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5 Dec 2010 at 00:41 (Minor update on 9 Sep 2013)

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EvilMike (More uploads by EvilMike)
Black Ninja made the original WM3

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evilcasino-readme.txt 6.58 kB 04 Dec 2010
cRAPPY.j2l Virtural cruelty 3.63 kB 04 Dec 2010
evilcasino.j2l Super Mega Happy Fun Land 100% 16.59 kB 04 Dec 2010
JazzSpaz.j2l EvilMike's Evil Test 7.96 kB 04 Dec 2010
pt1.j2l Platform Tests Part 1 [v1.90] 9.79 kB 04 Dec 2010
pt2.j2l Platform Tests Part 2 [v1.20] 7.84 kB 04 Dec 2010
TempleTest.j2l Temple Test [unfinished] 4.16 kB 04 Dec 2010
wm3se.j2l Wind Meister 3: SE 11.25 kB 04 Dec 2010
CoolDay.j2t Cool Day 79.20 kB 08 Aug 2004
Mez01.j2t MEZ01 35.74 kB 10 Jul 1998
Temple.j2t Temple 41.60 kB 28 Apr 2010
Top3.j2t Top secret ][ 95.97 kB 28 Apr 2010


Here’s a collection of 7 levels. 6 of them are tests, and one of them is just a random oddity which I felt like including anyway. Warning: these tests are very hard!

There was one level I wanted to include but couldn’t (spring tests). I had made a medium sized test level using a novel concept, but unfortunately it seems to be lost now. All I can find is a tiny demo version which isn’t worth uploading.

For HOF stuff, please contact me if you want a name added.

Platform Tests
My best test levels, so big that the thing needed to be split into two parts. These levels should be hosted in 1.23, since they are not designed for lori in mind. They also need to be hosted in coop mode (NOT single player). To get the levels to work, type /gamemode coop and then /r.

The version I’ve uploaded here makes a couple of small changes to level 1 and level 21

EvilMike’s Evil Test
I never found this level fun, so I never hosted it much. Hence, the mostly empty HOF. However, some people like this level, so here it is. It includes a system that lets you skip one level (out of 20), with a coin. However, if you choose to skip none, you will get to play the secret 21st level. Host this level in CTF mode! Again, 1.23 only (this is impossible with lori available, due to the morph events).

Virtual Cruelty
A horrible, horrible test which is literally impossible to beat. The difficulty here is EXTREME. It has 8 levels, but the 8th is intentionally impossible (the level even tells you), so you basically win after beating 7.

Temple Test
Old level, never finished. But it has enough to constitute a full test level, so I figured I’d include it anyway, for fun.

Wind Meister 3: SE
This is a heavily modified (with permission) version of WM3. Basically, it is the original level with a time limit added. There are 3 modes. To beat the hardest mode you need to be VERY fast. The tests are modified slightly to make things go a bit faster, but overall it’s the same level. Note that sometimes the events glitch out, making the stopwatch events stop respawning (you need them). If this happens, rejoin. Host this level in CTF mode.

Evil Casino
This isn’t really a test level… but it has a hall of fame, and there is a test of sorts (your goal is to get as many coins as possible). Basically, this level is all about gambling. It’s also very complex, so I’ve attached a separate readme file.


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RecommendedToni_ rated 10.0

Awesome. I like the tests, casino is the best. Also Jazz Spaz test is hard. I always stuck at 7. (File preview for that file rox!).

Recommendedminmay rated 9.0

If you react to all JJ2 tests with disdain, you obviously weren’t around in the EvilMike days. The biggest problem with this upload is that it took about five years to appear.

snzspeed rated N/A

PENTTI VIRTNANEN (all files by this user)

[No. ~cooba]

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 8.5

Solid collection of noteworthy tests that provide simple entertainment on a rainy day. A-

Recommendedaritra1115 rated 10.0

evilmike rocks! his downloads are evertime great!
test levels and casino? wow that is a good combination of
downloads and your featured episodes? those are very
difficult but very great!

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Review by Vegito

4 Jan 2011, 23:41 (edited 8 Jan 11, 17:30 by cooba)
Frog (10 Points)
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NICEEEEEEEEE, I love these tests so much omg :D Finally an updated version :D

(Quick reviews cannot be N/A. Therefore I set it as a 10)

[Well, you don’t need to make a quick review if you don’t want to give a rating… ~cooba]

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