Waz Tilesets, 1.23 versions

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30 Apr 2009 at 19:03 (Minor update on 29 May 2009)

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Stijn (More uploads by Stijn)
Tileset conversion
Waz made all the tilesets, I just converted them using Neobeo's tools

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WazSets123.zip (660.18 kB)

File contents

readme.txt 3.07 kB 30 Apr 2009
Frozen.j2t Frozen(waz08) 15.70 kB 30 Apr 2009
Hustar.j2t Hustar(waz01) 71.38 kB 30 Apr 2009
Hustar3.j2t Hustar (waz01mk3) 57.07 kB 30 Apr 2009
Medievil.j2t Medievil (waz09) 28.09 kB 30 Apr 2009
Pipeline.j2t Pipeline(waz07) 8.58 kB 30 Apr 2009
Virus.j2t Virus(waz05) 47.03 kB 30 Apr 2009
WAZ01.j2t WAZ01 51.15 kB 30 Apr 2009
WAZ01Winter.j2t WAZ01Winter 43.81 kB 30 Apr 2009
WAZ02.j2t WAZ02 24.37 kB 30 Apr 2009
WAZ03.j2t WAZ03 18.79 kB 30 Apr 2009
WAZ04.j2t WAZ04 23.75 kB 30 Apr 2009
waz10.j2t Akadt-Nhag(waz10) 23.57 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz11.j2t Waz11 23.30 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz11Night.j2t Waz11 Night 22.91 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz13.j2t Swampy (waz13) 25.61 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz14.j2t Waz14 10.47 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz15.j2t Waz15 7.78 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz15Flam.j2t Waz15 Flame 7.77 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz15Frst.j2t Waz15 Frost 7.75 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz15Infect.j2t Waz15 Infection 7.78 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz15nit.j2t Waz15 Night 7.77 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz16.j2t Waz16 2.98 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz16nit.j2t Waz16 Night 2.99 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz17.j2t Waz17 5.37 kB 30 Apr 2009
Waz18.j2t Dark Reign (waz18) 51.71 kB 28 May 2003
Wazzy.j2t Wazzy 15.64 kB 30 Apr 2009
Weirdus Night.j2t Weirdus Night(waz06) 8.20 kB 30 Apr 2009
Weirdus.j2t Weirdus(waz06) 8.19 kB 30 Apr 2009
Weirdus2.j2t Weirdus 2(waz06) 8.19 kB 30 Apr 2009
WeirdusMkII.j2t New Weirdus (waz06) 15.80 kB 30 Apr 2009


Tileset creator Waz, who has sadly disappeared from the community, made several pretty nice sets. However, he only compiled them for TSF, which might be one of the reasons they weren’t used that often. I have converted every set of his I could find on J2O to 1.23 and put them together in this pack.

If you want to review the tilesets, please do so at their original upload pages. I have included a list below and in the zip archive.

01Hustar (Hustar.j2t)
Hustar3 (Hustar3.j2t)
WAZ01 (WAZ01.j2t)
WAZ01Winter (WAZ01Winter.j2t)
02WAZ02 (WAZ02.j2t)
03WAZ03 (WAZ03.j2t)
04WAZ04 (WAZ04.j2t)
05Virus (Virus.j2t)
06Weirdus (Weirdus.j2t)
Weirdus Night (Weirdus Night.j2t)
Weirdus 2 (Weirdus2.j2t)

New Weirdus (WeirdusMkII.j2t)
07Pipeline (Pipeline.j2t)
08Frozen (Frozen.j2t)
09Medievil (Medievil.j2t)
10Akadt-Nhag (waz10.j2t)
11Waz11 (Waz11.j2t)
Waz11 Night (Waz11Night.j2t)
12Wazzy (Wazzy.j2t)
13Swampy (Waz13.j2t)
14Waz14 (Waz14.j2t)
15Waz15 (Waz15.j2t)
Waz15 Flame (Waz15Flam.j2t)
Waz15 Frost (Waz15Frst.j2t)
Waz15 Infection (Waz15Infect.j2t)
Waz15 Night (Waz15nit.j2t)
16Waz16 (Waz16.j2t)
Waz16 Night (Waz16nit.j2t)
17Waz17 (Waz17.j2t)
18Dark Reign (Waz18.j2t)


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Review by EvilMike

1 May 2009, 16:46
Jazz Jackrabbit (217 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings101 Featured reviews16 Average helpfulness84%

This is a very good upload! So many of these tilesets have hardly been used. Of course, not all of them are great, and a few are tiny or just weird, but overall this is a very good upload and I hope it brings attention to waz. Some of these tilesets (eg Hustar3) would probably get at least 8.5 if released today.

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Review by Narsist

29 Jan 2010, 15:59
Frog (14 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness18%


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