Waterlines Shores

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12 Feb 2011 at 04:50 (Minor update on 27 Mar 2011)

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Jimbob (More uploads by Jimbob)
Capture the flag
AWS, for the music
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

File contents

jimbobwaterlines readme.txt 1.53 kB 11 Feb 2011
jimbobwaterlines.j2l Waterlines Shores 9.00 kB 11 Feb 2011
jimbobwaterlines2.j2l Waterlines Shores 8.95 kB 11 Feb 2011
xlmbeach4.j2t Beach + Sunset 235.25 kB 01 Jan 2007
eight_months_in_life.xm Eight Months in Life 700.69 kB 13 Sep 2004


The description is in the readme file. Please play in 16-bit color with high detail on or else it will look horrible. Thank you :D

Edit: Plus is not required, but it is recommended for Evil Ice. Also, I couldn’t host at the time this was uploaded (about two days ago), but I can now, so ignore that part in the readme.

I’m actually getting higher ratings than what I had initially expected! Thank you all :D

On futher thought, it may be a little too overrated.


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Quick Reviews Average: 6.8

snzspeed rated 5.0

not very good, and not worth of 7 imo

RecommendedRon97 rated 8.2

This level is fine enough. Sure,it has a lot of carrots and ammo,but it’s really fun to play and it has nice eyecandy. Definitely download it and give it a try. Good job!

EDIT: Well,you got your 7.5. Won’t lower my rating,even if it really is for a lower one :D

Not recommendedDarkSonic rated 7.0

There is way too much ammo.. there are almost no places without ammo and there are too many Power-Ups. is too much. Also has too many carrots. One Full NRG and one +1 or 2 +1s would have been better. The layout is pretty simple and linear and one way to the base is never good. The eye candy is good but nothing amazing. Download not recommended.

Not recommendedLoon rated 6.8

What DarkSonic said.

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Review by Jimbob

15 Feb 2011, 23:58 (edited 16 Feb 11, 23:49)
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness43%

@Zoro: I think by doing this, he means that 8.2 is overrating my level. Sure it’s a pretty good level, but it has some flaws (like too much ammo & campy bases, like everyone is saying), & I was only expecting a rating of around the 7.5 +/- range anyways.

@DarkSonic: I will take your advice in my future levels. Thank you :p

@FawFul: No, I never said that… I was thinking of updating the level earlier today/this week, in fact. I have been busy with other stuff, that is all.

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Review by master sven

24 Feb 2011, 10:48
Spaz Slackrabbit (124 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings71 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness62%

@Flawful: An upload is supposed to be without flaws, as one can betatest it first to remove them. If it still contains flaws after being uploaded, just give the upload a lower grade, it got to do with the skills of the levelmaker.
If people reupload things they improve ofcource but reviewers have to edit their review. This can be annoying when it happens multiple times.
So to all uploaders: Take time in testing your file/map, test it with others too and when you’re sure there are no flaws then upload it.

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Review by Zoro

13 Feb 2011, 07:20 (edited 20 May 11, 09:47)
Bee Boy Swarm (32 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness62%


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