Rules of J2O reviewing

You are bound to abide by certain rules when reviewing and rating. These rules have been summarized in this list, which should be helpful in writing appropriate reviews.

The rules were last changed on September 12th, 2007. If any rules are added, or changed in a significant way, it will be announced on the news.

  • Be nice, polite and, most of all, constructive. Community spirit and positivity should be important traits on this site. Please include no remarks which may hurt the upload author.
  • If possible, point out how the upload author could improve his uploads in the future, and give constructive advice — “The truth is that everything that can be accomplished by showing a person when he's wrong, ten times as much can be accomplished by showing him where he is right.” ~ Robert T. Allen
  • Give out ratings fairly. Do not let your opinions on the person influence your rating. Don't decrease/increase your ratings for personal reasons, such as "You used my tileset" or "You uploaded this on my birthday", either.
  • Only rate what's relevant in an upload. For example, with tileset uploads, please only rate the tileset and not the example level.
  • All non-quick reviews should describe clearly why the upload deserves its given rating using several sentences and arguments. Saying "X is great" is not enough, unless you're writing a _quick review,_ in which no arguments need to be given.
  • Do not use reviews for a place to chit chat. Use personal messages or an instant messaging client for offtopic talk.
  • Do not register multiple or fake accounts to manipulate and/or abuse the download section. Also, please do not form reviewer teams. Jazz2Online rules state that each user account may only be used by one person.
  • Besides these rules, the general site rules are also in effect in the downloads section and should be followed like in every other place on the site. No cusswords, no impersonisation, etc.
  • If you're not sure how to review a level, you could adopt the most commonly used system: rating the eyecandy, gameplay, and event placement of a level. In case you don't know what these terms mean, we offer an explanatory article. Also, we put up a few typical review examples, for future reference.

The introduction of Quick Reviews

Quick reviews were added so that reviewers can be able to rate a download without having to explain their reasons. They were also added since several of those who have uploaded files to J2O have suggested that it is better to have short reviews than no reviews at all.

Because quick reviews don't require any explanations, they do not count towards a user's rank. Additionally, when a download has any normal reviews, each quick review is worth 25% of a normal review. While quick reviews may help the author of an upload, you are still strongly encouraged to write normal reviews whenever you can. But, as mentioned before, any review is better than no review!

To write a quick review, you have to check the quick review box when you edit or submit a review.

Note: Quick reviews are under the same rules as normal reviews, and any review that violates a rule will be edited.

Featured Reviews

A featured review is a rated non-quick review that has a Helpful Index (HI) of at least 10 and has the highest HI for a particular download. Each download can have at most one featured review.

The HI is determined by the helpful votes a review gets. Getting at least four positive votes results in a 12 HI, thus making the review become featured. Those who write quality reviews soon after an upload is available have the greatest chance of getting their review featured.

To learn how featured reviews and helpful votes affect reviewer ranks, see the page explaining this particular concept.

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Enjoy reviewing! ;)

Any questions or potential suggestions? If so, please contact the administration.