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10 Dec 2010 at 21:27 (Minor update on 11 Dec 2010)

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3NZO (More uploads by 3NZO)
Single player
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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Asalto invernal1.23.j2l Winter Assault 6.41 kB 10 Dec 2010
Diamondus enzo1.23.j2l Campos verdes 5.95 kB 10 Dec 2010
Xmas2.j2t Holiday Hare 98 Night 224.48 kB 25 Oct 1998
Xmas2.s3m 130.31 kB 13 Sep 1998


This is my first post so please, don´t rate me so low :D
It´s a mini-pack of 2 levels.
One is Diamondus Enzo and the other Asalto Invernal.
In the pack are four files: The two maps that I had mentioned and the two another are Xmas2.j2t and Xmas2.s3m from Holiday Hare 98
The texts are in english and in spanish.
I think is nice for this Christmas to play it so enjoy.

Ps: “Asalto Invernal” means “Winter Assault”
And sorry if there is any mistake in my writing, English isn´t my native language.


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Review by aritra1115

11 Dec 2010, 06:43
Frog (13 Points)
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Ok now let me see what do we have here

i will start with diamondus enzo

eyecandy 2.0

the eyecandy is good

but many tilebugs the grounds
are not finished yet!

layers 1.0

all of the layers are empty!

you just used layer 4 an 8!

you could use layer 1 for the

moving leaves in diamondus tileset

gameplay 3.5

gameplay is fairly good

you start and get ammo quickly

then there are some enemies which

aren’t avoidable the gemstomp is

incorrectly used there is a hill which can

be shot; this is not groundforce this is sp

at the end you fight the boss with some

respawning enemies

baddie placement 2.0
there are too much baddies
which aren’t avoidable

ammo placement 1.0

too much ammo and don’t use freezer

ammo in levels they are useless

second level: winter assault

ok this time layers are used but there

are same tilebugs here almost all of the things above

there is some puzzle here i broke the trigger
crate but nothing opened i just went hopping
here and there.

my levels are also not too much good but i know

that levels should be made good.

i’m very sorry if these are your first levels

but keep practicing i know that you will make
good levels someday!

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