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25 Jan 2010 at 09:36

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Capture the flag
Thanks to Wab, Crazy Rabbit, and DJazzy, who all helped betatest to varying degrees.

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trogSalvation.j2l Salvation 3.15 kB 25 Jan 2010
trogVision.j2l Persistence of Vision 4.00 kB 25 Jan 2010
trogXX.j2l XX 4.52 kB 25 Jan 2010
BattleShipsBl.j2t BattleShipsBL 45.64 kB 01 Dec 2008
DiambScorch.j2t Diamondus ß Scorch 253.60 kB 04 Jul 2008
Zodiac.j2t Zodiac 162.54 kB 10 Aug 2009
chip war - part 1.xm Chip War - Part 1 24.32 kB 25 Jan 2010
day_and_night.xm .day and night. 29.30 kB 17 Jan 2004
motorbreath.mod % MOTORBREATH % 150.72 kB 25 Jan 2010
SalvationMap.png 36.96 kB 25 Jan 2010
VisionMap.png 31.87 kB 25 Jan 2010


All of a sudden, I became motivated to make levels for some reason, and I rapidly produced these, and started working on some other ideas. Then, as suddenly as it appeared, my inspiration vanished, and I decided I might as well upload the finished products, instead of waiting until when (more like if) I decided to finish everything I had started. These are all normal capture the flag levels of moderate size, and I believe they would work for just about any number of players, although the optimal amount is probably somewhere between a duel and a 3v3.

The first level I created for this pack, it consists of some rather nasty pits. However, if a player survives long enough to grab 10 coins, he or she can buy an “extra life” essentially, at least when it comes to the pits. Even with this feature though, I noticed many of my testers died an insane amount until they figured out the level a bit, and I therefore included a map of the level in the download to make it easier for players to learn the layout.

To balance out Salvation’s tough learning curve, I also included XX. The level is a simple set of two X-shaped areas that a player can warp between. At the center of each X is a flag, a full NRG, and some power-ups. Along the branches are various types of ammo. This level is incredibly straightforward, which can lead to fun, chaotic gameplay for even people unfamiliar with the level, but may not have the strategic depth more advanced players enjoy.

Persistence of Vision:
The final level of this pack, Vision is a much more normal capture the flag level than Salvation or XX. A map is also included to allow the fastest possible familiarization with the layout, but players should be able to figure this one out on their own too. It has an RF power-up, two toaster power-ups, and a seeker power-up. The RF is easily accessible, and due to the wide-open nature of the level, very dangerous. The toasters are easy to get, although can’t really be kicked or upper-cut, so players will have to pay some attention to their ammo. The toaster is especially useful in a few areas, such as where players can shoot at the bases, without actually being in the area to capture. Vision also includes a seeker power-up which can be reached by falling down a chute in the center of the level. Two carrots, and a full NRG are spread throughout the level, reducing the ability of players to camp an area and prevent healing, without causing healing to be too easy and killing an opponent almost impossible.

Thanks for reading, and/or downloading. Reviews, especially those which give a detailed critique of the levels and show me how I can improve for future attempts to create levels, are appreciated.


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Please Start Of Zual Alpha

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RecommendedReview by snzspeed

10 Feb 2010, 22:42
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
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It took me a while to review this, but here I am :D

Before writing anything else, i’d like to say that my personal favourite by far from this pack is Salvation (ill review that as the last level), simply because it has a unique style + some clever ideas. Anyways, lets start:


This level seems to have literally an X design.. normally X designs are very good and work very well in jj2, but this is just way too linear for me. and the gameplay feels like the level was made for an experiment, rather then serious games. personally, even though i disliked the levels gameplay when i played a public game in it, i would like to see how it plays in duel/laddergame.
About EC, i didnt see any tilebugs, but then again, the level doesnt contain any other stuff but the red tiles where you walk, and some other brown tiles. While it looks quite ok, and altough you used lots of different symbols in the red bricks, its really bland, and gets quite boring to look at.
There’s 4 pu’s, which might be bit too much for such a small level. Then again, they can be only gotten with bouncer/EB/tnt so i suppose thats not that big problem..

Persistence of Vision

This level has an interesting name. Too bad the rest of the level isnt that interesting. Layout is okay, but it has some really weird stuff, like dead ends and such. Getting around the level is easy, which is a definite plus. There’s an issue at the up, middle, where Full NRG and rf pu are placed together. It just feels like a very bad idea to me. Also, the EC could be much better, since its very bland. somekind of background fade color would have been nice too, instead of black. Placement is fine, except for the full nrg and rf pu together as i earlier mentioned..


This is by far my favourite from this pack, it has a very unique look (the swiss cheese background especially looks very good) and the ec is much better then in the previous levels. The level is quite platformy, but it still feels very consistent, and has by far the best layout here. There is also a system where you can collect coins (10, to be exact) which in turn save you from falling into a pit. thought it was awesome idea how to deal with something what most players find annoying in a mp level. There’s 3 powerups here, freezer, rf, and bouncer. I felt that rf should have placed in the place of the freezer, simply because in my opinion its more usable in this level then any of the other pu’s, considering the level has quite linear areas where its a very good weapon. Also, from the pu platforms, its hard to jump into the base if you play as jazz.. those are my only complaints about this level.

This is quite nice pack, altough Salvation in my opinion is the only reason to download it. Its also nice that you have your very own unique jcsing style. looking forward to play and see more of your levels in the future. :D

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