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JJ1 Levels.zip (571.23 kB)

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Megairbase lvl 1.j2l Mega Air Base 7.84 kB 18 Jun 2008
Orbitus lvl 1.j2l Orbitus 9.69 kB 18 Jun 2008
Ranforus lvl 1.j2l Ranforus 8.33 kB 18 Jun 2008
testind.j2l Industrius Test Level 2.95 kB 18 Jun 2008
Jazz1 Raneforus.j2t Jazz 1: Raneforus 108.34 kB 08 Dec 2000
JJ1 Industrius 2005.j2t JJ1: Industrius 2005 93.67 kB 30 Apr 2005
Megairbase.j2t JJ1 Megairbase 33.55 kB 07 Sep 2003
Orbitusv.j2t JJ1 Orbitus 67.73 kB 04 Dec 2007
SONG11.s3m Orbitus 29.84 kB 23 Mar 2004
song16.s3m 58.64 kB 12 Jan 1998
songcd1.s3m 113.66 kB 15 May 2008
SONGCD3.s3m Raneforus 126.28 kB 01 Apr 2004


This is my new JJ1 Levels pack but this time not episode ;)
I used my favourite tilesets to make a nice pressent on holidays. This pack contains test Industrius levels too. But the music is pure orginal not fixed.
Orbitus and Megairbase are levels which I submit in episodes. Have fun from my levels and happy holiday!

PS: Episode Two is in 75% finished I must only make 3 levels and let’s go!


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Quick Reviews Average: 7

RecommendedSPAZ18 rated 7.0

This is a nice selection of JJ2 levels.
However, the levels are too easy to get through and there aren’t any puzzles like Trigger Crates here.
Also, there were some masking problems in some levels especially the Raneforus one.

I’ll give this a 7.0 for effort and for good eyecandy. You are skilled with JCS, try to learn more of the events.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.3

RecommendedReview by FawFul

19 Jun 2008, 13:08 (edited 19 Jun 08, 21:09 by FawFulcc)
Turtle Goon (61 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness85%

9.5? really.. this is obviously very high.. i can’t say this is as good as the levels from evilmike which get around these ratings.. i found some more bugs then you did.. sorry.

the levels are fairly good with some flaws.. there are some bugs which you can see during playing. like the vines in raneforus. they are masked well, but u didn’t put a vine event on it. which makes it pretty confusing and irritating. for the rest, i saw a huge bug in the orbitus level, actually 2, which wasn’t needed. u tried the let the vertical tubes get you up.., diagonal.. but u did this by combinating the hor-spring event + tubes, and this wasn’t needed. you can both edit x- and y- speed. If you do both above speed 20 u can blast yourself diagonal, so this is a better way, unbugged, to blast yourself up.. cause the springs and tubes may cause problems
which brings u down, instead off up.
the other bug wasn’t that big but just handy to know.. as i can see you know both the hurt and bee event. only to bad u used the bee event. because i saw a bug in this. even you can’t see any picture, you’re seekers still go to the bee events. you see something (actually nothing) splat. if there is a enemy close and you want to kill him with seekers, and ur seekers go to the “hurt” bee event. is something what you don’t want and that would be quite nasty.

forgot to mention, the vine events in orbitus weren’t used. and in overall, in all levels, the paths were to small to play in. of course it must be like the real jj1.. what u tried to make. but it’s still not very well done. the industrius level is okay, but quite short.

overall gameplay is okay, but could be better. this also comes cause off the bugs in levels. most time there is only 1 path to follow, what is quite boring. there is no story as far as i know, and there are no puzzles. i actually never saw things like trigger crates, platforms, scenery events. you only used some certain events over and over again in all those levels.

this was about gameplay.. now go on with eyecandy, which is a small part in my whole review. the eyecandy is nice done. just like the real jj1, its not the nicest. since we know make random walls and chambers etc in walls, but that’s not the real jj1 style, we both know that. u did ur job as converting the eyecandy well. but overall now in 2008 the eyecandy for a jj2 level is just “okay”. i don’t know if u made the layout urself or u just copied out off jj1. if u did, then it’s quite easy, to copy everything, and hardly needed inspiration, but i leave this for now. since i don’t know if u did or didn’t.

and now the placement.. which will take longer than the eyecandy part.. maybe even longer than the beginning. the placement is something what you can’t copy out off jj1 levels, since jj2 has a whole different set off placement in the event list. the levels are quite easy, u hardly die. u cared to much about carrots and ammo placement, there could be more events like coins for a bonus and food. i saw to much ammo piles, and carrots. as you know u have 5 hearts at the beginning of every level, and counting the carrots up i come out on like 5 +1 carrots in each level, which is quite to much for a gameplay like this. the monsters are easy to kill. and the placement is to easy to find. and 2 +1 carrots in the same room? i think that’s to much. the are also to much invisible carots. next time use more events, what i also said above in the gameplay column.

Overall rating:
good things are:

the real jj1 eyecandy.
the good chosen monsters.
finding out the layer 8 bg in industrius.
the amount of gems.

Bad Things are:

all the bugs i found
the low amount of difference in events
some irritating one way ground.
the amount of carrots and ammo placement.
no coins.
almost no food. (no way to get a sugar rush or sth)

overall, u still get download recommendation for you’re work. since nobody seems to be impressed by our fantastic jj1 game anymore.

but the bad things smashes ur rating to a fairly 6.7 which could be better.

We’ll see how things go next time.


oh, and by the way, i also give this rating because i think PT32’s rating is rediciously high, like all ratings he give. of course it’s his opinion, but if u look at the fairly rating of the whole j2o downloads system. than i think his ratings are way to high. this may get irritating for people. since the ratings aren’t fairly based anymore. whine what you want :P, but these ratings did irritate me.

** pt32, no i am not trying to insult you.. the only thing i want to say u that ur ratings are way to high if u look to others. make a more based rating . let’s not make this a fight or something ;). that u get mad or something.. wasn’t my meaning. it was only about “different” ratings u give then normal guys. and i thought the vines weren’t used in jj1 because there wasn’t a event for this ;S

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Review by Mmadguy

24 Jun 2008, 16:51
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

It’s pretty good, but somewhere i got a sugar rush and got into the ‘above hurt’ bees event, which is unkillable, so all the splats made the sugar rush music stop. :(, i luv that music!

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RecommendedReview by PT32

14 Sep 2008, 07:00 (edited 14 Sep 08, 07:02)
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Well, OLO, you have some very good stuff here! The goods are viewable [several Jazz1 levels loosely based on the original game, using nice sets, good music], but there were some buggage issues…
Masking on Raneforus was ATROCIOUS, with your attempts at walls falling a bit short [it was a good try, but…..Raneforus doesn’t have in-wall-tiles :(]. Industrius had a great bg, Megaairbase was well structured, I think you’re enjoying this project! But like others have said, there really isn’t much gameplay involved.
To wrap it up, you did a good job. Your levels do need improvement, but not a serious overhaul. Just go back and fix it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Mmadguy, that is a glitch on JJ2’s part. It has nothing to do with OLOELO’s levels.

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