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IJskonIJn (More uploads by IJskonIJn)
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14 May 2009 at 15:53
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Fjolsvidr for Sourcefiles
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Batteryexample.j2l Battery 4.95 kB 22 Dec 2009
Battery.j2t Battery 114.38 kB 22 Dec 2009


This is the ‘Binnen’ tileset of Battery Check. Fjolsvidr uploaded it before, but the palet and the masking were wrong. I fixed it all, and rearranged the tiles. I added some destruction blocks, and kept some tiles away.

If there are any bugs, PLEASE tell me. I will update it.


While I was creating a level with the tileset, I noticed some things were missing, and some things were not necessary. So I updated the tileset while working with it.


- Fixes the problems

- Vines, hooks and poles added.

- Suckertubes with Tube Electric lights added.

- Toxic pools of death! With waterfalls!

- A better looking triggerscenery option.


- Because of the palet, i couldn’t add sky, sorry

- The triggerscenery option is quite hard to use.

- The V-pole is not attached to the wall, that was not possible with the masking.

Minor update on 23 Dec 2009 at 16:43


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RecommendedNarsist rated 8.2

Just good.

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RecommendedReview by sonicnathan 1

21 May 2009, 21:29 (edited 23 Dec 09, 19:53)
Spaz Slackrabbit (137 Points)
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Now I’m not that good at reviewing conversions, but It doesn’t take a genius to see this is a great and usable tileset.

What this is
This is basically a conversion of the old battery check level Binnen. While at first glance it looks like it has everything, there some things missing I would have liked.

I haven’t played Battery check in a while, but I can safely say pretty much everything is here. All the background, foreground, animations, and tiles from the original tileset look like there here and well. It was nice you added destruct locks in with the tileset as I love using those. The water area in here as well. There some things I would have liked that isn’t here. Vines, hooks, tubes, textured background and arrows aren’t here. I’m sure you could get tubes working by using some of the tiles to make something that looks like tubes, but some custom ones would be nice. Overall, everything is here, i just wish there was some more stuff added.

Edit: Most of these have been added! I’ll give you an extra point!
The animations are good. They all have there frames but some of them have bugs. The static TV has a bug where part of the railing flashes in the third frame. Other then that, the animations look great and fluent. Nice job!
Colors look perfect, exactly what i remember from battery check. Great job there!
Pallet Events
Won’t rate because non are used, but thanks for fixing up the pallet!
Masking is good. It’s a lot better then the old tileset. Masking is straight lines and almost everything is masked properly. the only thing that has weird masking is the tiles with the monitors near the bottom of the tileset. Other then that, nice work fixing up the masking job!
Not the best. While you do have a variety of tiles to use from under water, factory or lab, your still limited because there’s no outdoor background. If you included this, It would have been a lot higher of a rating.

Final Score:41/50
Score: 8.2
Rank: B
DR? Sure. This is a great tileset and I won’t be surprised if someone will use it. Download now and enjoy!

Edit: Changed rating by a little.

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