Balloon Races - Gold

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1 Dec 2010 at 21:23 (Minor update on 5 May 2015)

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CraccoBoy (More uploads by CraccoBoy)
Shelly for beta-testing and support

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Cracco Balloon Gold.j2l Cracco Balloon Races Gold 40.45 kB 27 Nov 2010
Party Casino Gold.j2t Party Casino Gold 127.03 kB 25 Nov 2010
partyfunk.mod partyfunk 86.78 kB 15 Jul 1999


Behold! It’s a new version of the Balloon Races, 8 years after the original release. For those who don’t know, the Balloon Races are levels in which you have to jump from one balloon to another. And that’s not as easy as it may sound. Every level, save for the first, has a different obstacle to makes it more difficult – for instance; strong winds, freeze enemies, explosives, springs, really small ledges, disappearing ledges, darkness, puzzles, or balloons with warps inside of them.

A few weeks ago a friend alerted me that people were playing my original Balloon Races level online. This made me happy, and inspired me to continue with JCS.

Now that the majority of the JJ2 players have moved to TSF anyway, new possibilities had become available. Since I was no longer limited by a maximum of 1024 tiles/animations, I was able to combine both the original Balloon Races and Balloon Races 2 in one big map, with a total of 24 levels. I also added the four levels from the abandoned Balloon Races 3 level, as well as two completely new ones. This means that this level, Balloon Races – Gold, now has a total of 30 different levels!

Additionally, I implemented an ‘admin system’. The host can now go to a special room, where he can seal off certain parts of the test so new joiners will start at level 7, 13, 19 or 25 instead, respectively.

Finally, I have also updated its tileset with new tiles, and most importantly – fixed its palette. The tileset Party Casino now looks better than ever ^^.

Have fun with the level and the tileset!
-Chiyu (aka CraccoBoy)


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It’s a cool test, very original…CC members must be good lvl makers

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