In Space Challenge

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3 May 2008 at 20:59

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jackflash (More uploads by jackflash)
Single player
Jackflash may 2008

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In Space Challenge.J2l In Space Challenge 4.77 kB 03 May 2008
Spacey.j2t Spacey Universe 143.81 kB 27 May 2001


A Single Player Level in Space


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Review by SPAZ18

3 May 2008, 21:07
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
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You are improving. Good to see you are attempting to put a background in Layer 7, however it looks weird floating in the air. Try looking at other levels to see how the backgrounds are done. Look at the Layer properties to see what kind of X or Y Speeds you should try.

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Not recommendedReview by LittleFreak

12 May 2008, 15:29 (edited 12 May 08, 21:12)
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness96%

This level is rather short and set in Disguise’ Spacey tileset. While there aren’t any horrible mistakes, it still needs some major work. The main problems are as follows:

-very small size
-not a challenge at all, despite the name
-lack of eyecandy
-no good ideas

Basically the whole level consists of a small box with a few corridors and warps, some enemies to kill and stuff to collect. The items aren’t really worth collecting, there is neither enough ammo to have some fun, nor food to get a sugar rush and kick some butt. At one point I got almost stuck after warping into a pit, just barely being able to get out again (I was playing Lori). I believe I found the exit after a minute and thirty seconds or so, and while I might have missed a few goodies, I don’t think I ran past anything significant.

There’s a variety of enemies, but placed without much thought. They’re quiet easy to kill, and while there are some appendages of maze-like elements, these don’t really provide a challenge either. Making the level longer and placing enemies more strategically in order to give them an advantage against the rabbit would help out here.

Eyecandy isn’t that good. While I spotted no tilebugs, the tileset just isn’t used to it’s full potential. Mostly, the tiles are just used rather randomly to create the paths and walls, hardly anything else is added to make the level look better. While I admit that there’s a background layer, it seems to consist of random tiles aswell and doesn’t add too much.

Overall, “In Space Challenge” is a very simplistic and short level with nothing to make the player want to go back and play it again. The author shows that he knows how to use the editor, but lacks the spirit to spend some real time and effort into creating a fun, challenging and rewarding experience.

[Screenshot verified. ~cooba]

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