Dark Cave

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9 Jul 2010 at 14:19

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Seren (More uploads by Seren)
SE_Dark_Cave.zip (419.32 kB)

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xlmshadowless.j2l Shadowless Encounter 7.94 kB 27 Jun 2010
Darkcave.j2t Dark Cave 68.15 kB 08 Jun 2010
DarkcaveMP.j2t Dark Cave Multiplayer 68.13 kB 20 Jun 2010
JT_BREEZ.XM Mountain Breeze 623.64 kB 14 Jan 2001


Well, I planned to make one more example level, but today’s my birthday and I believe I should upload something for you.

This tileset was fully made in MS Paint (not counting the textured background). It has two versions because the original one was too dark for multiplayer levels. You can use it in a whole lot of ways, but I’m showing you only one of them since I was too lazy to make the second level. Also, the uploaded level is my entry for Vivando’s contest.

Palette by Violet CLM
Special thanks to Jake and Snooze


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.3

RecommendedNarsist rated 7

Useful? Maybe.

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 8.5

I like the set. it does what its suposed to do, and the water effect is nice, altough perhaps the color is bit dirty. :)

Not recommendedDarkLight rated 5.7

Nothing original. I don’t like the drawing style. Everything here looks the same. And the water… I hate the color of water.

RecommendedLoon rated 8.2

This tileset is too underrated.., it is a good tileset, fine to use.

RecommendedZoro rated 6.7

Im agree with cooba’s message to XSNooze…7 is maximum rating for this! xD

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 7.5

I like the theme, especially with the lovely looking water . However, I would’ve like to have seen this aspect expanded on further, and the whole tileset in general could’ve had a lot more content. Still, nice. B

RecommendedMilloCz rated 7

It is a bit repeated, no new idea.
But quality is very nice so i will rate 7 and DR
Name is cliché too…

RecommendedRedMser rated 7.7

Only Nice ;)
One Question: What is this tile in the Black Mountain? With the Holes… Thanx for Answer (if you answered)!

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