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20 Oct 2008 at 14:19 (Minor update on 5 May 2024)

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DanZeal (More uploads by DanZeal)
Capture the flag
Grytolle for many many ideas. Blur for the awesome Desolation02 tileset!
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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gauntlet.j2l Gauntlet 5.00 kB 05 May 2024
Desolation7th.j2t Desolation7th 295.92 kB 05 May 2024 Mission Landing 717.55 kB 05 May 2024
gauntlet.j2as 1.81 kB 05 May 2024


Started as a conversion of the UT map.
But in the end its a totaly new map.
Tiles from both 7th lava fall and Desolation02 is being used, with some changes in lava fall.
And thanks to every player on the Zeal Alpha server who had fun and gave suggestions for this map!

081031: minor bug fix
090810: minor bug fix
200321: bug fix (improved mask, fixed +1, C can’t fall through the floor)


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.4

RecommendedGrytolle rated 9

Really easy to learn and very fun to play! I hope to play some fun 3v3s here

RecommendedQuickz rated 7.8

The fun factor of ‘Gauntlet’ is really high, since it’s quite fast paced. The tubes (leading to the Full NRG) are nice – especially considering the fact that the Full NRG can be shot down. Ammo is at useful places, adding two +1’s improved the gameplay. The warps are useful as well, though the targets are at questionable places.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.25

RecommendedReview by CrimiClown

20 Oct 2008, 18:19 (edited 20 Oct 08, 18:26)
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings48 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness83%

It seems our own Danny Z has made more UT levels. Time for me to drop the axe.

Gameplay: Not bad
Unlike the real Gauntlet, this level is symmetrical. The level is divided in three pieces; Red Base, Blue Base and what I like to call “The Big Plus”. The bases have three possible entrances, a warp and an escape-warp. One of the ways in is a huge opening in the front. Easy, hit and run. The other two are tubes that lead to the back of the flag, which allows for a quick grab but a less quick getaway. Hence the warp, which will teleport you to the beginning of the lower tube. The lower tube also carries a carrot, for easy healing when being attack on the way back to base.

The middle section consists of a lot of ammo, two powerups and tubes that go up an down all around. You kind of have two options, left or right, and exactly in the middle (by the Full NRG) up or down or wherever your heart desires. Hence the ‘Plus’.

The level is fairly small, but big enough for a duel or maybe a 2vs2. More would be possible, but it’s get crowded.

There’s also this little thing I wanted to point out. At the bottom of the level, there’s a (tilebugged) piece of metal sticking out. This seems intentional, since the other side has it too, but it kinda disrupts the flow. It’s better than not having anything there, but maybe use a spring to get over it from the other side or something. Or those annoying float ups.

Atmosphere: Not bad either
It seems Danny Z has combined two of my favourite ‘metallic’ tilesets and made it a nice level. The level is a bit bare, but somehow it all seems right. Not a lot of eyecandy, but a very nice style of not using it… or something… I dunno, go check.

Music is again from the original level, if I’m not mistaken. It suits the original very well, but here it kind of adds something that this level doesn’t need. Too much suspense, I think.

Eventing: Average
Not very much original, but it all does the trick. Bouncer PU, Toaster PU, full NRG in the middle and two carrots… That’s a total of three carrots, maybe a bit too much for such a small level. Furthermore, this level has somewhat useless Gun9 ammo all over the bottom. Except for where you find them, you can use them for a quick shot from behind one of those bent steel bars I’ve spoken of earlier. Then again, avoiding them is easier than blinking.

Overall: Not at all bad
This level is fun for a quick duel or something and really nice to add to the UT remakes we’ve seen before. Keep them coming, Z.

Download Recommentdation: Yes
This level is worth the downloadcif you’re in for old UT memories or an unsettled fight with a fellow Jazzer.

Score: 7.5


I almost forgot to tell, when I pasted this level into my JJ2 folder, it turned out there was already a level named ‘gauntlet.j2l’ in there. Try putting your nametag in front of your levelnames, like dzgauntlet.j2l. Just a hint.

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