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26 Dec 2008 at 03:10 (Minor update on 26 Dec 2008)

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Sfaizst (More uploads by Sfaizst)
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ReadMe.txt 1.09 kB 26 Dec 2008
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This very small Tool is written for Players who want to loose hearts and lives in online Coop games as client.

Before you posting here Bugs you found first read the ReadMe please.

Have fun with this Bugfix



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Admin Note:

This utility has been rendered obsolete by JJ2+.

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XÐxP rated 10

Thx u, i hate this bug. This was rly unfair.. And now i can play with lose hearts :)

[Start making your one-liner reviews quick PLEASE. ~cooba]

RecommendedStammi94 rated 10

Yeah! Thank you very much Sfaizst!
You fixed this Bug in a few hours, nice =)

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Review by FawFul

26 Dec 2008, 22:48
Turtle Goon (63 Points)
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well, it seems Sfaizst came up with an pretty program. for the use off clients so they lose hearts when joining a server. the buttons and stuff makes it really easy to use, and the detects aren’t really a problem i guess since they’re not many jazz.exe’s that are different then the names stated their.

their is one thing i noticed tough, the utility works from the client. not as a setting from the admin on the server. in that case.. to let real concepts work with Coop, then all clients need to run this utility. which is quite a hard job and irritating.

also, it is a windowed program beside JJ2.. which is actually bad. We don’t really appriociate to run more programs at once just for jj2.. you should have made a patch for it instead. so it patches jj2 to it’s new upgrades.

however.. good job. to come up with this. i don’t say this is bad. unfortunately, it’s awesome. but you should try to make those points i stated here. ( for instance ask blur to put it in jj2+ as an option) if you manage these fix these annoying things. then it will also upgrade your rating.

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