Wild Carrot

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24 Sep 2010 at 18:59

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Skele (More uploads by Skele)
Minmay,GaL,Martyr,EagLe,and me OFC.
Elcwildcarrot.zip (978.92 kB)

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elcwildcarrot.j2l Wild Carrot 7.10 kB 24 Sep 2010
CarrFixDiam.j2t Carrotus Fix Diamondus 233.41 kB 14 Jan 2007
diamdust.s3m Diamond Dust 892.08 kB 08 Apr 2004


A small smooth flow level,made in 8 hrs(No Im not A No-Lifer :D) Special Credits to: Minmay and GaL. This was supposed to be in ELC New Pack In Progress,and it will maybe. Now go Rate fair :(.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.1

nor3sp3ct rated 9.2

Nice gameplay,good eyecandy i love it good job !

RecommendedRiper!! rated 9.2

Nice small level. good flow and nice eyecandy,good job bro :D

kiMO:What The Fuck?! Why are you the ONLY one who put 4.0? I seriously think too this is a Personal Attack,especially since Skele is my bro :) well Cooba delete KiMO’s review please.

RecommendedEster rated 9.0

This is really a good level…I also don’t agree with KiMO.
Ammo placement is good…three powerups (Blaster, RF, Toaster), and the eyecandy is really nice…this deserves a 9.0…good job skele!

RecommendedGalana rated 8.7

KiMO: Alright, make a level that isn`t “a short method to express a battle for 1 health”. Good luck.

Level is good, I even can say it`s very good. You`re getting better at levelmaking, and this one shows it ;)! Well done with the layout (it`s fun to play here!), awesome eyecandy. Imo it`s one of your aces :D. Deserves fair 8.7 + DR.

RecommendedRon97 rated 9.2

A very nice level,though it was made really fast it’s still good enough,good job.

Also,Kimo,I don’t agree with you,as all who reviewed this. As I see,this level received multiple good ratings and one 4 from you,so who’s right then?

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.3

Review by Skele

25 Sep 2010, 10:04 (edited 25 Sep 10, 10:10 by /SKeLe!)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings6 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness35%

I don’t agree with you KiMO,4.0 Is way to harsh :),even Minmay said its 7.5 :P

You just hate me,I know that,and thats why you rated this 4.0… And I didn’t ask you to Rate,I showed Loon this Level,Riper too ,Eagle too…Martyr too…Delete your review :p

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Review by snzspeed

1 Oct 2010, 19:44
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

if this was my level, minmay would rate it 5

3 of 5 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by Jimbob

7 Nov 2010, 07:05 (edited 7 Nov 10, 07:33 by LegendaryDreamer)
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness43%

Since Skele requested a fair, unbiased rating, I will post this review.

First of all, I have to say that you included the wrong tileset in the .zip file (you included CarrFixDiam.j2t, forcing me to search for CarrFixDiam2.j2t). A minor bug, but it should be easy to fix.

Second of all, I don’t quite agree with all the 8.0+ and 9.0+ ratings this upload has. It’s decent, but it has room for improvement. This level, aptly titled “Wild Carrot”, is a relatively small battle level. There is lots of eyecandy but upon closer inspection, I can see a few little tilebugs. It is obvious that the author put a lot of effort into the eyecandy. All eight layers are present, but imho it is a little bit too much; the vines in the foreground can get a little bit frustrating when navigating the level.

The layout is relatively simple and it’s built around a few paths, with two +1 carrots. The flamethrower powerup is hidden amongst the eyecandy under the bridge, making it slightly hard to notice, but that’s not such a big problem concerning the level’s small size. The RF powerup is hidden in the wall on the right side. One thing that I don’t like about the level, though, is that its small size sometimes makes restricts the player’s movement through the level, which isn’t exactly good for a battle level.

The music fits the level pretty well. Nothing more to say.

With all that being said, however, it is a decent level, and it’s definately worth a try. Download it, and maybe host a few small games with it. A small level with a few flaws, I give it a 7.1.

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RecommendedReview by Berkin

27 Sep 2010, 19:58
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

Ok folks get comfy for this review, so make yourself a hot cup of coco, get some biscuits, and hey get naked for this too let it all hang out.

This level is decent and far from bad IMO. The eyecandy is stunning , like seeing a supermodel coming through your house door. Why is the eyecandy stunning , well im glad you asked, there is a great selection of vines placed around this sexy level, vines are always good in this tile-set it make it have a feel too it. The lush spirited waterfall placements are greatly placed too giving this level a sweet harmony feel to it.

Onto the level layout my faithful readers ! Well what do I think of this level layout you ask, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FANTASTIC ! Wanna know why ? well of course you do why read a review if I just put sentences with no explanation. The layout is fast and has a great flow too it, like water running down a pipe with no blocks. I can run my rabbit from right to left with no problem and not getting stuck in annoying places. Nothing worse than getting carrots hitting your rabbit privates and getting stuck.
So the layer offers some fast serious offensive and hot game play.

Weapon placement is great too ! Like having a organist fridge, you know where everything is and can get too it fast.

Some closing comments for ya Skele my brother.
Your level is ace, better than the ace of cards, you got this level, don’t anyone tell you otherwise. I would give ya a trophy and some beers to celibate if we met. We could cruise the town pick up some hot babes. But mate make sure you get some well deserved sex for this. It was awesome to be playing this level !

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RecommendedReview by eagle1

10 Nov 2010, 12:35
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness33%

First of all good job on posting your 1st battle level done by yourself. Now I’ll tell what i think.

Gameplay : Very fun to play , all these pu’s give it more of gameplay but RF isn’t very good for a small level , however It’s Pretty good , and ammo placement rocks. Eyecandy : Well looks very interesting , I especially love the bridge down :) , I think you put a bit too much ec , but still it’s good. Music : Music fits very well. So this is all I have to say , and all together fits well so I’m gonna give you 8.2 for doing a very good job.


I don’t really agree that it’s not interesting , actually it’s very original and gameplay is good so no offence but your comment doesn’t make any sense.

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Not recommendedReview by KiMO

24 Sep 2010, 23:44 (edited 26 Sep 10, 11:20)
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness31%

Far away from an original and interesting concept, this level is nothing else but a short method to express a battle for 1 health, or I don’t know, take it however you want. I can’t rate this higher considering that Wild Carrot doesn’t give any new aspect and a strong reason to be played.

EDIT: I won’t edit my review because that’s what I think. If minmay has another opinion, he/she’s invited to write it here. And I don’t think people shouldn’t rate general levels just because the author ‘‘didn’t ask for’‘.

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