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30 Sep 2009 at 19:37 (Major update on 9 Oct 2009)

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Skele (More uploads by Skele)
Capture the flag
Little for Dany boy aka DJazz
bsy.zip (417.24 kB)

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bsy.j2l Underground Change 9.89 kB 09 Oct 2009
WSFDC.j2t Windstorm Fortress DC 127.13 kB 14 Sep 2009
inferno.mod Inferno 426.32 kB 26 Sep 2009


edit1:eh just some tileset changes but it looks much better


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.1

RecommendedCobra NF rated 8


Flag positions were greatly put …nice distance,good placement.


tiles were really well placed..nice.


Background was good but when i get to a cretain part of the lvl,…it shows snow…how is that possible?


Fits the lvl really good.


Well ….yes!



RecommendedMicky rated 8

Hi, Rapid!





XÐxP rated 7.7

Nice level, but it needs a bugfix and a bit of developments

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 7

the level shows some talent

RecommendedUnearth rated 10


Impossibler rated 7.7


Too big, too dark, too much ammunition and too much sucker tubes. I found a few bugs but I will not write about them. Generally, despite them and not good looking, I rate it 7.7.

PurpleJazz rated 7

Not bad.

usbkauno rated 10

You are going to right direction in good lvls :)

RecommendedZoro rated 8.5

Hehe… Really nice…
But this level have some bugs…
Anyway cool!!!

Ron97 rated 6.6

Nice level. I like the eyecandy and it’s totally different and much better from the previous level. I don’t get why it now uses the darker tileset. Ktos is right,ammo placement could be better. Also,I don’t like the base placement,it makes the higher part a little campy. 6.6 for now,keep making levels.

Recommendedmaster sven rated 7.7

You shouldn’t upload things so fast. Spend more time on testing it. Make sure there are no bugs next time. Without the bugs this level would have been wonderfull.

Not recommendedcooba rated 6

This is pretty much okay but also hideously overrated…

FawFul rated 6.2

what cooba said.. sometimes cramped flow and such. average level, but far from really good.

RecommendedKLSF rated 7.7

Good. But somewhere need to improve.

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

RecommendedNedim rated 10

awesome level
gj skele :D

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

---lora--- rated 7.2

cool lvl

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

RecommendedFreeBqY rated 10


[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

RecommendedKaky rated 10

Amazing lvl!

I love it! :‘D<3

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7

Review by Ktos.

2 Oct 2009, 22:54 (edited 4 Oct 09, 00:05)
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings12 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness68%

Well, I decided to rate this because Skele asked me for that…

I don’t like playing at this level. Imo there are too many sucker tubes. In pos 131,16 there are some toasters, but i think that it would be better to put them somewhere in the level(the same is with gun8 ammo at pos 2,62). I don’t think that many people will run into there only to get toasters. Imo there are too much ammo. Flag placement is ok, you putted warps from the bases. Float ups are in places, where they are not needed. Sometimes you use one ways in stupid places, and you don’t place them when they can be really helpful and useful.

I don’t like it. Layer 8 is fine, textured background etc, that’s hard to do sth bad in there. At layer 7 you putted “lightings”, I mean, I see that something is only shining for a while, but I don’t see the real lightings. Layer 6… Well, there are some towers here. Everything is ok, but at top of those towers some tiles are mirrored. Its looking bad. At the real level(I mean layer4) some tiles are mirrored too.
There are many bugs at eyecandy. For example, area 131,16(again). You used shadowed tiles here, but only here. Over those tiles i can see some pixels of background. Pos 0,7, I can see a strange hole here. There’s a lot of bugs like this. Layer2 is a rain, it’s ok, I can only say that I don’t like when rain is falling slowly when Im going up etc. but that’s not a big bug. Layer1 is a “mountains”(or w/e u want to call this) at the bottom of the level. Everything is ok with that.

Pus which are easiest to get is seek pu and rf pu… That’s strange. Its harder to get toaster and bouce pu, shouldn’t that be that the hardest pu to get is rfs and seeks? As I said in gameplay, sometimes ammo placement is just stupid, sometimes in some places there are too many ammo. There’s only one place when I can find fastfires and its really close to red base.

First I was going to rate this 7.0, but i changed my mind. This level isn’t that good, but Skele, try to make more levels and maybe you will be better at this.

Edit: Changed my mind, I will rate it 7, but next time try to don’t make that many bugs at eyecandy.

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