Unusual Place with Lava

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7 Nov 2010 at 18:05 (Minor update on 7 Nov 2010)

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EliteLC (More uploads by EliteLC)
cooba, EagLe, Lithium, Scorpion(Andrei, Kenny) and Skele

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elcunusual.j2l Unusual Place with Lava 8.57 kB 07 Nov 2010
LavaFortress_v2.j2t Lava Fortress v2 115.38 kB 05 Oct 2010
ds_myst.xm Mysterius Times 1670.26 kB 21 Dec 2002


A level done with the Lava fortress v2, medium size, with lots of lava… Sorry, we don’t wanna make long descriptions. :)


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.1

RecommendedRon97 rated 9

I love this tileset,I love this level.

@Toni: Please stop whining how ELC members overrate the levels of other ELC members. I just love this tileset and the level is fine too,so please don’t.

Recommendedeagle1 rated 9.5

This tileset is very hard to use , but you did it very nicely , eyecandy is cool , gameplay is very playable , I don’t really see bugs or bad stuff so I think this level deserves 9.5 and I recommend to download it. ;)

RecommendedPanther rated 8.5

I must admit, it’s nice.

GaLana. rated 7.7

Toni: I found 329478326487326847235 tilebugs in ur levels! HAVE FUN FIXING THEM!

hmm this ain`t the best ELC level so far but w/e XD
hoped it would look like in the beginning but I noticed now it doesn`t.. too bad, I would`ve given this a higher rating.
it just could have been better, now level deserves a 7.7.

cooba rated 6.7

This reminds me of xlmtriton. Looks good but it’s the standard use of the set. The background should’ve had a color (all the black looks empty). It’s also tiny. One carrot with two PUs in a small level is a bad idea, it’s almost like Instagib. Music doesn’t fit. Overall it’s above average. 5.5 is the average rating so I’ll give a 6.7.

minmay rated 7

Competently made. The biggest flaws I can see are the ammo placement (too much and uneven), invisible walls (they’re useless and a bit confusing), and tilebugs.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.5

Review by Toni_

7 Nov 2010, 18:59 (edited 7 Nov 10, 19:01)
Frog (15 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness55%

Well, as eagle told me, this is the best level of ELC uploaded on J2O so far.

I will start with music. Overused, not sure why did you choose this, but I really like it. Fits a bit with the level. Really good.

Eyecandy is well done. I like how you used black tile as I used in my Old Jungle and Magic Dust. Everyone told me it’s original. Maybe you found it good and made a level with that, too. If so, thanks :). Maybe those mountains in bg or however to call them are placed down too much, but I like it. Some good combination of tiles what I like. On the top I like that wall what block you to go up. The whole level has good eyecandy.

Gameplay is great. Can’t remember last time when I was playing a battle level, better gameplay. Some power ups. Skele didn’t use to force this level with big PUs like seeks and RFs. Warps-useless. The only thing what I don’t like in gameplay is that it is too spaz biased. Needs more springs. That’s all.

Tilebugs: everywhere. Just be on 20,34 and look around yourself. You will see them everywhere! Starting with layer 3, to the other tilebugs, there is a big number of them. This tileset is not very hard to use as eagle said. It’s very easy, imo.
7,20 – I don’t get why there is a lava waterup or how to call it. Lava is going up. You should make animation a bit different.
75,27 – maybe not a tilebug but I don’t get why there is a shaking spring.
50,14 – another one shaking spring.

But as you all know, I am not going to make the rate lower because of some tilebugs. I do it ONLY if the level has a big number of them, like Tropical Wonders. This has about 20 tilebugs, all on the same place and I a not going to make the rate lower. Maybe it is overrated by the other members of ELC, but I will give 7.5. Again, overrated by eagle and ron (probably by panther, too) but I am not going to balance the rate. You really should download this when/if the author fixes the bugs.

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