Town of Fear

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6 Sep 2009 at 17:07 (Minor update on 25 Feb 2011)

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Ron97 (More uploads by Ron97)
Capture the flag
Me,Toni,PurpleJazz,DJazz and other people who created tileset and music.
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elctof.j2l Town of Fear 6.47 kB 25 Feb 2011
Desolation02.j2t Desolation 02 148.69 kB 05 Aug 2007
Mech8.s3m mechanism eight - necros/ 730.08 kB 01 May 2001


After all unfinished levels,I decided to actually finish one and upload it. So here it is. Town of Fear is medium-size CTF level. Enjoy.

EDIT: Carrot fix and things added. Again.

EDIT: Re-uploaded with up-to-date info,ELC now :D


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.2

RecommendedLori099 rated 10

Ok, I found this lvl and now I go to rewiev it.
So lets start:

Not bad at all. It looks good
and I can give it 8 well.

Its little hard to access all the bases,
especially for jazz, because he cant super-jump
while moving. But I can give it 6.

DR:Go and download it now. Gj Ron.

Final Rating: 10

Micky rated 8

Yo Ron!
Nice level


Pick ups / Items

Download? Yes!

Rating: 8.0

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

RecommendedWabbyt rated 9.5

Yo. Great level. Better than semi IMO. Gameplay

Pick ups


Ways between bases

GJ ron and who helped u.;D

Download?! SURE!

DragoN[VS] rated 7.2

Gameplay: 7
Eyecandy: 8
Ammo placement: 6.5

RecommendedToni_ rated 8.2

It is good
Eyecandy – Good
Gameplay – Hm.. not good :P
Pick ups/items – Good
2 Full c, there was 2 +1 C!! Why you changed it??
Layers – Exelent
Rate – 8.2

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

Recommendedvarkarrus rated 9

You guys are too harsh. I liked this level, and was one of the people playing it on his test server before it came out.

Napo-Leon rated 5.7

well id rate this a 5.7… theres not much to say… i concur with hitch and minmay. the other’s ratings are rediculously high… i wouldnt even rate masterpieces such as semi or bblair or je a 10 ;p…

RecommendedZoro rated 8

I can say only one word: GOOD!

Not recommendedFawFul rated 6

There are a lot of tilebugs / one of the most generic layouts i’ve seen. Eyecandy based you shouldn’t have picked such a hard-to-use set if you can’t work with it properly. I came across this because it was set in the tournament. But stop the ego and let’s face this level is not even near as good as the rest of the tournament levels, no offense

RecommendedNaruto][sH rated 9.5

Hey Ron
Nice lvl!

9.50 :pp

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

!Chowder [HsC] rated 9.2

very nice
i like it

[Review changed to quick review. – Violet CLM]

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.7

Review by minmay

7 Sep 2009, 14:44 (edited 9 Sep 09, 21:21)
Turtle Goon (57 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness80%

This is a somewhat typical, moderate-quality CTF level. To give you an idea of how typical: it uses Desolation.

It is rather small, and has one of the simplest layouts you’ll ever see (though “simple” shouldn’t imply “bad” here).

The eyecandy is…acceptable. It’s rather messy, to be honest, especially with all the random numbers in the background and the all the tile mixes, but it is a controlled messiness, and there are few tilebugs. The level doesn’t look bad, per se, but it is not about to make you gaze at your monitor in awe.

The gameplay is where the level’s true flaws begin to show. It contains two full energy carrots extremely close to each other that are rather too accessible for my liking – there are warps leading to them that are about twenty tiles from the bases, Spaz can jump straight up to them, and Jazz can do the same with the sacrifice of a single RF missile. This is not really ideal. Large games would see the carrots utterly swarmed, and duels would likely last for an unbearably long time with the easy access. At the very least, can you say “camp spot”?

The level’s flow is also far from being in a position to win any awards; expect to be constantly running into arbitrarily placed blocks.

In the end, this level is playable, but only barely. It is definitely not suited for “serious” games.

EDIT: The two easily-reachable carrots have been replaced with a single one that can no longer be obtained through jumping; you have to use the warps. This solves one problem but introduces another: it now uses an exit warp, which has two targets – one above each of the powerups. Powerups being a natural focus point, it is hard to restore your health without having it torn right off again. This, frankly, is not really an improvement. Also, 15 seconds is rather a short respawn time for a full energy carrot…

EDIT, ANOTHER ONE: In a lovely display of Can’t Leave It Alone, the warp has been done away, in favor of a one-way trigger gate. Unfortunately, this makes the camping aspect worse than ever; one can simply stand under the carrot tube and shoot forever, resting with the comfortable knowledge that they’ll hit any bloke dumb enough to try for the carrot. Furthermore, it’s now possible for someone to stick their fat rabbity butt at the end of the carrot tube itself, potentially followed by a wallclimb that will make them essentially invincible, while retaining the ability to rain death on any warp users before they even get the carrot. While this is only useful for that player’s team if the player actually has a team, it remains a complete gamebreaker.
To be fair, though, the carrot’s respawn time was at least made more reasonable. Or rather, what would be more reasonable if it were at all feasible to go after the bloody thing in the first place…

6 of 10 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Ktos.

7 Sep 2009, 14:30 (edited 9 Sep 09, 18:14)
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings12 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness68%

Imo its not bad. You should use “vanish” at texts. Eyecandy is good, but there are some bugs. For example, at bases where I can see Jazz or Spaz(at least Lori :P) legs, and if u will run to left at blue base(or to right at red base) and push wall Spaz blaster will be seeable too… 2 full carrots at medium-size CTF level are too much. Gameplay is not good.
Rating: 7,5. Not bad, but that could be better…

Big donut ate me.

EDIT: Good that u fixed this carrots and bases.

5 of 8 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by Jgke

7 Sep 2009, 15:14
Frog (20 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness52%

Nice eyecandy, otherwise nice gameplay but two full c’s.

Eyecandy: 8
Textured backround: Yes
Used back layers: Yes
Layer 4 eyecandy: Yes
Front layers: Could be better

Tilebugs: Not spotted
Simple: Yes (good thing)

Gameplay: 8
PU’s: RF, Bouncer
C’s: Two full.
Ammo placement: Good

RF climbs: Yes

Atmosphere: 9
Area in city.
Well created.

Other: -

Fine level with some flaws here and there, this gets a 8.2 from me, and a shiny Download Recommendation.

3 of 10 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Skele

7 Sep 2009, 11:53 (edited 21 Nov 09, 10:08 by /SKeLe!)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings6 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness35%

OK let’s start to rate this lvl again bcs i was stupid as a friend to rate it 10!

Eye candy:7.8 i like the buildings but there are some bugs there that anoy me indeed

Gameplay:Horrible i never seen such bad gameplay…when i run it’s always WALL WALL WALL…and then a pu there wich is rlly strange though.And when i run i always his a spring that puts me away from area where i want to go…And on one place there was no spring or anything that can help me jump to somthing with jazz.Gameplay with Jazz is horrible…One place i think it’s strange on gameplay is that carrot warp…if u hit enemy u can know where to camp and it’s just strange don’t ask why…(rating of gameplay 5.3)

Bases:Bases are good…but not really good bcs players get hard on bases and usually people want to see it in middle or down huh?The defence of bases is bad if a 2v2 to was played it sucked it’s like ur in a dead end when u guard…u fire on one place i can easyly get hit by rf 3-2 times and im dead…(i can’t escape)(Rating of bases 5.6)

Originality:I don’t see anything new and good except that thing with carrot…when it was edited ofcourse(without 2 carrots)i see the only orginality is that stupid climb… to the base…(rating of orginality 6.5)

Music:The music is fine though it fits the level pretty well…(rating 8.9)

OK i think il say overall finally…


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