Sluggion Adventure (1st half)

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19 Feb 2010 at 20:06 (Minor update on 19 Feb 2010)

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jalo0 (More uploads by jalo0)
Single player
them who made musics and tilesets.
Sluggion (3.16 MB)

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Enter Sluggion.j2l Sluggion finally 10.33 kB 19 Feb 2010
Exitcastle.j2l Let's exit the castle 15.88 kB 19 Feb 2010
Introlevel.j2l Intro 1.35 kB 15 Apr 2009
Slug1.j2l Sluggion sea 9.05 kB 19 Feb 2010
Slug2.j2l Slug garden 5.38 kB 19 Feb 2010
Sluggion adventure.j2l Start level 4.86 kB 19 Feb 2010
Sluggion warp.j2l Sluggion warp 1.47 kB 20 Apr 2009
Teleport.j2l Carrotus teleport 9.22 kB 21 Jan 2010
WasteCarrotus.j2l Spoiled carrotus 8.49 kB 19 Feb 2010
Way to teleport.j2l 2 miles way to teleport 3.47 kB 19 Feb 2010
A_CarrFIXzom.j2t A_Carrotus_FIX_Zombified 228.92 kB 02 Jan 2007
Castle2E.j2t Castle 2 Eclipse 199.53 kB 29 Mar 2002
CMountainsE.j2t Carrotus Mountains Eve 201.23 kB 28 Nov 2006
Credits.j2t E.E.H Ending Credits 103.21 kB 08 Aug 2004
j1Sluggion.j2t Jazz 1: Sluggion 49.67 kB 04 Sep 2002
Top3.j2t Top secret ][ 95.97 kB 21 Jul 2001 Jazz Belmont 712.19 kB 26 Jul 1998 Shop 1515.95 kB 30 Jul 2005
SONG13.XM Robochickens 294.47 kB 27 Sep 2003
SONG1.s3m 108.91 kB 15 Jan 1998
SONG15.s3m Battleships 134.20 kB 04 Apr 2004
SONGCD4.s3m 101.97 kB 27 Mar 1998


This is the first half of my newest single player episode, Sluggion Adventure. I hope you enjoy playing it.

I think this look’s like my previous sp episode, Muckamok mission. But this is larger.

I haven’t finished the second part of this episode yet, so I will keep you waiting, sorry. It might take some time until it gets here.

These levels in this pack are, in my opinion, much better than my previous ones. And of course there are tons of secrets. You have to be very talented player when you have found them all.

Well, I think that was all, so go play this and enjoy!


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Quick Reviews Average: 5.7

minmay rated 5.7

Eyecandy starts out mediocre and gets considerably worse. As for gameplay, there really isn’t much of any. This is one of the easiest packs I’ve ever played; there are way too many enemies, but they’re placed without any real thought, making them nonthreatening.
That said, it’s not horrible. Short, easy, and boring, but not horrible.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8

RecommendedReview by Jahari

20 Feb 2010, 01:05
Frog (21 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings9 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness68%

I liked the castle, carrotus, and sluggion level with the water, but the others were kinda meh.

Things I liked:
- Puzzles that required a bit of backtracking
- Difficult, but not impossible bosses (Bolly took me about 4 tries)
- Good eyecandy on the carrotus level – less so with the other levels

Things I didn’t like:
- Wasted space (eg: open areas with little to interest me
- Getting forcibly thrown into spikes or baddies. You can get away with it when the player is at full health, but at 1 heart it’s stupid and does not belong in the level. You may know they’re coming, but the PLAYER doesn’t.
- Regenerating enemies (a little warning would have been nice)
- Repetitive eyecandy (the swinging spike balls in the castle level)
- Did I mention spike balls? Use them sparingly, or at least be more creative at killing the player.
- No way out of the big spike pit on the carrotus level.

To make your levels better:
- Make better use of empty space
- Try not to annoy the player by killing him/her. You can make your levels challenging without putting baddies and spikes everywhere.

Otherwise, these levels were pretty good. I was hoping to gain a little inspiration by playing someone else’s levels but I didn’t encounter many new ideas here.

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