Episode 1: Turtle Terror

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12 May 2010 at 23:26 (Minor update on 14 May 2010)

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tt readme.txt 6.02 kB 13 May 2010
1-1diam1.j2l Diamondus Level 1 6.57 kB 13 May 2010
1-1diam2.j2l Diamondus Level 2 11.89 kB 13 May 2010
1-1diam3.j2l Diamondus Secret Level 3.24 kB 12 May 2010
1-2tube1.j2l Tubelectric Level 1 7.03 kB 12 May 2010
1-2tube2.j2l Tubelectric Level 2 5.15 kB 12 May 2010
1-3med1.j2l Medivo Level 1 5.67 kB 12 May 2010
1-3med2.j2l Medivo Level 2 3.99 kB 12 May 2010
1-3medboss.j2l Medivo Guardian 1.42 kB 12 May 2010
j1Medivo.j2t Jazz 1: Medivo 55.88 kB 05 Dec 2007
JJ1 Diamondus -NOKA.j2t JJ1: Diamondus -NOKA 141.81 kB 04 Dec 2007
JJ1 Tubelectric NOKA t.j2t JJ1 Tubelectric NOKA 124.72 kB 04 Dec 2007
Boss.s3m Boss Theme 87.75 kB 23 Mar 2004
Diamondus.s3m 77.06 kB 04 Dec 2007
Medivo.s3m 113.91 kB 05 Dec 2007
Tubelectric.s3m 96.98 kB 04 Dec 2007
Boss shot 0.png 6.95 kB 01 Jan 2009
Boss shot 1.png 9.23 kB 19 Feb 2008
BumblingBee.png 10.58 kB 03 Mar 2008
Ceiling Blaster.png 5.94 kB 05 Mar 2008
Floor Blaster.png 5.00 kB 05 Mar 2008
Ghost Rapier [hor.].png 7.31 kB 05 Mar 2008
Ghost Rapier [vert.].png 8.24 kB 05 Mar 2008
Helmut.png 8.66 kB 05 Mar 2008
Spark Barrier.png 6.47 kB 10 Mar 2008
Spark.png 6.71 kB 05 Mar 2008
Turtle Goon.png 10.29 kB 12 Nov 2008


well, here it is…
The culmination of countless hours of work, pushed to back burner then up to the fore again. It’s finally here. JJ1 for Jazz 2.
Waaay too much stuff to say here, so check the readme for more info and junk.

EDIT: fixed sum stuff


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.5

RecommendedStarLORD rated 7.5

i rate it

RecommendedForthRightMC rated 7.5

Hey I really like this episode.

I’ll give you 7.5/10

Also, I would remake it using IC tilesets from Impressive Flashback and even add more MLLE layers.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.7

Review by sonicnathan 1

13 May 2010, 17:54 (edited 1 Jun 10, 20:32)
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings99 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness70%

very nice. Glad to see we finally got this out. Hopefully we will get some good conversion of Tecnoir and Letni. (May do one of them myself if I get bored. Made the pallet already for tecnoir.)

Edit: I’ve decided once Lark get’s back to me on Fanolint, I’ll try to make a more usable Letni tileset. Won’t put as much effort into it as Fanolint, but still it will be a lot more usable then the current one

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Review by PT32

14 May 2010, 01:35 (edited 11 Jun 10, 22:31)
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

A better tech would be great too, but there really isn’t a good version of Letni yet

@Violet CLM,
I went into far more detail in my private message to you, but I do appreciate what you have to say. It’s better that way.
I also forgot to mention this in my message, but my goal in making these levels was not to make it fun to play in JJ2 (although I am certainly willing to go fairly far out on that limb to do so), but to make levels as close as possible to the real thing in JJ1. If I have to sacrifice a bit of playability to do so, so be it. Some people aren’t as lucky as you or I to have JJ1, and some people are too lazy to go find the DOSbox progs for it. They are the ones I did this for, so they can see what JJ1 was like. If I radically changed the pack to suit the 2ers, that wouldn’t accomplish my objective. As long as they get my very best effort (and I’ll grant you that this one wasn’t entirely perfect), and as long as they get a quality product, I will never consider this a waste of time. Never.

Yes, there IS a version of Letni out. But it’s so unusable that I’m not sure it counts. I tried building with it once and never did so again.
As I have said before, the point of this pack is close-to-perfect JJ1 replication. There was a much larger ammo capacity in JJ1 than JJ2. Oh, and the non-TSF JJ2 can’t exceed 99 ammo, either.
Let this be the last time I have to explain it to anybody. It WILL stink gameplay-wise! I was more concerned with accuracy, a mistake I do not plan to repeat next time around.
Oh, and someone already made a JJ2 version of episode 1 with JJ2 tilesets. [admin please add link to it here] However, I won’t stop you if you’re planning to do it as well.

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Review by minmay

17 May 2010, 19:58
Turtle Goon (54 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness80%

jalo0: Lark already did a competent Stonar conversion.

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RecommendedReview by FOX292

31 May 2010, 21:02
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

Ok, let’s say that you done a very nice job.
The level design is very accurate to the levels in JJ1, expect for the fact that THERE IS TOO MUCH AMMO…. sorry, TSF can’t collect ammo anymore when the ammo reaches 99… :(

Using JJ1 tilesets to re-create JJ1 lvls, is quite boring and repetitive…. it would be better if you use JJ2 tilesets to recreate those lvls.(and i’m working on it- one level just done.)

I’ll give you NINE only because you have done a very good and accurate job, in spite of the boring gameplay(thats the reason i hate JJ1 generally XD)

D/R: Why not download it? :)

A better tech would be great too, but there really isn’t a good version of Letni yet”


sorry if i mistaken in my english- i’m not a native english speaker :D

and why isn’t this working on my JJ2 1.20??

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Not recommendedReview by Lark

20 Jun 2010, 07:45
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (493 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings373 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness76%

I wish this was good, but it’s just really not. I think the main problem that we’re running into here is that it’s pretty much an exact, tile for tile conversion from JJ1. Now, of course, this was the intention of the pack. But it’s also the downfall of the pack. The events are really the main problem here. All of the ammo events that you shoot in JJ1 got turned into ammo crates, and while this is all well and find, it’s a major pain in the ass because first of all, you can only hold up to 99 ammo (obviously), and second of all, you can’t run through the crates, so you have no choice but to shoot those things. Oh, and I got stuck between a crate and a wall in the secret level as the bird.. That was annoying.

Main things that bug me, well I mentioned the ammo thing, there’s way too much food, we could’ve done with less, and what’s up with including turrets and forcefields in Tubelectric but not making them do anything? Let’s be original here! Play around with some MCE events and make those turrets shoot electroblasters at you or something. The events just kind of ruin everything. It wouldn’t have hurt to stray away from the exact original pickups and enemies locations to atleast make it more challenging and fun in JJ2.

Anyway, this pack does what it promises. It provides a picture perfect conversion of the original JJ1 levels. But honestly, that’s not necessarily a good thing, because it’s just not fun.

I wanna see a Turtle Terror remake. Not a conversion, but a remake.

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