Northern Winter

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8 Jan 2011 at 17:35 (Minor update on 15 Jan 2011)

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Rabid Rabb (More uploads by Rabid Rabb)
Custom / Concept
Level: RabidRabb; Tset: BioHazard Uoi; Music: n00kie

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rrnw.j2l Northern Winter 9.68 kB 14 Feb 2011
BioWinter.j2t BioWinter 128.35 kB 09 Jun 2006
WHITEAUR.xm 1893.52 kB 08 Aug 2004


This Is a No Fire Capture The Flag Level.
I sepnt a lot of time in this level , mostly in the eyecandy.
I will be happy if someone uses it : )

Edit: fixed some tilebugs , music changed, sonw falling speed slowed.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.3

Recommendedaritra1115 rated 7.5

i cant say anything same as loon

RecommendedSkitter rated 9

hmm , this level is nice , and the tileset is nice too…but u can remake this level as ctf…

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RecommendedReview by Loon

9 Jan 2011, 13:33 (edited 15 Jan 11, 12:21)
Bee Boy Swarm (41 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness55%

Another level by RabidRabb, let’s see if i can make a good review for this.
I have a remark about your JCS working style. Test your levels in 16 bit. It would be a bit nicer for the real 16 bit players who’d like to see a colored textured background.

Eyecandy: The eyecandy seems good. But, erm.., the snow doesnt fall so fast in the real world I guess. The very good part of it is that the layers 7 and 6 are made with good layer speeds.

Gameplay: Since this is a ‘no fire’ level with bases, it is hardly to kill someone by buttstomping/sidekicking. But there are no carrots in the level what makes it a bit playable. I would recommend this for duels. But not for 2v2’s or any kind of that. Since the level is campy and a bit too small for it. And there is something more about the doorways to the bases, the end is almost exactly the same exit, so it is a bit campy. The ‘no fire zones’ are almost perfectly used. And since Jazz is underrated with his ‘special’ kick, is this level more Lori/Spaz biased. And I have to point something, Dead Ends is something I see in this level a lot.

Layout: The layout of the level looks chaotic. Because of the snow falls. And I still see some tilebugs. I see only the head of Eva for example. And it´s silly to see that. And I see more tilebugs with the layer 4/5 usage. And the bridges are a bit long. And I don’t like those ‘trans’ tiles of layer 4/5, but I don’t give a lower rating for it.

Music: Not the best choice, those noisy sounds will boost into your ears and gives it chaotic flavor. But this topic should do the real music makers. So that isn’t me.

Alright, this is a good level what I will recommend for playing, since it’s actually fun. But if you dont want tilebugs in your maps. Then don’t download this.

Reply at Rabid: There might be no background, but u made it textured. And there is no colour in it. That’s what I said, u missreaded. And I don’t get the sentence of the c.. So I guess that’s not a big deal. And I still see the difference between the trans tiles and the ground if they were put into normal.

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Review by Rabid Rabb

9 Jan 2011, 15:34
Frog (14 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness60%

Loon i have to say someting , and thanks for review.
The tileset hasn’t got a textured Bg. the transpaculent things are because of , if they would not be that they ‘d look nearly the same as the ground. There is a +1 carrot but easily can turn off it.
Btw with some fixes i’ll reupload it .

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Review by MilloCz

23 Jan 2011, 19:23 (edited 23 Jan 11, 19:29)
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%

Hm, whats the point of writing reviews about levels for this small non-important game ?
Write reviews about Half life 2 maps or something :-/

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