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25 Sep 2010 at 16:46 (Minor update on 29 Sep 2010)

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djazz (More uploads by djazz)
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DJspss01.j2l Cruxmas 1.70 kB 25 Sep 2010
DJspss02.j2l Amnesia Box 1.10 kB 25 Sep 2010
DJspss03.j2l Kosmosis Track 1.11 kB 27 Sep 2010
DJspss04.j2l EagleScape 1.51 kB 25 Sep 2010
DJspss05.j2l Dead Lock 1.24 kB 25 Sep 2010
DJspss06.j2l Devan's Doodle Dodger 1.38 kB 24 Sep 2010
BlueOrange.j2t - Blue & Orange 20.97 kB 06 Nov 2009
HolidaiusE.j2t JJ1 Holidaius Evening 73.64 kB 05 Mar 2003
j1Battleshipsv2.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships v2 52.97 kB 03 Nov 2008
JJ1 Bloxonius LRK.j2t JJ1 Bloxonius LRK 84.05 kB 24 Oct 2009
MindScape.j2t MindScape 22.84 kB 24 Aug 2009
WiredNetwork.j2t Wired Network 35.79 kB 18 Jun 2009
Intimeneve.j2b In Time Neve 647.86 kB 22 Dec 2007 Supernatural Box 307.72 kB 11 Mar 2010
Deadlock.xm Dead lock 493.64 kB 21 Apr 1996
crux-mas.mod crux-mas 126.49 kB 13 Sep 2010
waterfal.mod shiny waterfall 138.21 kB 04 Jan 2010
Night5.mtm SpaceTrack(kosmosis) 151.20 kB 27 Sep 2008
Play Minisode.bat 0.02 kB 25 Sep 2010


Here is a small little 6-level episode for n00b’s Ridiculous Improv Mapping Contest.
I call it Minisode because the levels are pretty mini.
The levels are puzzle and skill levels. The first level, Cruxmas, is included so you don’t need to download it on my previous upload.

To start the game, use the “Play Minisode.bat” file, so you don’t need to open JCS first.

Download, play and have fun! Comments are appreciated!

Edit: I modified Kosmosis Track slightly, so the turtle shell not can get stuck where you can’t shoot it. Also added some more difficulty on that level :)
Edit2: Added the .bat file, that i forgot to add when i updated level 3. Thanks KRSplat


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.7

RecommendedKiMO rated 9.5

This is probably the most original, creative and fun concept I’ve ever seen around these days. Your ideas are brilliant, and it makes me rate the pack high, as you deserve.

RecommendedBerkin rated 9.7

Well there is not much to say except this is a fun motivational pack, its like one of those fun little additive flash games. Only jazzier and in my opinion sexier. There is no room for failure on some of these levels which adds to the fun pressure. All in all this deserves to win n00b’s competition.

RecommendedZoro rated 9.7

Genious maze…I like it!

Recommendedzepect rated 10.0

the best levels ever i have ever seen!!!!!!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.5

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