Another Untitled Level

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27 Dec 2009 at 12:08 (Minor update on 20 Feb 2010)

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Jgke (More uploads by Jgke)
Me, Gus for tileset, Nerd for testing, CaTaPhRaCt for the PackPacker utility
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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AUL.j2l Another Untitled Level 5.07 kB 27 Dec 2009
BigLandscape.j2t Big Landscape 201.46 kB 22 Jan 2007
EMT.mp3 902.47 kB 27 Dec 2009


I made this level in less than 24 hours. As you can see, the result is quite… interesting, and thus I made it a “funny” level instead of a serious level.

Some points about this level:
-This level has 9 +1 carrots.
-This level has 12 Powerups, including all weapons exept TNT.
-This level has all kinds of ammo.
-This level has three shields. They are in coinwarps, and are forced to stomp.
-This level can be used in both CTF and Treasure hunt.
-This level uses mp3 sounds.

Oh, and Finnish users, here’s a challenge:
Keep a poker face when playing this the first time!
Shamelist: (1-0 for Jake)


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.9

RecommendedSlaYerRA rated 7.2

nice work Jake, gl in next lvls.

RecommendedTheKax rated 8.5

As a Finnish user, I must say I lost your chllenge. Here is a comment about the challenge, in Finnish:
“Nauratti niin, että olis tullut kusi housuun jos en äsken olis vessassa käyny. Kyllä Jope osaa. (Eikös olekin Jopen biisi?)”
Not bad for 24h level. Altough there is tons of pickups, it isn’t any bad. As SlaYerRA said, GL to you too.

[Quick review ~cooba]

Recommendedmaster sven rated 8

For a level made in less than 24 hours this is really good. The originality is great, the eyecandy and gameplay are a little less.

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