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25 Dec 2008 at 01:06 (Minor update on 25 Dec 2008)

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DarkSonic (More uploads by DarkSonic)
The music was made by Aurium (JemenJ on YouTube) and the tileset conversion was made by Violet CLM.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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xlmicy.j2l Icy Environment 8.07 kB 26 Dec 2008
xlmicyold.j2l Icy Environment 9.53 kB 24 Dec 2008
Jazz1Nippius.j2t Jazz 1 Nippius 93.94 kB 10 May 2004


This is an update of the level I made for the christmas contest. I deleted it because I wanted to. Now I made a new version, but I included the old version too.

Download the music here:


(NOTE: Don’t rate the old version!)


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This upload contains music in MP3 format, usable only with the JJ2+ addon. Regular, unpatched JJ2 will crash when trying to load the track.

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qwe rated 10.0

I love this game because it is challenging and exciting.

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RecommendedReview by CrimiClown

25 Dec 2008, 20:04
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
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Aah, another Christmas-y level. While this is not the first Christmas level this year, let’s hope it’s certainly not the last either.

Gameplay: Nice
This battle level has a typical DS-layout. Not too complex, yet it does the trick of looking very carefully built. Icy Environment carries an action-packed feeling, created by the large amount of useful ammo. Three different power-ups (no seeker) add to the tactical use of weapons.

The level is basicly divided into two areas. The lower level and the rest. The lower level isn’t much interesting, since all of the PU’s and carrots are above it, but it does have various ‘shortcuts’ to the above level, including the outer edges both leading to two of the three carrots present. The third and last carrot sits safely on his platform high in the level.

On the lower section are two crossing tubes, one propelling you upward and the other propelling you to the other side. Both are handy to escape a rabbit on your tail, since they can give you quite a head start if you keep on running afterwards.

There are three PUs to be found. Bouncers come in handy for shooting the people on the platforms below. RF missiles can easily haunt a player down walking either in the top or bottom paths, since they’re long and straight. The Toaster PU comes in a little less handy, but can still be used in a way only the Toaster can be used; just block the path of narrow corridors with tons of flames. A player is almost bound to run into those soon enough.

Overall, nice gameplay and use of ammo dispersion.

Atmosphere: Even nicer
This level has a typical DS-atmosphere (where have I heard that before?). The tileset is used to the extreme, providing us with lots of goodness for the eye. The platforms can easily be made out for solid walls and it’s quite obvious what is supposed to be the background.

Speaking of which, the background is plainly gorgeous. DS makes use of the tileset like rarely anyone has ever seen before, creating an original background, as well as ‘wall-eyecandy’. Simply charming little details fill your heart with Christmas spirit as you run by killing rabbits.

The music choice is a whole different story, though. It seems DS is rather fond of his collection of Sonic the Hedgehog tunes. I myself, however, get rather bored by these tunes easily. Several DS levels already include music from this franchise, and I can’t really appreciate this. It does add to the feel of the level, on the other hand, but I personally would rather play without the music on.

Overall: Very nice
Icy Environment gives a whole new, refreshing look to Nippius. Festivity is in the air and this should occasionally be hosted, especially during the season.

Download Recommendation: Yes
Of course.

Score: 8.1
This level, Icy Environment, gives a whole new twist to Christmas levels in a way that neither the Holiday Hare 94 nor the Holiday Hare 98 sets could bring.

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