fast paced, horizontal and open, (RF’s and Gun 8 will do great there), while other area’s are quite vertical and other ammo, like bouncers and seekers, will be really helpful. The ammo is well spread and you won’t have much trouble to find the ammo you like. 4 PU’s here and 3 carrots, spread through the whole level and all helpful in their own way. Also, the Seeker PU and one +1 are in pit-area’s, which makes them risky to get. I usually don’t like pits that much, but they are here with a reason and avoiding them shouldn’t be too hard.

Also, all passages/platforms are built kind of around the tube in the middle. This is great, since this makes player movement a bit more predictable. This might sound weird, but it’s really helpful when you play games with a few players, like duels.

Definitely download this, since this will play really well with any ammount of players.

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RecommendedReview by Technopauluz

12 May 2008, 22:05 (edited 13 May 08, 14:45 by cooba)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness56%


I have seen some nice levels from PJ on the servers when i did played online, so i decided to download this level and i was surprised about this very good level!
No review jet? This is sure worth one!
So here we Go :)

Eye candy:

This level had LOTs of eyecandy and it is placed all very well :D The tile set is used more than optimal and I just have learned a new layer trick that u did use in layer 6 to make the background more darker… Thx :)
Something about the layers:

Layer 4 is filled maximum with nice tiles and layer 3 & 5 are good helpers.
Layer 6… that one translucent black tile can make that difference ++ for this :D
Layer 7 and 8 are also custom made and look very good toogether with layer 6.
Layer 1 & 2 are used to set the points on the I ;)

I didn’t see any animation tiles from the tile set (It hasn’t got them) Some gems (rings) and stuff make it even more beautiful.


I noticed that i still can learn of this layer skills. 9.5 + 0.5 Bonus All eye candy to the max 10/10 for this one!


Than something about the layout…

The size of the level is medium its not a only platforms level (that’s good) and i think its most fun to play with 3-12 players.
Nothing bad to say about the masking though in the editor it looks good and when i am testing this i didn’t became stuck :)


Its good no more and surely no less, 8/10

Game play:

I think the game play of this level is also very good, navigation is good to do the eye candy doesn’t hinder and warps and tubes are lighted up or pointed with arrows goodies are not very hard to find and that’s good in a battle. I greatly liked the stomp en jump super high trick! Maybe its an old trick but i didn’t saw this before :o Tnx again :) ++ for this!
The balance with Jazz and Spaz is good Spaz could double jump at the pits and platforms and has always some advantage with the power ups. But Jazz can use his copter ears to avoid falling in the pit and air attack from above the platforms. Lori has some disadvantage with the copters but 1.23 players don’t care about that huh ;).
O yes… the pits that’s always some thing to be carefully with to place it well… Good Job! They are good to avoid not to big not to small and you don’t just falling in them without a reason.

Moving in this level is no problemo also and the events are working properly.


A good working game play for me 8 + 0.5 (jump trick) + 0.2 (pits good) A 8.7/10!

Placement of Events:

*Power ups:
Spread ed out very well, Good placed, Good power ups for that lvl they only regenerate slow.
Seekers, Toasters, Bouncers, 2Way Missiles are good. The ice is meaned for strategic use by pits huh? But i never seen use someone that successfully… I really don’t like pepper spray it is only nasty when u want to switch a weapon and that trash is hindering u >:( The same with ice… Its just what u like the most… The placement is good and amount of ammo is quite enough for about 8 players…
They are spread ed out well, placed good, 2 carrots in this lvl is good, and the regeneration is …. good!
*Text Strings:
Some disappear and some don’t and its done right :)
No food detected we must do it with the carrots here, it don’t lower my eye candy rating though.
They are well done…
*Sugar Tubes:
Just one but a good placed one with a good flow.
*Starting Positions:
I did detect 4 and they are good placed.
One, good placed good findable
2 Nice placed copters with good regeneration


All very good I have seen some MCE tricks to, only a flow is the very big arsenal weapons you get with ice & peperspray… a good 7.5/10 for this!


This isn’t a very common tile set like castle or so :P but what is found so special is the not standard use of tiles… Example: the layer 8 background is nice used in layer 8 and that kind of things. The game play is pretty common except the water/frost jump. And the use age of some MCE’s. Necro’s music is an excellent choice, it fits very good by this level!




A very nice level to see and to play i just see that this has cost some spare time and creativity to make, that’s the reason that i reviewed this one good and spend some time to write this. To bad you stop making this kind of battles because this is quality above quantity.

3.2 of 3 for Eye candy
0.8 of 1 for Layout
1.8 of 2 for Game play
1.6 of 2 for Placement of Events
1.5 of 2 for Originality
I give it a 8.9 rounded up to a 9!

Download Recommendation: YES!

[Rating changed to 8.9 ~cooba]

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