The Curse

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5 Aug 2009 at 22:58 (Minor update on 13 Aug 2021)

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snz (More uploads by snz)
Rag, PJ, DS, FS, SPAZZER, Olsen, emp, and SJ for betatesting with me :D
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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xlmcurses01.j2l The Curse 10.02 kB 07 Sep 2009
xlmbeach4.j2t Beach + Sunset 235.25 kB 01 Jan 2007


Its a medium sized level I made in quite a short time. The reactions to this were quite amazing so i decided to upload it :)

EDIT: you can for the music in msn. here’s also a link:

X without the X’s

if its not allowed just remove it :P

EDIT: reuploaded to fix some minor flow things and ammo.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 8.6

The most vibrant, colourful and lively JJ2 level ever created. The creativity in this level is really outstanding, and what’s even more impressive is the incredible speed snz made this level in. The layout reminds you of some old school levels. It is very platformy, yet everything connects together well and everything was generally well placed.

RecommendedFireSworD rated 8

I have always liked wacky, silly or abstract levels, as they fit pretty well with jj2. This level is creative and wacky. After playing this I thought the layout could’ve had better flow and a more intuitive layout but it was still enjoyable. The gameplay fits the theme so that’s good enough.

Definitely D/L reccomended just for the theme.

RecommendedRaven rated 8.2

Snz apparently made this high-quality level in 3-4 h from scratch. Talk about snzspeed.
The level sports a ripe colourful look, a nice, working layout and one of the craziest music choices to be found.
PUs, carrots and ammo have been placed well and the red gems provide a nice extra-flavor.
This level certainly has top-5 of the year potential.

RecommendedSPAZ18 rated 9

WOW! I just love this level so much! The eyecandy has got to be the most creative I’ve ever seen. The layout is fantastic and is easy to navigate. There are a good variety of weapons to use and there are 3 PUs which aren’t too hard to get. This was made in just over 3 hours which is impressive!
The music choice is good too.
DL Recommended

RecommendedEigus rated 8.5

A cool, psychedelic funfest with great eyecandy. While it may seem a bit confusing at first, it’s a really fun to play level after you learn it.

RecommendedBluespaz7 rated 8.5

This level shows great creativity, and is very original. Nice EC , good gameplay, really unique theme :D
Odd music but it suits the level :)

Ownage level :D D/R

RecommendedOlsen rated 8

interesting level, if mostly for the eyecandy. the eyecandy, however, is so awesomely wonderfully interesting it makes up for whatever shortcomings this level might have. music choice was interesting, thankfully for the levels best the music is the instrumental version

in short, interesting

RecommendedFawFul rated 8.5

well, if you are looking for the art up today. then you really need to download this. even if you find it looking a bit weird , the colourfulness and sphere will overtake you probably, download your ‘piratecursed-violin-monalisa-jj2’ level here.

RecommendedplunK rated 9

Best use of an xlm beach set i have ever seen. Really cool abstract level design, a ner personal fav map of mine. great work. Definately downlaod this

RecommendedSkele rated 10

eye candy:

overall 10 :D

btw what is emp?

Recommended3NZO rated 9

Good background!

Steven(HsC) rated 7

whats the music file :/ not music????

RecommendedMyles rated 8.4

it’s ok

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.6

RecommendedReview by DarkSonic

6 Aug 2009, 09:32 (edited 7 Aug 09, 21:56)
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

This is a new level by Snooze, and it uses Beach+ Sunset. It was made extremely quick, and it shows that Snooze still has the snzspeed. But the question is: is this level good or not?

This level has a really open layout, and it has a lot of vines, springs and float ups. So the flow is pretty good. While the level is medium-sized it feels bigger than it actually is. Compared to some of Snooze’s other levels this level focuses more on gameplay, which is good.

The eye candy is undoubtedly the best part of this level. The level is very colourful and makes the best use of this set so far (better than Condemned, sorry PJ xP) While it might look random to some people Snooze definitely put somet thought in it. The background is extremely nice too. The level is really surreal. Snooze is really good at making surreal levels and he has proved it with this.

This level has 3 carrots and 3 Power-Ups. The Power-Ups are Bouncer, RF and Toaster (almost every MP level by Snooze has a toaster PU) There is enough ammo so you won’t run out easily. There is a lot of bouncer ammo at the top, but personally I don’t mind.

Then a special section about the music. Snooze used an instrumental version of the song ‘Fairytale’. This song inspired him to make this level.

This level is really good. Download it now. You won’t be disappointed. ;0

3 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by bart jackrabbit

12 Sep 2009, 14:35
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

very nice

0 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by Cobra NF

21 Sep 2009, 01:37 (edited 30 Sep 09, 01:35 by cooldude31)
Frog (22 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness9%


Eyecandy was real good for lvl!


well placed






Layers looked like u just put some 1 or 2 random tiles in layer 2 and layer 7



I am givin it such a rating because I am a generous person not to rate it a bad rating so this is what i really think.

I really like doin these reviews because it always is good practice for the fingers.

I really like doin long reviews so..i hope to do another review again sometime in the future… if u wanna see the biggest review I have ever done go to the Level Packer page and i have a review there….go look.bye…cooldude,exit,stage both ways…lol

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