Memories 3: Imagination

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1 Dec 2009 at 21:00 (Minor update on 14 Dec 2009)

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Hitch (More uploads by Hitch)
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Memories (996.03 kB)

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xlmm3an01.j2l Police Headquarters 25.84 kB 28 Nov 2009
xlmm3br01.j2l Greed 10.03 kB 22 Nov 2009
xlmm3fr01.j2l Arctic Citadel 16.76 kB 22 Nov 2009
xlmm3fr02.j2l Radiator City 13.37 kB 14 Nov 2009
xlmm3jb01.j2l The penitentiary system 12.03 kB 17 Nov 2009
xlmm3os01.j2l Midnight Metropolis 28.22 kB 05 Dec 2009
BattleShipsBl.j2t BattleShipsBL 45.64 kB 15 Sep 2007
Desolation03.j2t Desolation 03 148.72 kB 05 Aug 2007
IC - Letni2.j2t IC - Letni2 146.66 kB 29 Sep 2007
JJ1 Industrius 2005.j2t JJ1: Industrius 2005 93.67 kB 23 Oct 2006
Noka - Lavapolis.j2t Noka - Lavapolis 221.61 kB 20 Aug 2005
WTFBorealis.j2t WTF - Borealis 231.46 kB 29 Feb 2008


Memories 3: Imagination

The latest installment to Memories, Memories 3: Imagination. This project was started at the beginning of the year, and had many breaks during the process. Unlike the last two packs Memories, and Memories 2: Radiant Garden
this one features all different game types. This includes 2 Flag Runs, 1 Bank Robbery, 1 Jailbreak, 1 Assault, and 1 Onslaught. Surprisingly, there was no Capture the Flag, or Battle.

In this pack, I focused mostly on game play, and confidently, that was accomplished. You’ll see each level here, except Radiator City, is quite large.
My central goal of this pack is to have each level played in the Jazz Duelist Challenge. I remember Blur saying in JCF, that he wanted more JDC levels, playable,
and that’s just what this is. A little bit of everything.

When I first started this pack, I was actually thinking of just doing Capture the Flag, since it was to me at the time, the easiest game type to create.
Well, when I wanted to do something different, like for example Bank Robbery, I actually had to figure out the system, and how it worked. Same for Assault,
Jailbreak and Onslaught. Flag Run wasn’t necessarily new to me, since I had already made a level in Memories 2, called Hollow Gardens, though I felt great
Improvement in these levels, compared to from a year ago.

Credit goes to in particular order: CelL, EvilMike, Ktos, minmay, cooba, BlurreD, DarkSonic, FireSworD, Ragnorak, PurpleJazz, and anyone else who I forgot.
You guys made this project happen, and I thank you all.


Tilesets include: BattleshipsBL, WTF Borealis, Lavapolis, Letni 2, Industrius 2005, & Desolation 3

Anyway, play, rate, share, and enjoy!


[Fixed triggers and other detail in xlmm3os01]


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.95

RecommendedDragoN[VS] rated 9

Excellent pack. =P

RecommendedKLSF rated 9

Nice! I like It Good Work!

RecommendedRagnarok! rated 9.2

Very high quality stuff. =)

ESPECIALLY the onslaught, flag run, jailbreaks, and bank robbery.

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 8.6

The levels in this pack are all well designed, Arctic Citadel being my favourite level of the pack. I can see these levels becoming very popular choices for JDC events. Overall, a very solid pack, however what keeps me from giving it as high ratings as the others is because I’d expect more of a “wow” factor; this pack feels a little dry.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9.7

RecommendedReview by Arclite288

12 Apr 2011, 22:13
Frog (19 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness17%

We really need more people who know what they’re doing, and Hitch has not let us down. This is one of the best multiplayer packs out there, and that is evident throughout each of the six levels.

Police Headquarters:
Very good work here, lots of eyecandy in many places, and a good choice of song. The only thing that doesn’t quite fit is the fade colour chosen for the textured background, otherwise it’s one hell of a good level.

The Penitentiary System:
This is an amazing example of how to use the JJ1: Industrius 2005 tileset, it looks like the level takes place in the substructure beneath some city on Industrius. I don’t get the way a Jailbreak level works, but that’s no hindrance to a good rating.

Amazing work here, this version of Battleships has been used to amazing effect, and the use of the coins in conjunction with the CTF mode has a profound effect on the way the match plays out. As for the song, I have never heard anything as good or as suitable as this one (Guild of Sounds).

Arctic Citadel:
I’ve seen many WTF levels in my time, and this is an amazing level in its own right. This is one of the best ways to prove skill as a JCS’er, and teach novices a lesson in the process.

Radiator City:
Yet another good example of Hitch’s skill, although the Flag Run mode is a tricky one for me to get the hang of. As a level, this is just amazing.

Midnight Metropolis:
Saving the best ‘til last. This level shines brighter than all of the others, and all of the others outshine their main rivals. Interesting idea for a multiplayer mode here, Onslaught (or as UT3 players call it, Warfare), and some outstanding work showing itself in every corner of the level.

I give this pack a strong 9.7. Don’t ever play the levels without the music, though, the music makes it what it is. Playing the levels in silence just doesn’t do them any justice. Get the music and play!

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