JJ2 TileSet Viewer

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4 Aug 2010 at 02:54 (Minor update on 4 Aug 2010)

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Sfaizst (More uploads by Sfaizst)
DJazz for the Idea, Program made by me

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JJ2TileSetViewer.exe 762.00 kB 04 Aug 2010


This small Program can be used for showing a Tileset.

- Direct-loading from Windows-Explorer
- Autoscroll (+Mouse Wheel)
- Statusbar with: File, Name, Version and Tilecount
- Compatible with 1.23 and 1.24 Tilesets

Short Info:
Written in Delphi, tested on Windows 7.

*Edit: This Tool was planned this small, the ideas that are given in the comments are good and i had some of these too, but i not wanted to implement them (possible on an other tool…), this is only a viewer to check a tileset


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Review by Stijn

4 Aug 2010, 11:29
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (459 Points)
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Well yeah, as StarLORD says it’s certainly the best program put on J2O today so far, but frankly that doesn’t say much since it’s 11:15 AM at the moment and utility uploads are typically rare. I therefore doubt that this achievement alone is enough to warrant a 10.0 rating and suggest you look at the application’s actual qualities instead, which are:

- It does what it says on the tin

That’s pretty much all of it; open a tileset with the program and it shows you the tileset’s image, much like J2O’s file preview feature. Sfaizst’s effort however uses black as a transparent color (black is what’s used internally in the tileset file) instead of the purple-blue that everyone’s used to because it’s what JCS uses. While the one color isn’t inherently better than the other it’s always a wise idea to stick to what people are used to if there is no particular reason not to do so.

I imagine the typical use of this utility would be quickly checking out a tileset from inside Windows Explorer. That can certainly be useful and the utility eliminates the tedious work of opening up JCS, scrolling down the tileset list, looking for the correct set (which can be rather hard when you have a few hundred sets) and loading it.

That’s pretty much where the feature list stops though as once you’ve opened a tileset with the program not much can be done with it. You can’t view the masks, export the tileset image or do stuff with the palette. So while this app does do what it promises to do, it doesn’t do anything else apart from that, limiting its use. Still worth a download if you have a large set of tilesets you’d like to check.

(Honestly, I mostly wrote this review to balance out StarLORD’s ridiculous 10. A shorter version would’ve been “what Violet said”)

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Review by Jgke

4 Aug 2010, 07:47
Frog (20 Points)
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Works on WinXP.
Shows transparent color as black.

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Review by StarLORD

4 Aug 2010, 09:42 (edited 4 Aug 10, 18:42)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%
Violet did you mean your Jazz 1 Layout Suite? I did not tested it because i don’t get jj1.I’ll get it tommorow.

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