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23 Oct 2009 at 22:50 (Minor update on 24 Oct 2009)

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FawFul (More uploads by FawFul)
Thanks to everyone that gave me advice last year and helped with betatesting and such. Thanks to the people that helped me the most which are Firesword, cooba, Superjazz, Darksonic, Purplejazz, Snooze and others i might forgot.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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xlmppackbtl01.j2l Pleased with Presents 14.51 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackbtl02.j2l Knight FurnFace 24.15 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackbtl02nopit.j2l Knight FurnFace 24.18 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackbtl03.j2l Favourite Park 11.92 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackbtl04.j2l 8th Heaven 15.93 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackbtl05.j2l Radioactive 8.22 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackctf01.j2l Technoligized Sonicwaves 15.63 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackctf02.j2l Neglected Future 10.30 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackctf03.j2l Downtown Maze 20.69 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackctf04.j2l Myopia 21.37 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackctf05.j2l Hard Cheese 9.62 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackctf06.j2l Klassieker for the Sn00zE 8.50 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackctfbonus.j2l Electric Factory 6.63 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackdom01.j2l Alien Heart 11.52 kB 23 Oct 2009
xlmppackfr01.j2l Hideout Center 19.94 kB 23 Oct 2009
Desolation03.j2t Desolation 03 148.72 kB 23 Oct 2009
DreamlandPLUS.j2t Dreamland PLUS 143.01 kB 23 Oct 2009
Gothic 1.23.j2t Gothic 1.23 134.77 kB 23 Oct 2009
IC - Letni2.j2t IC - Letni2 146.66 kB 23 Oct 2009
ICColon2F.j2t Colon 2 Fix 164.83 kB 23 Oct 2009
JJ1 Bloxonius LRK.j2t JJ1 Bloxonius LRK 84.05 kB 23 Oct 2009
Mez03b.j2t MEZ03b 42.69 kB 23 Oct 2009
mezmerize.j2t MeZmErIzE 125.09 kB 23 Oct 2009
New Diamondus 4.j2t New Diamondus 4 274.66 kB 23 Oct 2009
Scraparap2.j2t JJ1 Scraparap 94.86 kB 23 Oct 2009
Sirius3.j2t Dimensions3 74.06 kB 23 Oct 2009
Twilight Park.j2t Twilight Park 125.36 kB 23 Oct 2009
WTFAcrid.j2t WTF - Acrid 231.46 kB 23 Oct 2009
Xargon Gloaming.j2t Xargon (Gloaming) 106.15 kB 23 Oct 2009


Music Link:

It has been a year…

It took so long, i still remember I started Technologized Sonicwaves last year,
which was the beginning of the pack. I decided later, that I would make a start on a pack.
..but seriously, 14 levels? don’t ask me why i ever came up with that, or where i got all the patience from.

Still, I didn’t scrap any levels (except that i once made a huge Aend rip off :-D). and made all the levels as planned.
I even did extra levels, which are Xlmppackbtl05 and XlmppackctfBonus.
they were actually meant to be both extra additional bonus levels but i thought the quality of the battle level
was actually pretty good both eyecandy and gameplay based. The meaning of the extra (bonus) CTF level is that it’s not meant to be rated.
it’s just some extra level fast made and added to the pack. It has nothing to do with the pack itself, see it as an extra fun little level.
(i will slap you if you can’t read those huge characters)
It’s not that i didn’t work hard on those levels because there are so much off them now.. it’s just a very big pack which took me quite a while.

Even it took so long i am not really in the mood to fill up this description box entirely. the thing is that this huge pack is the reason i haven’t uploaded anything in a while. see it as a comeback or whatever you would like to call it. my personal feeling by this is that it’s way better
then my last uploads.

oh before i forget, i want to thank everyone who gave me decent advice and also the people who betatested.

You may have noticed already but i can proudly say i tracked 2 mods for 2 levels of the pack (which are xlmppackctf04 and 05)
It also took some time and effort, and in my opinion there is nothing wrong by announcing something you did your best on :D.

almost finished, i want to give a short talk about the entire levellist

Pleased With Presents
Tileset: JJ1 bloxonius (LRK conversion)
Music: Magicien by Ubisoft (from Rayman2)
Gametype: Battle
Comment: A map which particulair designed for it’s gameplay ideas with combination of both layout and the usage of events.

Knight FurnFace
Tileset: Gothic Cathedral by Galavant
Music: Conquest of Farakhan by Gopher
Gametype: Battle
Comment: A big map with a big layout with eyecandy that is very opinion based if it’s good or not. (well i think it’s epic :D)

Favourite Park
Tileset: Twilight Park by Blade
Music: Tangerine Fascination by necros
Gametype: Battle
Comment: a Medium sized map with a lot of idea’s with sucker tubes

8th Heaven
Tileset: Dreamland PLUS by Gus/birdie
Music: Tomato Network by Electropizza
Gametype: Battle
Comment: an easy to learn layout while being very big, a very unusual layout aswell. but i hope it works with the additional fly carrots and float ups and other events.

Tileset: WTF acrid by cooba
Music: Entering the pirate ship by Ubisoft (from Rayman2)
Gametype: Battle
Comment: A very dark small level that can work out for a small player amount. there is also a wall in the centre where you can shoot seekers trough for your advantage.

Technologized Sonicwaves
Tileset: Dimensions by Agama
Music: Dego by Andromeda
Gametype: CTF
Comment: Very themed eyecandy level with a quiet logical layout

Neglected Future
Tileset: New Diamondus 4 (selfmade pallette and i also added helpful tiles)
Music: Nightvision by Sandman/KFM
Gametype: CTF
Comment: a very unusual layout with lots of secrets ways and tubes. still the layout seems to work from what i’ve seen in some 3v3’s we’ve played there. (also it would be a good idea to look at the animated star images if you are trying to find some of the secrets)

Downtown Maze
Tileset: Colon 2 (fix by paul)
Music: Revelation by Necros
Gametype: CTF
Comment: a Very big (and also a bit hard to learn) CTF level where i put my mind a lot at having good concepts for unusual eyecandy never been used with colon.

Tileset: Xargon (gloaming)
Music: Higher Frequency by myself
Gametype: CTF
Comment: I hope this will be the new JDC event level :-) (atleast that’s what it is meant to be)

Harde cheese
Tileset: JJ1 Scraparap (conversion by CelL)
Music: Error Control by myself
Gametype: CTF
Comment: a very small and linear map but yet having many floors. the platforms are long but thin. the map plays very fast paced.

Klassieker for the Sn00ze
Tileset: Mez03B by Dethman
Music: Labrat by A.brandon (we all know)
Gametype: CTF
Comment: the name says it all: ‘classic for the snooze’. a very little level. i wonder, does it have a bit of a classic?

Alien heart
Tileset: MezMeriZe by Dethman
Music: Aliens ate the band by m0i
Gametype: Domination
Comment: a very weird but funny domination level (especially with the music xP), having a small amount seconds as respawn time.

Hideout Centre
Tileset: Desolation 3 by BlurredD
Music: Mindwalker by Unknown (seriously couldn’t find it anywhere)
Gametype: Flagrun
Comment: an sort of industry level where you can find your way trough the basement to get the flag to base safely.

Music Link:

I want to thank everyone that helped me for this pack, and i especially want to thank you for downloading it
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Quick Reviews Average: 8.8

RecommendedRon97 rated 9.8

Whoa! I played most of those levels and all I can say is: GOOD JOB!

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 8.2

Not a bad pack, but I agree that quality is more important than quantity. Most of these levels are 7.5-7.8 quality, the best being Hard Cheese which I’d give an 8. Most of these levels are rather gimmicky and confusing, and might be a bit difficult to play in. This pack has it’s moments, but only a certain amount of it is fun to play.


RecommendedDarkSonic rated 8.3


EDIT: j/k, decent pack with some good levels like Hard Cheese and Neglected Future is decent too. The battles are not bad either, but overall the levels are way too big (a few exceptions) and have some strange concepts. It’s good to try it, but not always very well executed.

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 8.3

first i was considering higher rating but thanks to some things what author has said about me in past and recently i settled with a 8.

EDIT: raising the rating. dont ask

RecommendedSuperjazz rated 8.3

After playing these levels for a longer while, I’ve realized that they need a little time to get used into. I noticed that I underrated this pack a bit, since lots of effort was put into this pack and the eyecandy is far above the average, except for a few levels. Still there are some levels that could have used some better design etc. But GJ Faw!

RecommendedSlaYerRA rated 9

Amazing pack, I think 9 is good rate, some levels have bugs and you added them before testing carefully

RecommendedNarsist rated 10

I guess I’m dreaming… :)

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.7

RecommendedReview by cooba

28 Oct 2009, 18:14
Carrot Juice Addict (326 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews32 Average helpfulness86%

Well, well… this pack right here is definitely something of a small gem.

It goes without saying that you’re probably downloading this pack just for a few levels out of all fourteen. It also goes without saying that most of these have gone wrong in a way or another, either by being full of superficial gimmicks, by an erroneous layout, or excessive eyecandy (or a combination of some of these).

But what’s not obvious is that every single level here had potential to be very good. Some of the levels definitely have their visual moments – Myopia’s stone-and-nature parts, for example, I really dunno why weren’t they used as a common motif. Downtown Maze has this real tranquil, dreamy feel that’s uncommon. Those levels that aren’t outstanding are still good and fresh looking. And unfortunately, some levels cross the fine line between “a lot of eyecandy” and “complete inconsistent mess”. For example, Pleased with Presents had a really cool 70’s disco theme, until it became a chaos of christmas toys with a gay rayman rap track. And I’m not even going to beat the dead horse that FurnFace is…

One thing you’ll definitely notice is that Faw has a soft spot for gimmicks. Almost every level will have some, and almost every one will misuse them. This pack will attack you with fly carrots, freeze enemies, cheshire cats, pinball pads, walls which seekers go through, etc. It’s almost as if Faw tried really hard to make each level unique and original. In case of which, it’s probably slightly ironic that the best (in my opinion) levels from the pack are those which didn’t try too hard to be original. This includes nearly all the CTF’s and hardly any of the battles…

In two levels you can even hear FawFul’s musical skills backing up the themes, this aspect should be probably expanded in the future. It’s really too bad that this pack wasn’t as polished and refined as it could have been – there’s a ocean full of potential here.

Think positive!

5 of 5 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by minmay

10 Nov 2009, 23:48
Turtle Goon (57 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness80%

It took me a while to decide how to approach reviewing this pack. As others have stated, its quality is…variable, to say the least. So I’ve decided to split the review into three sections: one on the levels I really like, one on the levels that are passable, and one on the levels that just don’t work. In that order, because it will make the ending that much funnier.

So, first. The best levels. Opinions vary, of course, but I’d say Technologized Sonicwaves, Pleased with Presents, and Hard Cheese qualify.

Technologized Sonicwaves is a very well-designed and well-constructed CTF level. It has few flaws if any, and is highly suitable for both duels and larger games. As with most such levels, however, there is not a lot to say about it.

Pleased with Presents is a battle level which I actually helped quite a bit with, as far as design decisions and balancing, although admittedly most of this was in its earliest stages. In particular, I am afraid that I am to blame for the belts. I beg forgiveness from anyone who has fallen into a pit because of them.
That aside, the level has a nice, learnable layout, and good eyecandy (although the background may be a bit too strange for its own good). Its biggest drawback is probably its inconsistent placement of Fly Off events – you can enter some indoor areas, but not others, while flying. Still, the level is fun to play in.

Hard Cheese is a simple, yet moderately unconventional, CTF level. It’s mostly horizontal, even moreso than most levels, and although you’d expect this to lead to a ton of awful bottlenecks, it actually works very well. I am not, however, especially fond of the eyecandy here – it feels like it was sort of thrown on in a rush, as the style is rather inconsistent.

Now, on to the levels that missed the proverbial mark in some way or another, but still manage to be (barely?) playable.

I’m going to start with Knight FurnFace. This is one of the most graphically striking levels ever made for JJ2, as the tileset lends itself to FawFul’s use extremely well. Unfortunately, this lovely eyecandy comes right back around and bites the level in its wrinkled 8-bit rump: it’s rather difficult to tell whether or not something is on layer 4 or 5 (or 3 and 2 in a few especially bad cases). This means lots of bumping into things and falling through things, probably into one of the level’s pits. Mercifully, a pitless version is included, but the level still requires memorization before it can be properly played.

Neglected Future is a level that, while nicely balanced and well-designed overall, has a lot of annoying quirks. I could describe them, but 30 seconds of playing will demonstrate.

Myopia is a level which suffers primarily from being too large for any fewer than 10 players, and even with 16 it feels rather too large, especially given the nature of its layout. If JJ2’s netcode were reworked (hey, BlurredD…wait, where are you going? BlurredD?) to support more connections, I have no doubt that this would make for some great 12vs12 games. But that hasn’t happened yet, so this level is not especially useful.

Radioactive is simply too boring to be given any more than an acknowledgement. Unlike pretty much every other level in the pack, there’s nothing unique about it, and when that’s added to the fact that it isn’t exceptionally well-made in the first place…

Alien Heart. This level has been played a lot, and I’m pretty sure that’s only by dint of there being so few Domination levels around. Although it’s playable, it’s not very enjoyable, especially with things like that seeker powerup…

Hideout Center I never got the chance to actually play, since Flag Run isn’t exactly the most popular gamemode around. It feels a bit too complicated for it, to be honest.

And now the part you’ve all probably skipped to: the bad levels. There’s just no excuse; they’re bad.

Favourite Park. Horrible usage of sucker tubes, and a limiting layout, combined with mediocre eyecandy.

8th Heaven could simply be described as an idea that seems good but isn’t. The towers make gameplay feel both limited and repetitive, and the pillars of light are downright silly.

Downtown Maze is pretty aptly named, because trying to navigate the level is like trying to navigate a maze. In other words, worst layout ever. Wait, no it isn’t; I forgot about…

Klassieker for the SnOOzE. I don’t like Snooze very much now, because if he hadn’t existed, we wouldn’t have to suffer this level. The bases are extremely close, the layout is small and very strange, and the level is terribly unbalanced – what were you THINKING with that seeker powerup?

Electric Factory…well, it’s not a serious level, and so shouldn’t be treated as such. I honestly can’t imagine anyone wanting to play it though.

But I’m basing my rating on the levels that ARE worth playing. And the pack is definitely worth downloading, just don’t be disappointed when the later levels don’t hold up to the standards set by the earlier ones.

5 of 5 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by FawFul

26 Oct 2009, 14:45 (edited 28 Oct 09, 19:29)
Turtle Goon (63 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness85%

what is that supposed to mean louis? ->

what i mean is that louis is randomly spamming around non-sense without providing arguments and help. i want to thank cooba for his extremely helpful review. he seems to understand how i mocked things up.

3 of 4 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by St. Louis

26 Oct 2009, 10:48
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness46%

Quality over quantity :P

6 of 12 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Zoro

11 Nov 2009, 11:15 (edited 10 Dec 09, 08:50 by Crazy Rabbit)
Bee Boy Swarm (28 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness61%

Cooldude gonna crazy!
He set rating: 1.0 to minigolf without reason!
And he set rating: 10.0 and said STUPID words…
I think he is big noob in JJ2…

0 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Arclite288

6 Nov 2010, 09:39
Frog (19 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness17%

Generally speaking, this pack was outstanding, but there was one thing wrong: the link to the music files doesn’t seem to bring up a download. I’ve clicked it several times over the last few months and it’s brought up a page that says “Sorry, the file you requested is not available”.

Other than that, I can only say that it’s a good effort. I haven’t put up a rating because I’m not one of those people who shows any interest in multiplayer, so I thought I’d leave it as N/A.

0 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by Cobra NF

24 Oct 2009, 00:45
Frog (22 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness9%

Well,I betatested it with FawFul and he did a GREAT job!


That was the one thing I was realy impressed with because i was amazed at it!


non I have ever seen!
~Translation:I LOVE them!


same as tilesets!


Brand-spankin new!!!


Same as the tilesets and music.





Well I hope this proves to everyone that I can do good reviews because i have changed.

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