Assault of flying turtles in Diamondus

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4 Feb 2010 at 12:57 (Minor update on 3 Aug 2010)

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Gus (More uploads by Gus)

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flyingturtles.exe 2483.32 kB 04 Feb 2010


This is a minigame, in which you have to shoot the flying turtles assaulting Diamondus. It takes 1 minute to be completed.


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Not recommendedRedComputer rated N/A

Boring Game :(

[Then why rate it a 10? Rating clearance for intention/action mismatch.]

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Review by Zoro

30 May 2011, 05:16 (edited 30 May 11, 07:24)
Bee Boy Swarm (32 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness62%

CarrotusCastle, please don’t be a noob who set low rating for music… And if you think this game is boring, don’t play it and you don’t need to set low rating. :d

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RecommendedReview by Seren

4 Feb 2010, 15:25 (edited 7 Feb 10, 18:35 by Sir Ementaler)
Bee Boy Swarm (46 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness75%

“Failed to load the game data. File seems corrupted.”
Every time when I try to run this minigame.

Apparently the game does not like Windows 98. So I played it on Windows XP. What I think about that?

The graphics are very good, though lacking the animation. The background is beautiful. Text that appears after the defeat could be original, instead of built-in, but I do not mind it very much.

Music is … strange. A bit like yourself done. I preferred to play at the excluded speakers.

Gameplay? Shoot turtles with jet packs. Until they fall. Except that the turtles can fly beyond the board. You still lose your health, but do not know where to shoot.

Never once won. Fix it, because the game is almost impossible.

Sorry for the poor rating. I promise to change it as you improve your gameplay.

Okay, sorry, I’m an idiot. You move the screen using the arrow keys. So the game is much better. But you could add some instructions, readme, or something.

I change my rating: 4.5 -> 8.2

I knew I forgot something. Why 8.2?

Things that are better, since I found control:
  • the game is playable
  • background looks even better
  • first-aid kits with parachute
  • more levels
Things that are still wrong:
  • music
  • interface
  • my English
  • only 2 levels

It’s a great start. I would like to see the lizards in this game. Please do more levels. And add instruction!

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Review by Slaz

4 Feb 2010, 17:04
Spaz Slackrabbit (120 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings54 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness90%

The minigame itself works for me and it’s actually pretty good as a little time-killer if you have some spare minutes.. however, the turtles seem to be flying off-screen a lot and that spoils the fun. If you’d fix that bug, then I’d say incredible work if this is one of your first tries with GameMaker.

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Review by alex_hr2000

5 Feb 2010, 14:17 (edited 5 Feb 10, 14:19 by Stijn)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Dange on virros

[Review contains no comment on upload, thus the rating was removed. Original rating: 2.0. ~Stijn]

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RecommendedReview by Sacrush

6 Feb 2010, 04:40 (edited 9 Feb 10, 21:06)
Turtle Goon (87 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings87 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness46%

So this is a little game about shooting turtles. But is it fun?

The point of the game is to shoot a couple of turtles withing a certain time limit or else they kill you. It is a very simple game but it is still pretty unplayble. The flying turtles fly out of the screen most of the time which is really irritating since they can still shoot you but you can’t shoot them. So I ended up loosing a lot of times because of this crappy programming.

The second major problem with this game is that it doesn’t remind me of Jazz Jackrabbit at all. You shoot flying turtles in diamondus but the background doesn’t remind me at all of diamondus. The sound effects and all the other stuff doens’t remind me of Jazz Jackrabbit also.

The graphics are pretty decent though with a nice amount of detail.

Overall this game looks quite decent but it’s simply not fun and does not resemble Jazz Jackrabbit at all.

You can scroll through the level using arrow keys, this improves the gameplay greatly. Sorry for the really bad rating earlier. I still think that the graphics don’t resemble Jazz jackrabbit and diamondus. Some prober documentation is also needed. Music gets pretty annoying quick.

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Not recommendedReview by CarrotusCastle

4 Sep 2010, 15:14
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

You have PRO Game Maker huh?

Okay, this game is MUCH better than your first one (JazzDrift)
This game is created Game Maker 8.0 PRO?

+WOW! when you scroll game with arrow keys you can see cool 3d effects in trees.
+Cool graphics

and then bad thigs…

-Humm… This game is boring…
-What music this is? This is your own created music with synth played with one finger…??? Music are worse than JazzDrift’s terrible music. if you can’t play music… paste the original Diamondus level’s music in this game. OKAY?

Final rating is: 2.0 SORRYYYYY i play music with synt so i don’t like bad synth or Modplug music tracks.

And final bad thing is my english…

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