Tower Of A Warrior

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11 Feb 2010 at 03:55 (Minor update on 23 Feb 2010)

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pjshwa (More uploads by pjshwa)
Single player

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coh1a.j2l Tower Of A Warrior 5.09 kB 19 Feb 2010
Castle2N.j2t Castle 2 Night 209.43 kB 29 Mar 2002 coh1a 1376.27 kB 08 Feb 2010


I actually changed this map a lot,
but somehow I could not re-upload;

So I’m uploading this map as a new file

I’m just a beginner, and this is my third map.
It took about a week or so to finish.

I hope you enjoy this map! pjshwa

I removed the spikes on the 7th floor cause it causes a bunch of problems…

otherwise this map is playable, although it might be annoying

-and you can get the coins at the edge of this level, using a special jump before breaking the trigger crate.

Thanks for your review.

p.s] I unlocked the password for this level.
Could anybody who downloads this level rate &review this plz… I really want to know whether this is good or not


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cool spazz rated 10.0

gr8 level

Jazz Rocker rated 5.5


RecommendedbestALEX4u rated 8.2


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Not recommendedReview by Jahari

15 Feb 2010, 07:02
Frog (21 Points)
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The 4th level of the castle has some interesting gimmicks, but otherwise this is a frustrating level not worth the trouble.

The eyecandy is repetitive. You don’t have to have big open rooms on every floor. You could have made a tower a less linear layout.

The difficulty is annoying, but it’s not really hard. After running into one set of spikes, you can breeze through the rest. One room is a bunch of warps that you have to do in the correct order. Unfortunately, the warps send you straight into spike balls and there’s no way to avoid them. To add insult to injury, if you get hurt after going through a warp you get sent back because the entrance/exit is right beside it. This is where I gave up on the level. There are also coins that cannot be obtained because they’re at the edge of the level.

You might find it playable, pjshwa, but you should think of the person playing the level when you create it.

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