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8 Apr 2011 at 16:36 (Minor update on 8 Jan 2012)

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FawFul (More uploads by FawFul)
Noka for the tileset. Elrinth and Psishock for the music. Everyone for motivation and feedback. FireSworD for patience.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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XlmVirtuosity.j2l Virtuosity 11.69 kB 08 Apr 2011
Noka - Toxicus Plus.j2t Noka - Toxicus Plus 234.79 kB 02 Apr 2011


A small battle level with a toxic/colourful theme and some gameplay experiments. Made in 3 days, probably the fastest I’ve ever worked in JCS. Enjoy.

[I didn’t steal cooba’s description]



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Quick Reviews Average: 9.2

RecommendedRagnarok! rated 9.2

Really professionally done, great level, great gameplay, great eyecandy appeal.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8

Review by FawFul

5 Jun 2011, 00:36
Turtle Goon (56 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness85%

The power ups in the tubes are mainly blaster power ups, so it wasn’t really intended to camp under it. It was mainly to use the tileset back as theme in the level.

Yes, it’s campy although i don’t see the problem, it’s not like you sit anywhere for ages. And there are a lot of famous campy levels. I can’t help that the jj2 commnunity has a taboo on camping.

The music can’t be converted to a jj2 supported type, the program won’t allow you either way because the pattern data is much more advanced. Something regular mod files can’t handle and play. Nevertheless i wouldn’t be able to convert it anyway myself because it has been made with the latest version, which i don’t have myself. the only way to play xrns is with the tracker and the only format it can convert to is .wav.

The music choice is simple, the samples are ‘spacy’ and toxic. The main reason is that the music is kind of colourful and so is the level. No sir, i might get why you don’t like the gameplay all that much, but the music choice is just fine. The wide collection of choice doesn’t only exists of heavy metal songs in my levels (y).

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Review by Jgke

4 Jun 2011, 22:45
Frog (20 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness52%

As a quick summary for the upload, it is a rather campy battle level, with great eyecandy.

For starters, I’m going to say that the level is indeed campy, especially the seeker PU. There is only one way to it, and with the seekers available in the lower left corned, it can be easily defended from the enemy attacks. If, for some reason, the player would get hit, the player can run up to the nearest +1 carrot, grab it, and after this run to the right. Now, with 2h, the player will take the blue spring to the upper right carrot, and get 3h. Then, the player can counterattack the now-occupied seeker PU.
The second thing about campyness is the food tubes. Sure, it’s a great idea that the food falls quickly through the tube, but think for a moment. To get the PU that falls down, player must always be camping at the tube’s bottom, shooting upwards. Forced camping to get a PU? Bad idea.

The level is certainly spaz-biased. There are several spots where only a spaz-player can climb quickly upwards without having to get extra jumps, notably (60, 60). A spaz-player can double-jump without getting a running start to the top of the ledge, but a jazz/lori player has to run right before he gets to jump up.
While testing myself, I didn’t find anything that would certainly harm the player’s movements (if the player is using spaz).

Aah, a good-looking level. You are certainly using the tileset well, I didn’t spot any tilebugs. The only thing mattering is the ground transistions. (72, 40) for example. I know this is due to the tileset, but I’m sure you could’ve just made one of the grounds in layer 3 and one in layer 4 for a bit more complex looking line between the ground types. Nothing other to complain about.

Music choice:
Ookay, so it’s music. That’s a plus, atleast. Not sure though that does it completely fit to the level… Also, you could have converted the .xrns file to a jj2-supported type, so that you could have uploaded it to J2O instead of an external source.

Final result:
Eyecandy is good, gameplay not so good. Music is music, level seems to be a level.

Final rating: 8, unfortunatively without a download recommendation.

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