Old Jungle

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3 Feb 2010 at 11:46 (Minor update on 3 Feb 2010)

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Toni_ (More uploads by Toni_)
Capture the flag
Kinght (PJ), DS, Anubis, Archer, Snooze, IC for the tileset, me for : song, level.

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xlmoldjungle.j2l Old Jungle 16.36 kB 03 Feb 2010
IC - Sluggion2.j2t IC - Sluggion2 154.32 kB 13 May 2009
Sleeping In The Sun (Rainy Dreams).xm S.I.T.S. (R.D.) 870.83 kB 29 Nov 2009


This is CTF level, and I made it for XLM tryout. I hope you will download it and rate high :). I made song for this level, and I got about 20 compliments for a BG and EC. I hope I will join XLM, and I will improve in making new levels 100%. I took a screen on 13,37 xD.

EDIT: I joined XLM ^^.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.3

RecommendedDarkSonic rated 7.6

tropiCCo asked me to review this. I rarely review levels nowadays, and I’ll keep this short.

This is a nice little level with a good background and good eye candy. The layout is not too special but good enough. This level shows the potential that the creator has, and these kind of people are the ones that we need in XLM. Good job.

minmay rated 7.0

Eyecandy is pretty good, although a lot of places look rather bare. The level holds together surprisingly well gameplay-wise, especially as far as flow, but the bias towards blue is very unfortunate.

RecommendedImpure Ace rated 10.0


Jgke rated 8.5

Nice eyecandy.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.8

Review by andbr98

31 Aug 2010, 22:03
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness44%

Poor guy that used 0-s in that noughts and crosses game

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Review by Anubis

5 Feb 2010, 01:12
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness71%

First of all, welcome to XLM. I haven’t tried the gameplay, but from what I see, it seems to be a bit biased towards blue. At blue it’s easier to camp both directions from where the enemy could approach you. Another advantage of blue is the faster access to a full energy C and the seek PU, and there’s also more seeker ammo near the blue base.
The power-ups in the level aren’t the most useful ones, the blaster pu or the gun9 pu aren’t of much use in an open level like this, which leaves seek the main weapon to use in this level. It would be nice to see a bouncer power-up here as well (maybe under the bridge).
The eyecandy is good. I think it would look better if the blue tube at the gun9 pu was in front of the ground there.
Good job and good luck with your future levels.

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RecommendedReview by Ron97

4 Feb 2010, 22:03 (edited 7 Feb 10, 11:02)
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings27 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness44%

Time for a review.

The eyecandy is fine. The X and O signs,the wooden thing and the further background looks really nice. The usage of those…vines was awesome. I think they were set on the right place. But,I have a feeling that something more could be added to foreground layers. By the way…that tube could be added to foreground.

The gameplay is good. The level is not as big as I expected,but the gameplay is still good.

The ammo placement and the carrot placement is fine,though you could have added more powerups :P

Overall,it’s a pretty fine level. Good job,keep making levels.

Skele: I calculated your review ratings. It should be 8.6.

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RecommendedReview by Skele

6 Feb 2010, 08:42 (edited 11 Feb 10, 21:30 by /SKeLe!)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings6 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness35%

Okay,so I was bored and decided to rate it =P.

The eyecandy is new and good,(reminds me of a serbian game Xox myb its in english too dunno)the background is textatured its good but I dont like textatured anymore(it wont change rate dont worrie)I like the grass and others stuff near it,the flash things are good and “flashy” =D,Okay so you made good eyecandy with this tileset.(8.9)

Gameplay I agree with Anubis the blue has quite some advantages and power ups…Its like all goes to blue =P,the gameplay is okay though even if I played this 20 times I still get lost when I get one some spring when I want to go for red base…Yeah I agree too there are more ways to aproach blue.(8.0 Its okay but The blue has still a bit more advantages :S.)

Originality there is one originality that I never seen in a level,its those FLASHY things =D.

RF Climb?Yes

Flow is good there are a bit of walls that I hit if I try to go left or right….its okay still =).(8.9)

Download Reccomend? Do it.Or I will cry :D.

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