Examples of J2O reviews

The following reviews are all reviews of the first Battle Game level (battle1.j2l).

A standard review

bq. (This was supposed to be a battle1 review, but no one wanted to write one. Instead, look at this review for a battle1 remake.)

This is a standard J2O review. It goes into detail of the upload well enough to be helpful for the readers. It's not particularly long, but it gets the work done well anyway.

An acceptable review

bq. Not the best battle level out there, but also not the worst. The eyecandy needs work, especially the background layers. This level looks pretty empty in some places, mainly in the most open ones. The layout involves strategy and thinking, which is always a good thing. It posesses only two carrots, though, making it insuitable for duels. The water shield addition kind of killed it, though, host this level with the shield removed if you want to actually enjoy playing this.

This review, while being pretty short and not too in-depth, it's a perfectly acceptable one. Just take note that such reviews aren't particularly helpful, and thus they'll be most likely marked as unhelpful by other J2O users. If you want to get a high rank, write reviews that contain more detail.

A supportless/quick review

bq. This is a pretty good level. It doesn't make too great use of the Castle tileset, it felt bland in some places. The gameplay is enjoyable.

This review doesn't hold too much support for its rating. Previously, this review's rating would have been cleared by a site staff member, with a "Unsupported rating, please provide more support" note.

Now, however, such reviews will be changed into quick reviews. The rating will remain that way, but it will have less impact on the upload's average rating. Users themselves may choose to submit their review as a quick one, too, if they don't want to write a normal review.

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