Infernal Dungeon

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21 Jul 2010 at 10:52 (Minor update on 21 Jul 2010)

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FOX292 (More uploads by FOX292)
Single player
P4ul for Tileset, And the one who created the music(Maybe Blackraptor know who he is)
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FOXInferno.j2l Infernal Dungeon 22.50 kB 21 Jul 2010
ICInfernoF.j2t Inferno 2.0 Fire 246.86 kB 30 Nov 2006 Broken mind 1115.28 kB 27 Aug 2007


Another Single Player level by me….. took me 1 week to complete :D
The player enters to the hell, fighting freaky monsters like mutated dogs, demons and skeletons, and finally have to choose against who from the both two demons who controls the hell – Azzazel and Bellyial – he want to fight to complete this level.

Actually, This level is going to be part of a pack, contains a level from every tileset from Epic, and meant to be a remake for the old known Epic levels.(12 levels)
(Two of them are in J2O – I mean for “Electric Landscape”, and “The Middle Ages” uploaded from my old and forgotten user, FOX282)
Every time I finish a level, I’ll upload it. When all the 12 levels will be done, I’m going to add a story, link between the levels, and you’ll enjoy the whole story. :D


Enjoy it, Good reviews will be appreciated! :D


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Quick Reviews Average: 8

Recommendedhf_iMag rated 8.7

Wow, that was hard…. I liked the boss fight.

Narsist rated 6.7

Yes, gameplay and music is good, but there are some tile bugs. Creative? Maybe, but it has some bad things. Bubba is going down..

Mega Dardery rated 8.5

This is good level but has some bad eyecandy and stuff

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.1

Review by FOX292

21 Jul 2010, 10:55 (edited 21 Jul 10, 21:55)
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

Wow, the preview here looks MUCH MORE BETTER than it looks in JCS.(I mean, when you look at layer 4 in 12.5%)

ThunderWalker – That’s strange what you told me.. Bilsy boss suddenly felt down or something else? I’ll fix it.
And yes, you should try play it again, this time with fighting Bubba instead of Bilsy.
As you can see I designed this level for 1.23, means WITHOUT LORI – That should not low down the rating.
Also, due to your disappointment from the secrets – I’ll edit the level, by Increasing the bonus and adding more secrets and places to find the coins. Maybe you’ll give me some suggestions about improving the gameplay a bit.

StarLord –
“Ahh and something:the music of here is from Dreamscape”
I KNOW it… Where you thought i found the music? :D I just asked about WHO created the module itself.(Like what I done with the tileset in the Credits)

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Not recommendedReview by ThunderWalker

21 Jul 2010, 19:38 (edited 22 Jul 10, 09:58)
Bee Boy Swarm (38 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings38 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

First, don’t post every single level once finished. The fun of the episode goes down VERY quickly if you do so.


Is allright. I didn’t noticed it even from the very beginning…

EDIT: My fault: Music volume was lowered for whatever reason.
9/10 -> 10/10

Eyecandy: more or less allright. Most of the level looks fine, but there were a few tilebugs here and there. It could be a lot better anyway.
Also, the Bilsy Bosses sometimes appeared on top of a DEATH PIT. WTF!


Level layout
Well, the level played rather bland and is quite like the basic SP-episodes from EpicGames, with the difference that some parts were annoying with Lori because she can’t jump as high as Jazz or Spazz can when jumping on small platforms. It is possible for her without cheating though, but JJFly is a much, much easier solution, especially for the unexperienced players.
Very few secrets.

Enemy placement: Fine, but it wasn’t enough to make me die (on hard), except the damn Bilsies.

Pickup placement:
This was quite well done, alltough the extra lives and some carrots weren’t really necessary.

Replay value:
Quite low. Too few secrets to search for, and you’ll don’t have to retry because you’ll die often (probably only when facing the Bilsies in the very end). Some text here and there couldn’t do any bad, as well.

39/60 -> 40/60


6,5/10 ->6.7

StarLORD overrated this level. A LOT.

DR: No. This level plays too much like the basic levels from EpicGames… and if the only though part of a level is beating the boss, something went wrong…

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Review by troglobite

21 Jul 2010, 21:24 (edited 22 Jul 10, 04:48)
Bee Boy Swarm (26 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness74%

I saw a new single player level uploaded, and it was rated quite high, so I was excited to play it. Unfortunately, I was somewhat let down.

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay was extraordinarily average. The vast majority of the level simply involved large amounts of enemies and a few hurts. The extremely large number of enemies was offset though by the fact that there were several more carrots than needed, and the level really felt a lot like an official Epic level, except with more health lost and gained back. I think if there were simply less of everything, the level would be a bit cleaner and have more interesting gameplay. I did like the amount of ammo, and they type of ammo. There were also several death pits, which could be a hair annoying, because I often found myself plummeting into them from a great distance, and only at the last second realizing they were there. However, I liked that there were pits, because it did force a little more thought and caution on the player’s part. The pits didn’t always work correctly though, and several times I “died,” I found that I hadn’t actually lost a life, just been sent back to my last checkpoint. I had my settings wrong, so I couldn’t see through the transparent tiles, which made a few placed annoying, so if you’re going to play be sure that you can. I liked the choice between the bosses, although they are a bit unbalanced. The left is a bubba boss on a bunch of platforms over a pit, the right is several bilsy bosses. I found the left side to be much easier.

The eyecandy, like the gameplay, was fairly standard, but more crowded. There were a couple little tilebugs, such as(106,9), which had an extra fog tile over top of the wall, but most of it looks good. Things are generally consistent and easy to tell what’s going on, although again, in some places it simply is too crowded and a bit confusing. I liked how events were consistently placed on the ceiling. This was a nice little touch that made the level look and feel more unique and cohesive.

Overall 6.5/10

The level is good, although other than the boss selection, not very creative.

Edit: Forgot to actually rate it

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RecommendedReview by StarLORD

21 Jul 2010, 14:51 (edited 3 Aug 10, 21:34)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%

Infernal Dungeon

Hm another hard single-player level by fox. This was really too difficulty by playing in jazz.It was hard to defeat buba boss… Eyecandy-This was inspired a bit from epic’s inferno but is your own original eyecandy.Layer 6 used and not 7. GameplayAlright good gameplay with most difficulty. This is better than Syetyan Park at this category because he are not a lots of carrots and there are enemies and carrots in every point.I could not understand but you got a inspiration to make this own gameplay.Yeah is true. Weapon/Ammo placement-Weapon placement was good for this number of enemies.I won’t do large comment at this. Enemy Placement-Enemy placement was right. Enemy placement did made the level with hard difficulty. I did played with Jazz this and that was very hard to beat skeletons and other enemies ravers… Bugs-No bugs i founded.Any stucking.No pennalty for this.

Final Rating is 8.2 with DR!
Keep making levels!
The music is created by blackraptor
I think…
He uploaded it to his pack Dreamscape.

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