Scars of Chaos 2: War Torn Existence

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12 Dec 2010 at 01:04 (Minor update on 26 May 2020)

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blurredd! (More uploads by blurredd!)
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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SC2aend.j2l Apocalyptic End 17.15 kB 30 Jun 2010
SC2attic2.j2l Action Attic v2 9.84 kB 04 Dec 2010
SC2dethroned.j2l Dethroned 23.11 kB 14 Apr 2010
SC2eprime.j2l E. Prime 12.76 kB 05 Dec 2010
SC2fstrike.j2l First Strike 6.88 kB 05 Dec 2010
SC2ghcit.j2l Grass Hill Citadel 5.04 kB 05 Dec 2010
SC2gmatch.j2l Intercity Grudge Match 14.94 kB 04 Dec 2010
SC2qdval.j2l Quick Death Valley 11.50 kB 04 Dec 2010
SC2rush.j2l 15 Second Rush 10.47 kB 21 Apr 2010
SC2sfalls2.j2l starlight falls II 5.68 kB 04 Dec 2010
BigLandscape.j2t Big Landscape 201.46 kB 22 Jan 2007
BoredSet.j2t BoredSet 89.17 kB 29 Feb 2004
dd02.j2t Diamond Dust 02 218.12 kB 07 Apr 2004
Desolation01.j2t Desolation 01 148.72 kB 05 Aug 2007
Lagunicus.j2t JJ1 Lagunicus 111.11 kB 29 Nov 2003
LMATArkansas.j2t LMAT - Arkansas 99.97 kB 17 Dec 2005
Odyssey01.j2t Odyssey 01 120.00 kB 30 Mar 2003
Townsville2.j2t Townsville ][ 168.79 kB 30 Jan 2003
Waz18.j2t Dark Reign (waz18) 51.71 kB 28 May 2003
WSF02.j2t Windstorm Fortress II 127.16 kB 25 Feb 2004 Atlas Rising 532.02 kB 07 Feb 2008
Go Go Down 1995.96 kB 25 Dec 2000 Nerrick's SoE MiniBoss 164.89 kB 12 May 1997
AMBIENTtwist.xm ambient twist 570.79 kB 06 Jun 1998
CTRL_ALT.XM Ctrl.Alt.Terminate 302.54 kB 22 Nov 2001
diamdust.xm Diamond Dust 902.07 kB 18 May 2009
Mayhem.xm Mayhem 941.21 kB 18 Mar 2006
DigSh.s3m Shared Dig 606.48 kB 06 May 2000
ion_uwar.s3m Underground sharewar 620.92 kB 20 Jan 2004
suspence.s3m Wargate "Suspense" 870.06 kB 07 Dec 2005


A ten level battle pack with no theme whatsoever. Download the music here.

(Music now added to zip file – no need to download separately. -Stijn)


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.8

RecommendedLoon rated 9.4

A decent old level pack what is still good. All the levels have a unique yet satisfying layout with enough detail for eyecandy. I've spent at least 1 day in my life playing all these levels during a JDC or bash.

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 9.8

Generally polished through and through, SC2 promises consistent, long term enjoyment. These levels, being familiar to most by now, have a lasting legacy, particularly in JDC events. The fact that these levels are still just as playable as ever says a lot.

RecommendedFireSworD rated 10

A bit biased with the rating, but I don’t care. These are some of the best battle levels I’ve played for jj2 so far. Sfalls2 and E. Prime held up quite well through the years. E. Prime IS a classic!

RecommendedRon97 rated 10

This pack is awesome. I was playing these levels for a long time and I didn’t even know they weren’t released…now is time to rate them. Here you go with a nice 10,and keep making more awesome levels!

RecommendedToni_ rated 10

This pack should be featured. Excellent.

Recommendedaritra1115 rated 9.7

this must be featured
i dont know why it didnt become featured

Recommendedcooba rated 10

They made me write this message.

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 9.5

What the hell were I on when I wrote my last review?

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9.4

RecommendedReview by Arclite288

1 Mar 2011, 19:01
Frog (19 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness17%

I can’t remember the number of times I’ve mentioned how great this pack is.

Not a fan of the genre of music that “Apocalyptic End” uses, but that doesn’t lower the grade that it gets, what with all of that fire and lava.

“Intercity Grudge Match” is just spectacular. Not only does it use UT music, but the combination of BlurredD’s skill and the Desolation tileset makes it truly awe-inspiring.

I can say as much about “Dethroned” as I did with “Intercity Grudge Match”. Again, another amazing piece of work from BlurredD, and also proving that a person can produce a truly amazing result from one of their own tilesets. The same can be said for “E. Prime”.

Not many of the other levels jumped out at me as well as those, but they are no less awesome than the ones I’ve stated.

What we can see in this pack is the true capabilities of BlurredD, the brains behind JJ2+. I am aspiring to you, BlurredD. Your pack gets a 9.5 from me.

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