Romp in the Meadow

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13 Dec 2009 at 07:13 (Minor update on 14 Dec 2009)

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Vladimir Cheese (More uploads by Vladimir Cheese)
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J2 creators and myself

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RotM Level (142.55 kB)

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Cheese.j2l Romp in The Meadow 7.12 kB 12 Dec 2009
Next.j2l Pulling the Plug 4.31 kB 19 Jul 2003
Next3.j2l Beach Brawl 8.94 kB 19 Dec 2005
BAO!BAO!.XM !bao!bao! 177.39 kB 31 Jan 2000


My first upload – let’s hope I got everything right.

I’ve been playing Jazz 2 ever since it came out 11 years ago, but I’ve never gotten around to breaking into the community. So I thought this would be a good place to start. I made these levels 5-7 years ago and dug them out of my hard drive. I’ll make more if the response is strong enough – I have a few ideas.

I’ve made a few other level sets here and there, but this is definitely my best overall set. There are 3 levels here (there initially was a secret level, but on ending it went to the wrong level – I had passworded it, forgot the password and eventually ended up deleting it. Oh well).

I started with a huge, universe-spanning story idea (Devan kidnaps somebody or other, Jazz chases after them, etc.) so I started making these levels, but I ran out of creative juice on the third. I had an introductory level, but because I never finished the set, I took that out. Now, the 3 levels are just a fun way to spend half an hour “romping in the meadow.” Here are some thoughts on the individual levels:

1st level – “Romp in the Meadow”
Don’t let this bias your opinion, but I like this level best. I love the music – I don’t know who did it, otherwise I’d give him a mention. It’s not a super hard level, but I think it’s challenging. Watch out for falling rocks :-)The secret level was supposed to be just before the final warp, but I messed that up… it was a good level, too. Maybe next time.

2nd level – “Pulling the Plug”
I came up with a pretty neat premise – Jazz pulls the plug on the lights, the lights go out and you have to fight in total darkness… see how you like it. It’s a pretty short level, so I won’t say much else.

3rd level – “Beach Brawl”
Yes, I know there’s a battle level with the same name. I named the level before I knew that and I still like the name, so I kept it. This level is probably the hardest one, because you’re always fighting underwater. I hate those fish :-| And there is a secret in the boss area. Find it if you can!

General Notes: Secrets are EVERYWHERE. (especially in the 3rd level) You can look in JCS and find them, but that’d be cheating! And there are a few technical issues – I could never get some texts to work, I misplaced a few water levels on the 3rd one – I’m not going to go back and fix them. Sorry.

And this is really long. If you made it to the bottom, you deserve a Coke. Mmmmmmm… Coca-Cola…

Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy this brief level set.

Vladimir Cheese

P.S. It is highly recommended that you play this set on Hard, because you get the full playing experience. Extra bosses, extra enemies, not as many carrots… it’s supposed to be challenging!


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