Twisted System

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4 Sep 2010 at 21:01 (Minor update on 4 Sep 2010)

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Galana (More uploads by Galana)
Capture the flag
FawFuL, Lithium aka Ron97 and myself
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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elcts.j2l ยง1Twisted System 11.35 kB 04 Sep 2010
Odyssey02.j2t Odyssey 02 120.02 kB 30 Mar 2003
KR-Hyperblast-Redux.ogg 1651.63 kB 13 Aug 2009


Hmm, my ELC debut :D.
I was working on this level since a few months, in the beginning it was a box with two tubes (so not really interesting). Due to eyecandy it\‘s rather some kind of art.. :p. Yet it feels a little bit imbalanced but I think it doesn\‘t ruin the gameplay at all.
There\‘s one FullNRG carrot. Two PUs, Toaster and Bouncer ones. Five kinds of ammo: Bouncer, RF, Toaster, Gun8 and Gun9.
Thank you for being honest in ratings.

P.S. Checked \“Need JJ2+\” box because triggers seemed to don\‘t work properly while playing without plus.

P.S. 2: Sorry I forgot ELC password :D:D


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Quick Reviews Average: 8

RecommendedRon97 rated 8.5

I suppose I can review this,since I helped only with advices. Gameplay is good enough,the tube system seems to work fine. I think the ammo placement could have been better,but the amazing eyecandy and good gameplay matter more. Here you go with a nice 8.5 and a DL rec.

RecommendedJgke rated N/A

The gameplay here is good, but the fastest route between bases is way too fast. It’s too easy to rush.

[Don’t rate levels you didn’t download. Original rating 8.7. ~cooba]

RecommendedToni_ rated N/A

hmm, nice level, symmetrical, almost balanced, but as jake told it is easy to rush.

[Don’t rate levels you didn’t download. Original rating 8.0. ~cooba]

RecommendedSkele rated N/A

Nice level,I’ve always thought this will be a awesome level when I saw it unfinished :). DL Reccomend :* P.S. Cooba please change my name to R0nin .

[Don’t rate levels you didn’t download. Original rating 8.5. ~cooba]

eagle1 rated N/A

Level really has a great layout , I like the idea of a monster face up,Eyecandy is just soo uberleet.,but it’s not so great for non-plusers because they get stuck in a suck tube.Anyway I still like it :)

[Don’t rate levels you didn’t download. Original rating 8.7. ~cooba]

sezgin rated N/A

good xD

[Don’t rate levels you didn’t download. Original rating 10. ~cooba]

RecommendedRagnarok! rated 7.5

the level looks fun, and the tubes are great fun to run around in (seriously really fun, cool idea), however i didnt like the powerups being gun9-only, the campy campy c, and the fact that it takes 3 seconds to go from base to base :(… some of the passageways on the bottom don’t flow amazingly either and could be improved x

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Review by RedComputer

10 Sep 2010, 13:41
CTF Bug (1 Points)
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