Damn Lava Planet!

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9 Jan 2010 at 21:47 (Minor update on 14 Jan 2010)

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Speaktrap (More uploads by Speaktrap)
Single player
alot, so not listed in credits, sorry
DLP-123fixed.zip (1.34 MB)

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music.txt 0.06 kB 14 Jan 2010
damnlp1.j2l Damn Lava Planet! 11.77 kB 14 Jan 2010
damnlp2.j2l Enterprise on Lava Planet? 6.88 kB 13 Jan 2010
damnlp3.j2l Underground Labs 5.32 kB 13 Jan 2010
damnlp4.j2l Last Day of Lava Planet? 4.61 kB 13 Jan 2010
damnlp5.j2l Town Hills 9.12 kB 13 Jan 2010
damnlp6.j2l Disco Bomb Fever 6.77 kB 13 Jan 2010
damnlp7.j2l Entering - Final 3.18 kB 13 Jan 2010
damnlp8.j2l Long Way Home 2.09 kB 13 Jan 2010
CoolDay.j2t Cool Day 79.20 kB 28 Mar 2002
DiambLava.j2t Diamondus ? Lava 247.28 kB 16 Nov 2004
discofever.j2t discofever 58.98 kB 26 Dec 2001
IC - TubelecP.j2t IC - TubelecP 115.98 kB 05 Dec 2008
Street stuff.j2t Street stuff 115.46 kB 14 Jan 2010
townhill-n.j2t Town Hill Nocturnal 97.89 kB 13 Jan 2010
townhill.j2t Town Hill 137.33 kB 13 Jan 2010
townhill2.j2t French Town 209.18 kB 13 Jan 2010
townlake1.j2t Town Lake 1 209.52 kB 13 Jan 2010


However, tested on 1.23x. But it should be working fine. Probably.

I hope someone to merge it into J2O upload. Limit of upload should be at least 5MB! And thanks for Stijn for last reupload

If you’ve got problems with diamonds animations in first level… redownload, it is fixed now =)

A short levelpack, arcade as much as it can be, so you’ll find that the story is lame =D so don’t rate this one plz.

Sorry, for not listing whole credits. I’m not sure who has made some of the tilesets.


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Admin Note:

At the time of writing, you will need to play this episode with vanilla JJ2 (i.e. without JJ2+) because the Frog Float Up glitch was patched, and therefore level 3 will be impossible without cheating.

Quick Reviews Average: 9

RecommendedZoro rated 8.5

Its cool… I like it… Idea about light levitation ball was fun…I enjoyed playing this pack…I think you need download it…

RecommendedImpure Ace rated 10


RecommendedbestALEX4u rated 9.2

I really love this SP pack!!!
ITs excellent
DR: YES! Do it nOw!

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 8.2

Such a shame this didn’t get much attention. I had a great time playing through this pack, despite having some design flaws. It’s very clear that this author is extremely talented, and I can confidently predict a bright future for him/her. Props go out to the creativity of the pack, and for the pleasant eyecandy. Give it a try! ;)

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RecommendedReview by Slaz

2 Dec 2021, 18:20 (edited 2 Dec 21, 18:25)
Spaz Slackrabbit (123 Points)
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A pack of 8 levels tied together by a storyline.

The first level is centered around what looks like a sea of lava, produced cleverly by using a combination of foreground tiles, many hurt events, and some MCE toaster shots to cover the surface. Above the lava is a barrage of spikeballs and enemies on destructable blocks. Freezer ammo is there to make things easier, but with enough patience you can also shoot down the spikeballs.. The objective is to find an Invincibility carrot to walk through the lava without getting hurt, but since you have such a long invinciblity time already after getting hurt, you can also just cross it by force. You do need to get at least some coins so a bit of exploration is necessary. Anyway, checkpoints are aplenty and while the level starts off fairly hard, it becomes a lot easier near the 2nd half.

The 2nd level is very different. It has you infiltrating a facility ‘Mission Impossible’ style. Touching a guard or falling into a trap has you restart without losing a life, so exploration is very forgiving. Some areas are a bit cramped here and there, and the amount of ammo you can get through stashes is somewhat excessive. Also, the rat enemies really like hopping through the ceilings.

The 3rd level is gimmicky and centered around the frog morph.Tricks are used to allow you to navigate vertically, while Fencers are your main threat. There’s also a floating box near the end used as a platform.

The 4th level focuses on moving the water level in order to clear your path, but stays pretty linear aside from that. The boss is cleverly designed. Although many things have been done with the Robot boss before, this one combines it with a copter to force the player into danger below before the boss can be damaged.

The 5th level uses an original mashup tileset, and a ‘haah waaw’ photograph for the background. Still looks nice. The start pos has you on your toes as you need to shoot some blocks fast before your copters run out. The following objective is to disarm bombs placed in the many sewer parts of the level. While it lacks some of the clever designs of the earlier levels, it’s still fun to navigate.

The 6th level is disco themed and starts off in very cramped buildings where you’ll need to find unlocked doors to progress. Other than that it’s a very traditional JJ2 level. There’s apparently a Rocket Turtle somewhere near the end but it didn’t activate correctly in my run. This level is directly followed up by the final. A not so fun Devan boss in a cramped space with some minor enemies to help him out. Since there’s a huge ammo stash down below to make this fight easy, your biggest challenge will be trying to prevent Devan from hopping through the walls.

And finally, the tiny end credits level has another nice protograph for a background. For some reason, walking right doesn’t actually end the game for you. You’ll have to do that yourself. Sucks if you’re lazy.

Pack recommended for everyone seeking a moderately unique vanilla JJ2 experience. If you manage to get through the challenging first level, the rest of the pack won’t be a problem for you. Enemy and ammo placement is a bit annoying and excessive at times, but for the rest it’s a well designed pack glued together by a story that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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