Cave of Dreams

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30 Oct 2010 at 15:54 (Minor update on 30 Oct 2010)

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Jgke (More uploads by Jgke)
Capture the flag
SE for the tileset, roensb for the music
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xlmcod.j2l Cave of Dreams 5.97 kB 30 Oct 2010
DarkcaveMP.j2t Dark Cave Multiplayer 68.13 kB 20 Jun 2010


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A level for Sean’s crappy map making contest. Watch out for the pits. Download the music from that link.


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RecommendedReview by PT32

6 Mar 2012, 00:39
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
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Wow. Talk about a steal.

I was stunned when I stumbled onto Jgke’s Cave of Dreams CTF level. Here, I had found a functional, good-looking upload, and absolutely NO ONE ELSE has reviewed it yet!

Oh, yeah. This level’s good. Everything is painted in dark blue tones, except for the translucent aqua fog at the bottom that’s apparently supposed to be water. The map is symmetrical, but it’s open and well-designed enough that you hardly even notice.

How often does THAT happen with a symmetrical level?

I liked how the carrots were placed in RF-climb shafts that noobs can’t get at. Furthermore, in anticipation of said noobs’ unhappy reactions, Jgke placed a Full NRG in the middle for them to fight over. Classic.

Ammo was distributed well, although I did feel like there wasn’t very much for such a wide open level.

Bases were placed well, too.

I didn’t download the music, so I won’t include it in my rating. Judging by the file name in the Level Properties window, though, I’m sure it fit the level quite well.

On the other hand, I wasn’t very impressed with the aqua agua (That’s turquoise water, to all you uninitiated folks) at the bottom. While it DID contribute positively to the level in terms of functionality, I felt that the colors clashed in a bad way with the rest of the level. It’s too bad, because the rest of the level looked so pretty.

In the end, then, I was highly pleased with Cave of Dreams. It’s a quality, satisfaction guaranteed level, and it’s unbelievable just far beneath the radar this level has flown. Download this level. It’s awesome!

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