Magic Dust

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3 Aug 2010 at 20:07 (Minor update on 18 Feb 2015)

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Toni_ (More uploads by Toni_)
Jake, Artem and me.
Magic (678.65 kB)

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xlmmagicdust.j2l Magic Dust 10.50 kB 05 Aug 2010
DiambLava.j2t Diamondus ß Lava 247.28 kB 24 Jul 2009
Firestorm.xm ‚ ‚ FIRESTORM 876.02 kB 12 Feb 2010


Long time ago I started making this level. Firstly I wanted to make a CTF level. Then started making SP level. After that, lost every inspiration for CTF and SP level, so I decided to make a Battle level. Finally after 6 months I finished this. Jake helped me to make sucker tubes and found out tilebug. Artem found one tilebug, too. This level is made for 2v2/3v3 games. Eyecandy is kinda rushed but I think it looks good now. Please review and rate this. There are 2 carrots +1 in this level. Power UPs: RF (you can get it with gun 9), Seek (you can get it with gun 9 if you have luck, but you will need ice to freeze springs. Maybe with bouncer), Bouncer, Ice.

EDIT: Glados please tell me tilebugs I wanna fix them. Also, there aren’t useless ammo in the level…

EDIT 2: Ok I will fix them soon. There aren’t useless amo in the level, again. They are there for eyecandy, like exit tile…


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.1

RecommendedGLaDOS rated 7.9

Eye candy: Nice, but there are still some tilebugs.
Gameplay: Although one player will probably be camping the Seeker PU all the time, gameplay is generally okay.
Placements: Good idea with the freezable springs near the seeker PU, good PU choices but RF PU doesn’t respawn. Carrots were placed well.

7.9 w/ DR

RecommendedRon97 rated 8.2

Sorry for writing a quick review,but I do not have much to say. The eyecandy is fine enough,though it can be improved. There is a bit more open space on some place than I prefer,but overall the layout is nice. Ammo placement is good. The highest rating I can give is 8.2.

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 8.2

solid 8 level, in my opinion 7.7 is too low. Eyecandy and gameplay are good. its all around a good level.

Steven(HsC) rated 8.2

good job

RecommendedRobee rated 7.7

Though the level contains some useless and annoying areas it’s enjoyable, I can imagine solid battle game here. The eyecandy is decent too.

Recommendedeagle1 rated 8.2

I found this level very interesting.Gameplay is very good, eyecandy shows alot of nature and I recommend to download this. Keep on with the good work. :)

Jojo rated 1.0

Music is a 1:1 rip of T-Tracker’s “Firestorm” ( Is it really that difficult to give credits to the original author of a well-known piece of music, Toni?
Changing “Play this in FT2 only” to “Play this in MPT only!” was the only remotely funny thing in this case.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.1

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