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24 Nov 2010 at 12:14 (Minor update on 13 Mar 2020)

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FireSworD (More uploads by FireSworD)
Myself for the levels. Songs from Necros and Siren. Very special thanks to Snooze, Cooba, Superjazz and PurpleJazz for help and suggestions. My testers (too many to list). Also, great thanks to FawFuL and Snooze for inspiration!

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olcss.j2l Surreal Supersuburbs 9.89 kB 13 Feb 2013
olcss2.j2l Surreal Supersuburbs 9.89 kB 13 Feb 2013
olcsstsf.j2l Surreal Supersuburbs 10.67 kB 13 Feb 2013
Townhouse 2 Lite.j2t Townhouse 2 Lite 164.22 kB 03 Feb 2008
Townhouse 2 Night.j2t Townhouse 2 Night 164.28 kB 16 Jun 2004
K_RHYTHM.S3M Rhythm Seclusion 696.30 kB 06 Jan 1996
motion_blur.s3m motion blur 535.62 kB 13 Sep 2004


Townhouse might be my favorite tileset. However, the set is quite limiting, but I’m confident I found a good use out of it. Eye-candy-wise, the levels consist of Multi-style Houses, Roof Gardens, Pedestals etc.

The levels are slightly Spaz biased, but I put extra effort to make Jazz reasonably playable here (One of my testers played as Jazz and had no problem). The levels are fairly open, so heli-earing has advantages. Despite having a TSF version, the level isn’t very Lori friendly, but Lori has advantages with heli-earring.

These levels are DEFINITELY LARGE (180×95). They worked well with 4 players through testing, but more are recommended. They are best suited to events, ffa, public etc. Duels work, but they are not recommended.

To clear up confusion: The levels are all similar, but differences include tile-set changes, minor eye-candy adjustments and music changes.

I hope you have fun!


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Quick Reviews Average: 9

RecommendedRon97 rated 9.5

I like these levels. They are so fun to play,they have great eyecandy and good gameplay.

RecommendedRavenVS rated 8.5

FS should definitely keep making levels (especially ctf), because all his levels are of high quality.
This level is pretty open and the layout is generally quite generic, but it has some neat elements to it, that — along with the placement — make it quite interesting and fun to play.
The size / layout-style make this good for 6 players and up.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9.2

RecommendedReview by master sven

25 Nov 2010, 11:29
Spaz Slackrabbit (124 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings71 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness63%

I had the honour of betatesting this one.


This level contains unique paths, the ways to get somewhere are mostly different than normal. If you want to get to the bottom of the level, it is way quicker to use the warp on the top, than to fall down. The warps add to that feature. When first encoutering them I was confused but if one plays this level for some minutes they will get used to it. The left side of the level has a nice flow and is also a good battle area, therefore I met most enemies in that area, while testing. The right side of the level isn’t as good as the left side in my opinion. The upper right side is just a huge empty space. Below that is an area that can only be left through tunnels to the downside or a copter to the upside. The tunnels, however, meet the path of the copter after a short while, which means the right side can only be entered through the top of the level, while the left side is connected with not only the bottom of the level, but also with several warps. Yes, the left part of the level is bigger, but the right part could have been connected better to the rest of the level. The top of the level is a huge building with a carrot on top. It has been built nicely and it is possible to have a ‘king of the hill’ battle over here, meaning the one taking the top could have an advantage, which adds to the quality of battles fought in this level.


The colours of this tileset are quite the same. Still you managed to add some more colour by adding a lot of trees and plants. Also the night level has a nice red glow behind the buildings on the background. When jumping in the bottom of the level, the buildings look a bit weird, being so long and the same everywhere. Maybe you could have added another layer of buildings to the background.


As I mentioned before, this level contains unique pathways, which is mostly what this level is about. If someone uses the paths to his advantage, he is on his way to making a lot of kills in this level by beating his enemies with speed and traps. Clearly the originality of this level is in the layout, the layer 4 eyecandy is of high quality and the background is allright.

Gameplay: 9
Eyecandy: 8
Originality: 8

Final Grade: 8,3

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RecommendedReview by [GpW]Urbs

24 Nov 2010, 14:26 (edited 24 Nov 10, 14:29)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings6 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness43%

Don’t expect too much from this review, I’m not in the mood to write anythig too detailed and I usually rate my levels on a simple principle ol like/dislike.

This one is most definitely a like. So much so, I think we could/should be seeing a 2nd battle level in a row to win the nomination for featured download of the fortnight.

FS showed us the level the other day and I had a helluva time.
This review will most definitely be biased as I was, for a time at least, leading the game which means I must have enjoyed myself:)

Anyway, I love the warp system and the spring system which basically adds to a multifaceted system of transport in this suburbian warfare zone. It gives one options, and in my opinion makes the level great.

Another thing which I like, is the flow of the level. Sure it isn’t as open as say, JE (I know JE is ctf and I shouldn’t be mixing apples and oranges, but like I said, don’t expect too much from me) but it isn’t closed up either. You have a level with enough space, with just the right amount of obstacles (poor phrasing) on the one hand, and an abundance of crazy jj2 speed. JJ2 is about speed and this level delivers. it’s cray fun to play in. I’ve always liked FS’s battle levels (or the one I remember anyway, being the 1st featured battle level download) and I seem to have always done well on them in open games (which are to me at least, the most fun, till this day) and I always loved, how the levels had a nice combination of freedom of movement, but not too much so. I don’t know whether this is reffered to as flow, I’ve always thought of it as such and for me the flow of the level is more or less everything.

Are there any camp spots? Well if you’re urbs, there are. For example at the RF pu. God I love being there and hearing the explosions of my powered up RF’s. Magice pure magic, and I know that I dont have FS to thank for those sweet sweet sounds, I will thank him for them nonetheless.

The level has great weapon placement and I love the fact pu’s are easily reachable (other than pu4 which is a bit secluded, but which I approve of anyway).

I saw snz use jazz on this level and I have to say it looked like a good idea. I remember him hitting me with powered up bouncies whilst hovering above my Spaztic avatar – it was death from the skies my friends.
I think I have used all 3 of the powerups quite a lot, but would add here that I tried to intentionally not use seekers, because the game was SO fun without them. I just enjoyed firing those RF’s around the place and delving blows from the heavens above to the rabbit-infested platforms beneath me. I felt not like a warrior, but instead like a poet; t’was pure beauty my friends, oh that you could see it!

Using gun 2 and being above your enemies on this map is insanely fun, in spite of the fact that your enemies will most likely be finished of by a clever FS, snz or sj with accurate bursts of seeks and rf’s. But who cares?! I had my fun.

Now I didn’t quite follow the discussion between FS and SJ, but I think eye candy came up? Well like I said, I’m not one to talk about eye candy, but this level seems to use the tileset brilliantly.
It’s very imporatant that the tilest and the level somehow come together and this really beautiful and underused tileset was chose brilliantly by FS.

Another brilliant level from a truly brilliant leveldesigner! All hail!

Nay – all download!

Why 10? Well because I know a lot of people will pick and poke and just be far too critical of FS’s creation, so I thought why not give him a boost. And that is not to say it got a 10 out of pity mind you! I just have a different philosophy as opposed to some other reviewers around here.

I had fun.More fun on this level playing with a spectacular bunch of people than I’ve had on any ladder since becoming a bit more active. And you can’t buy that. It was FS’s gift to me and to all of us.

EDIT: oh and, I have no idea which one of those I played. Definitely not the blue-ish one. I prefer to do my roasting by day thank you very much!

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