Path of Desolation

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4 Aug 2009 at 13:54 (Minor update on 4 Aug 2009)

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Napo-Leon (More uploads by Napo-Leon)
Capture the flag
czech, dodges for some minor bugs etc ;p and sj for d music mostly
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PoD.j2l Path of Desolation 13.72 kB 04 Aug 2009
Desolation02.j2t Desolation 02 148.69 kB 05 Aug 2007 Eye of the Beholder 679.92 kB 12 Mar 2007


mmmmm well im really sorry. i wanted to re-upload the file ;o and by mistake or smt i managed to delete the older file XDDD. stupid stupid napo ;(….

well i edited some parts of the lvl… making d metal background translucent and also changing the music file…. sorry abt the comments which u sent were all deleted as well. well u can resend them if u care :).

another slight edit hahahah… mmmm i forgot to change d text which says which music file bla bla bla i chose XD


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.5

Recommendedwadledee rated 7.0

Edits quickreview: Napo has typed the reviews himself in his post. Was going to change my rating to a 7 btw, so good for you ^^

RecommendedAngie rated 8.7

temperature 26, at night?! xD
Czech’s spring is very helpful, and accommodation PU pleases me. Llv is good, but imho Fort was better ;D Somehow or other, i give You 8,7 now.

RecommendedFawFul rated 7.2

i am agreeing with pj. the gameplay was decent but eyecandy has slightly bugs and is too random. i think 9.2 is overrating. new edit it slightly better but ec is still not that great in my opinion ^^.

PurpleJazz rated 7.0

There are many questionable things to be found in this level. For starters, I absolutely the despise the use of the solid metal in layer 5 which seems to be horribly out of place. Generally the use of Desolation here is very mediocre. The layout was not bad, but generic and the Full NRG is significantly closer to the blue base.

An okay level.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.4

Review by Napo-Leon

4 Aug 2009, 14:01 (edited 6 Aug 09, 14:26)
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness23%

mmm ow i managed to retrieve most of d comments ;p: (i removed those which were reposted (A))

Recommended man rated 10.0

I find this lvl great.Napo you did good job ;)..I tested it as a first player(except Napoleon).And it’s fine play in this lvl.

Recommended wadledee rated 6.7

obviously Man is a friend of Napoleon..

The eyecandy is great, but often very confusing..

The balance of the level is not good, the RF pu is closer to Blu and easy to camp-guard, and the carrots are bad placed. They have to fight for it, not get it for free in their base!

imo there is a bit too much ammo, but still, the lvl is fun to play!

Recommended cooldude31 rated 9.0


Recommended_Fox rated 9.5

I fell in love with bases. This is the strongest side of napos level. Oh and eyeceandy is great. GJ Napo ;D


@ waddledee… :D 10x

@ dodges… yes i still give u those cherries ;p :*

@ angie… hah 26 degrees here on a summer night is just heaven XD

@ sj… XD well i still prefer dits idk why xD

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RecommendedReview by Dodges.

4 Aug 2009, 14:07
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness46%

I really like CTF levels made by Nappy . All of them are full or tricks, have great eyecandy and gameplay!

The PUs’ placement is IMO balanced. 4 PUs [2x Bouncy]. I always liked the idea 2× +1C and 1x full energy. We already played there 2v2 so i know that was fine. The flow is very nice, many sucker tubes, springs, etc. what make it better.

You used this tileset very well. Eyecandy here is amazing. I hope this cherry heart is for me xD. I like those thermometers near bases and the light going out a tube! You placed some transulcent tiles, used layers very well. GJ!

DR? Sure! Go, play it

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