One Starry Night

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21 Mar 2011 at 23:17 (Minor update on 2 Dec 2017)

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PT32 (More uploads by PT32)
Single player
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OSN Readme.rtf 3323.07 kB 21 Mar 2011
readme.txt 4.36 kB 21 Mar 2011
One Starry Night 1.j2l Winter Wanderlust 6.79 kB 20 Mar 2011
One Starry Night 2.j2l Chillin' Away 9.50 kB 20 Mar 2011
One Starry Night 3.j2l Moonlit Mayhem 14.17 kB 03 Mar 2011
One Starry Night Boss.j2l OSN Guardian 1.35 kB 21 Mar 2011
One Starry Night Credits.j2l Endepis 3.73 kB 21 Mar 2011
Secret level.j2l Secret Level 2.55 kB 20 Mar 2011
HolidaiusD.j2t JJ1 Holidaius Day 73.99 kB 05 Mar 2003
HolidaiusE.j2t JJ1 Holidaius Evening 73.64 kB 05 Mar 2003
HolidaiusN.j2t JJ1 Holidaius Night 72.97 kB 12 Dec 2007 --Holy Night (Holidaius Re 410.77 kB 12 Dec 2010
accboss.s3m --Blizzard Attack (OSN Boss 305.86 kB 18 Jan 2011
holida.s3m --A Snowy Day (Xmas 1 accou 328.13 kB 15 Dec 2010
holiday.s3m --A Snowier Day (OSN secret 422.17 kB 17 Dec 2010
holidays.s3m --A Snowy Evening (Xmas 1 p 324.09 kB 17 Jan 2011


My first upload to J2O in nine months .

Anyways, I started building this pack last fall, in response to a challenge (of sorts) from various J2O members to make a pack that evenly blends Jazz 1 with Jazz 2.

And so, without further ado, here is your pack.

Have fun.


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RecommendedToni_ rated 8

It’s not that bad, actually I liked it. Download this and have fun.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.3

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

4 Apr 2011, 12:45
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
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Reviewing this as part of the review exchange thread on the forums, so here goes.

One Starry Night by PT32

Basically, according to the description and what the author has wrote in the readme, this pack features a concept that blends the level design styles of jj1 and its sequel counterpart. I haven’t touched JJ1 in a long while, but i’ve played through it and more or less remember a general picture of what the levels looked like, especially the first 3 planets. However, this pack draws from Holiday Hare, namely the first one featuring Holidaeus. I’m going to review these levels as a whole instead of individually, since this is a pack and I think it is more fitting that way. Also, for like the first time i decided to use jazz for the playthrough.

What i liked about these levels is the difficulty level was excellent, the design was solid in the fact that it was consistent and i didnt encounter any bugs, and that the levels delivered on its intentions made in the description of the pack, although since i dont recall the original holiday hare levels well i cant judge on the extent this element has been reinterpreted here. However, as much as I loved JJ1 I have to say that a lot of the elements that were present in its level design feel very dated, especially using the engine of its sequel. This extends to the levels themselves to a degree. That being said, I still found them enjoyable to play for some old fashioned and straightforward single player action. I’m kind of torn on the rating though, but generally around 7-7.5 seems fair. Download reccomended, since I think this deserves more attention than it currently has.

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